On the Field

The author wrote a very brutal trample fantasy that started with some, what would later seem like light trampling in cleats, a recovery phase, and then some brutal trampling that ended fatally.

written by Heelcushion
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

Part 1

I reluctantly agreed to play a round of football, even though I had no gear and the field looked pretty muddy after a lot of rain. The things you do for friends with sad puppy dog expressions.

Dressed in just shorts and a T-shirt, without shoes we walked down to the field and found it was still raining a little bit. I spotted a group of women in full uniforms and even matching football boots on the field kicking a ball around. All of them looked fit and hot.

Our stupid friend arrived looking as disheveled as we did. I pointed out the women and he said that was the team we were playing against!! He had apparently lost a bet with one of them and this was his chance to break even. We were all shocked, bad enough we were playing women but fit, hot women who clearly knew what they were doing?!?! We were toast. Continue reading “On the Field”

The Spurs

The author wrote an excellent story about two dominant, but kind and caring women from the perspective of a man who fell prey to them. It is at moments brutal, but excellently written story.

written by Heelcushion
original source of the story was Fetlife

Part 1

It started when I offered to drive our receptionist Yvette out to see her horse on Saturday. Her car was in the garage and she was trying to sell her horse before going overseas. She asked if I could pick up the girl she was going to sell the horse to along the way, which of course I agreed to. I would agree to anything with her, she was so cute, and I was desperate to impress her. In my own shy, loser way I had a huge crush on her, I don’t think she had any idea until that day.

When I picked her up, she was dressed in figure-hugging jodhpurs that looked just amazing on her tight body, she was petite and attractive. I was hoping she would wear boots, but she just had sneakers on. She had a light shirt unbuttoned at the front and a short jacket that didn’t even come down to the top of her jodhpurs.

Struggling with how good she looked, I packed the two big bags she had with her and drove us over to pick up the other girl. This girl was standing out front of her place, also petite and attractive, and was dressed practically identical to my crush. She had a pretty big bag of gear with her and I helped her load it in the bag, getting a high voltage smile in return. My head was pounding, this could be quite a day … I had no idea. Continue reading “The Spurs”

Ladies Night Out

A brutal fantasy about trampling by multiple women willing to inflict pain and damage.

written by The Penguin
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

Chapter 1

Joe sighed as he thought about the bar where he took a job last month. It was Friday morning and he knew that he would be so busy, too busy to take a break and his boss was a bitch as well. She seemed to dislike him personally.

He always got the worst jobs like cleaning up the restrooms after someone “yacked on the phone or pissed everywhere”. It was a funny thing but the women’s washroom was always dirtier than the men’s. Jana always found something nasty for Joe to do but “what choice do I have?” thought Joe.

I want to go back to school to get my degree so I can get a better job, but this job will have to do for now as I have to pay my own way; dam my sister for using up all the college money. There’s none left for me.

Anyway, I enjoy looking at Jana; she had the biggest boobs and they were perky too, just like a 20 yr old, nice long legs too! And for some reason, Jana always wore high heels even though she was tall. About 6′ without the heels Joe estimated so he always had to look up at her when she ordered him about the bar. For some reason, this always turned him on. Continue reading “Ladies Night Out”

Caught out at the Movies part 2

The second part of the story about the consequences of the thief being caught by his prey

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Publisher note: Part 1 you can read here 

John made his way outside and turned to walk up a nearby alleyway when a voice behind him startled him. “Are you alright?” a female voice said. “you look like you’ve gone ten rounds with Ali,” she said. John turned and was confronted by three girls who grabbed him and pushed him into a car. John struggled but two were sitting on him in the back seat while the other one drove. The driver spoke, “Two weeks ago some asshole stole my purse while I was watching a film and I couldn’t figure out how until we saw you disappear under the seats tonight. We were the right opposite when you stopped and decided to move seats right on top of you.”

“Shit,” thought John “they weren’t late in,” John spoke out loud for the first time. “You knew I was there and you deliberately stood on my face, what sort of bitch are you.” Continue reading “Caught out at the Movies part 2”

Caught out at the Movies part 1

A story about a thief in a movie theatre

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

John could be classed as a typical teenager. It’s just, he was never that big. At 14 years of age, he still hadn’t reached the five-foot mark which was strange, to say the least for an African. John was not overly bothered about this problem however as he could put this to good use.

John firmly believed that any possible way of getting his hands on other peoples money was perfectly alright providing he never got caught and his latest little scam was working a treat. Allow me to explain. Continue reading “Caught out at the Movies part 1”

Jenny: The return

A story about a young adult being dominated by a younger girl

written by BK
original source of the story was Unknown source

It had been half a year of keeping a low profile since I had last seen Jenny, the attractive sporty teen who had, along with her friends brought about the most humiliating experience of my life. Since then I had turned 18 and lost my girlfriend (who thought I was a wimp and got involved with strange people).

However, had I but known that things were about to return to that all time low I would have caught a different bus or no bus at all.

