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Mary Stepped out of the front door onto the path. Her sharp steel-tipped stilettos clicked loudly on the hard concrete. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a big black beetle crawling along the path in front of her. She stepped forward to lock the door. There was a loud crack as she stood onto the big black beetle which was in her way. She locked the door, and without a second thought proceeded to destroy the beetle. She twisted her foot quickly, grinding it into the path. Its body fluids spurted out in a thin line from under the hard soles of her stiletto heels as she pulped and tore it to pieces within seconds. She dragged her foot quickly backward shredding the remains into a wet line. Then she opened her bag and dropped the key into it. She walked away down the footpath. A wet mark on the footpath was all that was left of the beetle.

Mary walked down the path towards the bus stop. She was a solid well-made woman but very shapely. Her sharp steel-tipped stilettos left powder-like marks on the path as small stones cracked and crunched as she crushed them instantly to powder-like marks as she walked briskly over them. Her heels echoed loudly in the confines of the shelter. She turned around and put her legs together. There was a slight crack from under her heel from a piece of glass. She reached around for her bag. The glass cracked again caused by the sudden increased pressure. She lifted her bag with her knee. The glass exploded and was crunched into dust under extreme pressure. She found her cigarettes, lowered her leg with her bag on it, lit one, and threw the empty packet outside. She lifted her bag and looked inside to see if she had a spare packet, steadied herself, could not find a spare packet, and stood and thought for a minute what to do. She would get some more when she got off the bus. She rummaged around in her bag to see if she had brought everything with her. She straightened her leg slightly as she steadied herself as she looked. She closed her bag and put it to the side of her and evened her legs up, stood with her legs together, and waited for the bus.

Mike was eager for the woman to walk into the bus shelter. He was hiding behind the shelter under the bushes and was level with the floor. Part of the wooden back panel was missing but the undergrowth was thick so he could not be seen. Her hard steel-tipped stilettos marked the ground as she walked up to him and turned around. She always stood in the same place and he loved it. He was always in awe of her stilettos heels, how cruel they looked and how she could destroy with ease using her heels and strong legs. He knew she was heavy. He had been leaving little traps for her to stand on for the past three Saturday nights and everyone she had destroyed with ease. Tonight he was putting glass under and the first bit she would probably just break it a little bit as it was a very hard bit of glass. He was also going to be daring tonight and try to take a little bit of her weight. He had wanted to do it for a long time. He had a tough finger and knew he could stand the pain of a small amount of her weight. She always lifted her bag with her leg, lowered it a little bit until she lit the cigarette, and then lifted it back up again to put them away. He had to try. He saw her lift her bag with her leg and winced as the glass was crunched to dust instantly by her left heel. The sheer destructive force took him by surprise. He did not think that she could crush that glass. He noticed the sharp new steel tips and hesitated for an instant.

Mike was not too sure about this but knew he might not get another chance. He placed his little finger beneath her heel. He was using his little finger so she would not feel anything and knew he was playing a very dangerous game. Mike knew she could crush the tip of his finger with ease. He jumped at the shock as her sharp heel dug into his finger as she lowered her heel slightly. Mike was taken by surprise at the intense pain and how sharp the steel tip was on his soft fingertip, and that was with a fraction of her weight. He did not like the situation he had put himself in. The sharp steel tip was sharper than he thought and was pleased he had calculated the risk. He swallowed hard and thought about his soft fingertip. This was not supposed to happen, he thought. The pain was really intense now and he was worried. The sharp edge of the new steel tip was cutting into his finger and he had to bite his coat sleeve to avoid shouting out. Mike looked through the bushes and could see her legs close up. He looked up and could see how strong they looked. He suddenly felt very frightened at what could happen if she stood with her full weight on his finger.

Something landed on the road outside. To his horror, he noticed it was an empty cigarette box. The horror of the situation dawned on him and to stop himself from pulling his finger out, he knew he could not or she would know he was there and would report him to the police. He would have to see it through to the end he knew he had a 50/50 chance so he stuffed his coat sleeve into his mouth, steeled himself, and hoped and prayed for her to lift her heel. He could hear her looking through her bag and had to grit his teeth as she kept the pressure on his finger. She moved slightly and a sharp pain shot up his arm as the sharp steel tip bit deep into his soft flesh of the tip of his finger there. Tears were welling in his eyes at the pain.

Mike was pulled from his self-pity when her nylons made a quick hissing sound as she evened her on her stiletto heels. The tip of his finger was compressed flat by the pressure. The skin instantly turned blue and hard under the extreme pressure generated by her weight on her sharp stiletto heel as she stood with her legs straight. His body jerked and his legs trashed around to a ripping sound as the skin gave way under the extreme pressure and a jet of blood sprayed across the ground. He screamed a silent scream of pure agony into his coat, biting the sleeve so hard that he drew blood on his arm while she stood there without moving slowly destroying his fingertip. The agony was making the bile in his stomach rise to his mouth. He knew he should not dare to shout out. Mike was in a sea of agony and did not know how long he could last. He now knew that it is the wrong thing to do. He was abruptly pulled from his self-pity as the tortured flesh ripped slowly again under the constant extreme pressure from the sharp steel tip as she stood there without moving. The agony was starting to take him over as his body twitched and jerked. His eyes were blood shot and saliva was running down his chin but still she stood there without moving.

