Race Track Trample 4.8 (34)

Pretty girl wears go go boots and steps on a car mechanic

written by Sparky
original source of the story was Unknown source

Michelle was one of the “trophy girls” at the local race track.   Trophy girls are the attractive young ladies who hand the trophy to the winning driver after the race.  They were also in all of the print advertising for the track as well as the television commercials.  So, needless to say, the girls were real lookers.  It was nice that race car mechanics like me generally got to know these women fairly well since we both spent so much time around the track on the weekends.

Michelle was a fun one who would talk some trash and generally act mildly flirty just to keep things interesting.  She and I were work friends.  Her uniform was really cute with a miniskirt that showed off her long legs and a t-shirt with the race track logo on it (which was probably two sizes too small).  And, of course, a pair of white or black go-go boots.  Those boots were knee high and tight fitting to her slim calves with block heels of about 2 or 2 1/2 inches.  Typical boots for cheerleaders of that era.

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American football with a hot college girl 4.1 (15)

Cute girl wears some menacing cleats to an American football match and doesn’t hesitate to use them

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

When I was in college this past year, we decided to have a frat sorority tackle football game and this totally sexy girl I wanted in the worst way came out on the field wearing a pair of football cleats with the steel tips and inch long nylon spikes.

There were seven spikes on each shoe, for you non-football fans. I told her that she was looking mighty scary and that she obviously was out to do a little damage. One of my frat brothers made the mistake of putting his hand on the turf as she was running by. She “accidentally” stepped right on the back of his hand with her steel tipped cleats. This guy felt no pain as he had had a few beers all during the game. There were large spike marks where she jumped on his hand and she had a big grin on her face when I told her she was going down on the next play.

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Schoolgirl trample in high heels 4.3 (27)

high school boy finds a friend who doesn’t mind stepping on him

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada and things are kind of chaotic at my friend’s house. The more I heard of her family’s plans for the weekend, and the more she talked about relatives coming to her house, I was afraid she wouldn’t trample me again for a while.

But she agreed to slip away with me into her room, under the guise that we were having a private talk, and quietly put on her new stilettos.

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Basket Goddess 4.6 (12)

teenage boy indulges the mean girls in his neighborhood

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

After the party where I received the first decent trample of my life, I started to hang out after school in the local neighborhood playing basket ball. This led to the discovery that there were many girls of my age (16 at that time) living in the area. And within a short span of time I began playing basket with them, and generally got to know them better.

Through the girls I learned that I was pretty much the only guy their age living in the neighborhood, and as it turned most of these girls(there were 5 girls who lived there, but occasionally they had visiting friends..) had a mean streak.   I discovered this fact playing a special basket game called Basket Goddess with them.

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Treats me like her worst enemy ! 4.6 (23)

man gets abused under his new trample friend

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

My new trample friend really did a number on me last night !  She is much more into it than anybody I’ve ever met. She called me around 7 and asked if I’d like to come over as she had some furniture to move.

I got there and she had a bookshelf that she wanted to move into another room.It was filled with books so we began to remove them. she started at the top and asked me to remove the ones from the bottom shelves as I squatted down I braced myself with my left hand and began to remove books with my right. It wasn’t 10 seconds before I felt her foot come down on the back of my hand and my fingers at first lightly and then with all of her weight.

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The Peter Pressure Principle 4.7 (16)

girlfriend gives a great shoejob under her Mary Janes

written by Sparky
original source of the story was Unknown source

I had some bubble wrap for my girlfriend Sherry to step on and make it pop, so I laid down on the floor, slipped it under her heel and indulged in Sherry’s stepping; trying to pop every bubble on that piece of wrap. I got off on it and when I stood up, my erection jammed in my pants keeping me from standing up all the way.

Sherry squeezed it through my pants and commented on its hardness. I told her that it was so hard that she could stand on with the heel of her Mary Janes. Sherry was as giddy as a school girl over that.

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Full body trample 4.4 (19)

woman uses a man as proxy punishment of her ex-boyfriend

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Finally after more then 6 weeks I got trampled again, and what a workout it was. My new trample friend is a government employee so she had today off for the holiday and she paged me about 10:00 this morning. I need you to come over she said and I was there by 11:15. She was wearing jeans and running shoes so I felt nothing was going to happen but she said wait here and went into her room. She came back dressed to kill from head to toe. She was wearing a black silk dress black mesh gloves black nylons and a pair of high black spikes.

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Trampled under the bridge 4.8 (23)

a man’s wife helps him get face trampled by unknowing women

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

True Story

As my wife and I were taking our midnight walk we decided to change our normal routine of walking up to the university and back. We decided to take and alternate route which would take us through the park. We normally didn’t like to take this route because it was not that well lit but we were feeling adventurous. My wife is very good about my trample fetish and tramples me regularly when she comes home from work with her high heels.

As we were walking along the path we passed quite a few couples out on there nightly walks as well. In the darkness ahead I noticed that there was a bridge that we had to cross to get over a small ditch that was in the way of the path. I mentioned to her that it would be great to stick my fingers between the wood in the bridge and feel the weight of women that walked over them. She said to me that I should go under and she would step on me fingers.

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