It was the height of summer and the weather was ridiculously hot. I got onto the bus to the town centre and sat down at the back, on a seat that faced backwards so I could see the road behind me (I preferred to travel this way).

After a few stops, the bus gradually filled up. My seat remained fairly empty though. The bus stopped yet again in the towns suburbs. After a clamour of people getting on and off it moved again.

“Hello there.” Came an excited female voice as an enthusiatic girl with flowing blonde hair jumped onto the chair next to me, her smooth legs in shorts pushing against mine, I gasped in realisation as to who it was.

“At last I’ve got you. What happened to your year’s slavery then? You disappeared that night, you still owe me you know.” She elobowed me in the ribs. Continue reading “Jenny: The return”

First Time Trampling with Sister’s Friend

written by Bigblade
original source of the story was FootTales

I am the happiest man alive. My first full-on trample. I’ ve had my hand crushed by sexy 5″ spiked heels and now the next step is full body trample. I need to tell you (my friends) if you are like me and have always wanted to be trampled by a woman in sexy spiked heels then read on.

I’ve had this fetish since I was a kid, and now my dreams came true. It was a Saturday night and I was a bit pissed but knew what I was doing. I thought about going out to my friend’s party but my sister’s friend came around for her (I and my sister have a flat together). They must have been planning to go out but, my sister had already left. Sally (my sister’s friend) is a very sexy 21-year-old lady (is about 5ft 6 and is about 120lbs). She had on a pink Boob tube (quite a big breast) with a short mini skirt and really sexy platform knee-length leather boots with 7″ spiked heels. They’re great. Continue reading “First Time Trampling with Sister’s Friend”

Too Much

written by Andy 21121
original source of the story was Unknown source

I must tell you this story. Whether you decide its fact or fiction is entirely up to you, the point to remember is its possible if nothing else.

The story is set a few years ago when I was employed as a taxi driver for a
local firm. For a few nights, we had been picking up fares from a large hotel that was hosting a few special nights in a marquee to celebrate the Christmas season.

As I had parked outside waiting for my passengers I noticed that the toilets were situated near to the marquee and the route was laid out with a length of carpet from the marquee edged with a chain fence. I also noticed that the
walkway was covered to protect from the weather and there were two separate toilet buildings – one for ladies and one for men. I noticed that the ladies room was pretty close to the boundary of the hotel and one of the lights was broken which threw a shadow across the walkway and into the field beyond.

A plan started to form as I watched young women walking up and down the walkway. The fashion of the day seemed to promote short dresses and chunky heels as going out attire and I started to think how easy it would be to hide under the carpet and fulfill my wildest fantasy. I thought about it and dismissed the idea as stupid – I would have to spend at least five hours under there as the functions were from seven till midnight and once committed there was no going back. As I watched the women going back and forth I thought I could easily last five hours as the chunky heels did not cause too much pain and it was more a feeling of being squashed down now and again for a short time rather than the painful trample you get from spike heels. Continue reading “Too Much”

Wedding trample

written by Mat11
original source of the story was Unknown source

Although the wedding invitation said “Adults only” Mary Sylvester was forced to bring her 8-year-old Tommy. At the reception hall Mary quickly surveyed the scene and after dinner when she noticed Tommy becoming tired, decided on a plan of action. She carried Tommy out into the dimly lit hall and wrapped him in light sheet (three times his size). She carried him down the hall and laid him down behind an old Victorian chair, beneath a window. “Sweety,” she said, “mommy will be back to check on you in a little while. If you need me I’ll be right over there in that room”. Tommy nodded sleepily. Mary was relieved as his eyes shut immediately, she gave him a quick kiss and then covered his head with the sheet. Initially she was concerned with the loud music coming from the reception room, but Tommy had always been a heavy sleeper and apparently, it didn’t bother him. She returned to the reception, got a drink, and started dancing. Continue reading “Wedding trample”

A Bet

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I always wished to be extremely trampled with spiked high heels. One day I met a lady in a bar who was in a pair of spiked high heel boots. I invited her to drink together. She might have thought that I wanna fuck her because when I asked her how much, she said 300. I then took her out to a hotel.

Arriving at the hotel I asked her if she is cruel and if she likes blood. She said yes and her eyes lit up. I then asked her if she liked to trample me with her spiked high heels. She looked surprised and stared me for some time as if I’m from an alien star. After a while, she laughed crazily and said yes if you would like it. I said: “I think you may not dare to go on with trampling if I was bloody.” She said: “No, I don’t care how much are you suffering under my high heels since you demanded from me to trample you.” I said: “But to make sure you will not get off from my body, we should make a bet.” She asked, surprised: “What bet?” I answered: “If you keep your full weight on my body during a one full hour you will get your 300, or else you should pay me my medical fee. It means u should never put one foot on the floor, and no matter how much I cry for help and beg u to stop and how much I am hurt u can’t get off.” She laughed loudly: “You stupid. I would like to trample you very much, don’t worry I will not show any mercy to you. You should pray to God that you won’t die under my high heels. I will not care if you are living or not or if you are hurt badly.”

Continue reading “A Bet”