Mary enjoyed her night out. She liked to get dressed up in her black pin-stripe suit, black sheer seamed nylons, and her matt black 4-inch stilettos. She had these stilettos for years. They were good strong shoes and she had just had them re-heeled today. Mary could feel the ground was uneven under her right heel. It must be a small piece of glass she thought. She decided to have a bit of fun to pass the time away. She started to relax her left leg very slowly, to increase the pressure on her stiletto heel to crush it. She heard the bushes move and noises behind her. Must be the birds in the bushes, she thought. She continued to increase the pressure slowly to see how much the glass could take before it was crushed. It was a strong bit of glass she thought. She knew she was heavy and it would not withstand her full weight, especially under her steel-tipped stiletto heel. The noises in the bushes behind her were getting louder but she ignored them while she continued increasing the pressure very slowly as she wanted to hear it crunch slowly. She continued increasing the pressure. Suddenly she heard the bus in the distance and forgot about the glass. She finished her cigarette off with a couple of quick puffs. She relaxed her right leg ready to grind it out with her foot, as she dropped it. The cigarette bounced to the left of her. She quickly straightened her right leg, relaxed her left leg, and started to grind out the cigarette with her foot, all in one quick movement. She felt her right heel drop slightly and also heard noises behind her in the bushes which sounded like a scream as she ground it out. The noise of the bus drowned it out as it pulled up. She dragged her foot backward off the cigarette. She heard a crack under her right heel as she did so. She ignored it and got onto the bus.

Mike was shaking under the constant agony. He so wished it to be over. He looked through the bushes and could see his fingertip trapped under her sharp heel. It felt like a searing heat at the end of his hand. The blood was slowly seeping out from where the sharp steel tip had ripped the skin. He looked at her legs and saw how she had them together with her weight equal on her heels. He could see how sheer her nylons were and the seams running straight up the back of her strong legs. He was that close that he could hear her nylons as she moved. Mike hoped she would put no more pressure on his finger. He had miscalculated badly how heavy she really was and how sharp those steel tips were. He put his head on his arm and bit his coat sleeve and started to cry to himself.

Mike was quickly torn from his self-pity at the cruel sound of her nylons continued to rasp slowly as the pressure was slowly increased more. He could not believe this was happening. Her slim sharp stiletto heel was slowly crushing his fingertip. His legs thrashed. His body jerked as the terrible effect of the agony took over his movements forcing him to scream inhuman sounds into his coat as the skin ripped and the flesh was slowly crushed. Her nylons rasped slowly increasing the pressure even more. The skin around the steel tip split again and a fine jet of blood sprayed out forcing him to continue his inhuman screams and trashing. Her nylons continued to rasp as the terrible pressure continued the horrific and slow destruction of his fingertip. The skin was splitting at several places making ripping and popping sounds. Blood was spraying in fine jets as the skin split under the sharp steel tip. Her sheer nylons continued slowly rasping as he was put through extreme punishment. Another fine jet of blood erupted while the cruel rasping of her nylons continued. His nail was starting to split as it was pushed with extreme force into the concrete by the deadly thin spike.

The intense agony was extracting terrible muffled high-pitched inhuman screams from Mike as he trashed and kicked in the undergrowth at the cruel and slow destruction of his finger by her slim steel-tipped stiletto heel. Saliva and blood were dripping from his chin and running down his sleeve. The pressure was still been increased slowly. His eyes were rolling in his head as he started to lose his sanity.

Suddenly the pressure had been released. Hope dawned on him that he might save the tip of his finger. Not all of the pressure was off but he could feel fresh blood being pumped into what was left of it. He looked through the bushes at her strong well made nylon-clad legs. Her right leg relaxed and her left leg was straight and looked solid and unmoving as it took all of her weight. He looked up and saw her drop the cigarette end. He followed it down with his eyes and knew she was going to put it out with her foot. At last, the agony was over. The cigarette hit the floor and bounced to the left of her. Her legs changed positions in one swift movement. The pressure was reapplied and doubled in an instant on the already crushed fingertip that could not take that terrible pressure. Mike’s body jerked, bolt upright. He screamed an inhuman scream. His eyes bulged out of his head and blood vessels in his eyes popped as his fingertip exploded splattering blood across the concrete when the sharp heel ripped open the flesh with ease. He screamed and screamed silently as wave upon wave of pure agony washed over him. The cruel effect of her movements forced him to scream and thrash about like an animal when the sharp steel heel crushed his finger. The flesh was reduced to a red pulp in a split second and the bone started to crunch while she balanced her full weight on her right leg as she ground the cigarette out. The pressure was increased to maximum forcing the bone to snap and crack like a dry twig until the remains of his finger were crushed down flat onto the hard concrete.

Mary could hear the noises behind her even above the noise of the bus but she did not have time to look as the bus was waiting. She made sure the cigarette was out and she was aware the glass has been crushed under her right heel. She walked away ignoring it and got on the bus for her night out.

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