Unknowing diecast car crush

The author remembers one of his object crush experiences involving woman in a cafe

written by Crushcars
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

Just thought I would share a story with you about an unknowing crush. Last Sunday at Barns and Noble bookstore at our mall I had a great opportunity for an unknown object crush. It was around 6:40 pm that evening and most Barns and Noble bookstores have the Starbucks coffee cafe in them. As I entered the store and walked by the coffee shop I noticed this wholesome looking blonde.

I’d say she was 5’10” about 170lbs and a size 10-10 1/2 shoe. I also noticed she had a lot of foot activity going on. She was wearing blue jeans and a worn looking brown leather jacket. The shoes she was wearing weren’t my favorite, but the opportunity was just too good to pass up for an unknowing crush. Continue reading “Unknowing diecast car crush”