China Town 4.5 (11)

The author wrote a hot story about a man who finally got the guts to get his Chinese back massage fantasy fulfilled.

written by Monalisa
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

So this was it!

The day had finally come.

Since booking the appointment he had thought of little else. He always wanted to go before, but just never had the guts. Until he saw the advert in the newspaper and on impulse picked up the phone, he was glad he did.

So finally, his fantasy was going to come true.

As fantasies go, it wasn’t a particularly complicated one, he just always got hard, OK real hard whenever he thought of a petite Chinese girl walking on his back, needless to say, trips to China Town were always a little uncomfortable.

He knew where it had started from.

As a young teenager, he had a Chinese friend who had the prettiest older sister out of all the friends with sisters he knew. Her name was Sally Li. He had always been entranced with her feet. Especially when once, his friend and he were watching a film that had a scene of a man getting a Chinese back massage. He couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like if it were his back that the girl in the movie was walking on when the friend’s sister walked in, then all he could think of were her beautiful tiny feet walking on his back. From then on it became his main fantasy to jack himself off to from then on. Continue reading “China Town 4.5 (11)

Party Rug 4.8 (10)

A fictional story, written from a female perspective, about unknown trample of a man at a party where the guests were females only.

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I was very angry with ’54’.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I number my personal slaves: that way it’s easier for me to remember and it breaks up the monotony of calling them all ‘slave’ or ‘dog’. As an added touch, I make them wear their number painted in red lipstick on their foreheads.

Anyway, he was crying, begging for my forgiveness. He had done something stupid – I can’t remember what it was, I forgot – he was on the floor crying, begging me to punish him so that I would not be angry with him. I walked around him, put my 4″ heel on the crack of his ass, and pushed him to the floor. He fell in a heap, thanking me for touching him again, still crying.

I walked back to his face, my shoes a half inch from his nose. ’54’ knew not to look up, so he stared at shoes, thanking me.

“You do NOT think you’re getting off THAT easy”, I growled. You’ll have to pay a lot more for what you did (to this day I still don’t remember what he did !) Continue reading “Party Rug 4.8 (10)

Three Tramples 4.2 (14)

A female author remembers multiple quick trample opportunities from her past

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

This happened on a school camp that I attended when I was about 15. We’d all been for a bit of a hike and at the end of it we all sat or lay down to rest. There were four boys lying flat on their backs right in the trail back down the way we had come. They were talking to each other and basically just relaxing. I was chatting to two of my friends as I watched them, I knew all of the boys as they were in the same years as me at school. I whispered to my friends to follow me, and getting up I walked down the track.

Quickly placing one foot on the stomach of the first boy I stepped up and walked over to the second boy, and from him onto the third, and then finally onto the fourth. There was no real protests, just a few comments like “hey” and “what the …” I looked back to see one of my girlfriends had followed me step for step, but when she got to the third boy he grabbed her foot causing her to fall on top of them. They started to wrestle with her and trying to hold her down, so I dashed back and actually managed to stand on one boy’s shoulder and another’s leg as I helped her get up. We scuffled around for a while, with me treading on every body part I could find, finally someone’s head presented itself, so I stepped full on his face, squashing his nose flat, as I climbed up over the heap of people. There were four of them so it was no contest really, but it was a great trample opp.

Continue reading “Three Tramples 4.2 (14)

Party Trample 4.3 (13)

A female author remembers trampling of drunken mate

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

For those who are interested, I am 6″1″, slim build with size 10 shoe, which makes it hard to find dainty feminine footwear. I usually wear flatties, since I don’t like appearing taller than what I am, I’m too tall as it is. I’ve never trampled on anyone while wearing high heels, or hard soled shoes. normally it’s bare feet or sneakers.

This particular trample took place at a party during my teen years. It was a typical teen party where everyone had to much to drink. It was dark as the lights had been turned down. One of the guys, a really smart arse by the name of Dirk, had drunk too much and had passed out, face down on the floor half under a table. He was so out of it he didn’t know what was going on. As I watched, another girl walking past him accidentally tripped on his outstretched leg and stepped on his thigh. She nearly fell, but recovered and actually kicked him in the leg before she went on, but he didn’t notice. Dirk was one of these obnoxious loud guys who thought he was God’s gift to women. He was always touchy feely with all the girls but didn’t realize he was just a creep.

I walked over to the table, which was holding snack food. Reaching for some of the food I put my left foot square on his back, I could feel his shoulder blade under the soft sole of my sneaker. He didn’t move, so I stepped up with my full weight and stood on his back with both feet close together. Even that didn’t rouse him. I moved down the table a bit by shuffling my feet along so that my right foot was pressing down on his butt. Finally, I picked up something from the table and twisting my feet on his back. I stepped forward with the toes of my right foot actually resting on his cheek, he was lying with his head on one side. As I stepped off my full weight pressed down on the side of his face. His head was actually lying in a shaft of light from an open doorway, and looking back I could see the zig zag print my sneaker sole had left on his face. I remember thinking that it would be good if he still had it on his face the next day when he looked in the mirror. That gave me an idea. Continue reading “Party Trample 4.3 (13)

Work Trample 3.9 (12)

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Sometimes I had to engineer a trample situation. When I worked as a receptionist the computer occasionally stuffed up. The other guy who worked in the office would fix it, but sometimes if the cords pulled out he would either pull the desk out from the wall or lie on the floor to sort them out. It depended on how much stuff was on the desk I think. The cords were so loose that I could push them out with my feet.

One morning I pushed the cords out and waited for Dave to find the printer had stuffed up. Another girl, Shiela, had come up from the warehouse to use the printer, and she found it didn’t work. This day I was wearing a blouse, a short blue skirt and black flats. Shiela was wearing a check shirt, jeans and white sneakers. Continue reading “Work Trample 3.9 (12)

My First Stranger Trample 3.9 (9)

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I like trampling, mainly barefoot trample but flats are good. I had two older brothers who I can remember trampling on from an early age, I think I was about six when I first remember enjoying it. They were bigger so didn’t seem to mind.

It was at school when I did my first trample on someone I didn’t really know. It was a lunch break and some of the kids were playing cricket on the field. I had been to netball and was still wearing my netball skirt and my basketball sneakers. The skirts were sort of short black skirts, worn with a white t-shirt, and the sneakers were high top blue with white soles. If I’d known what was going to happen I might have taken my sneakers of beforehand, but it was a sudden opportunity. Continue reading “My First Stranger Trample 3.9 (9)

Trample Set Up 3.8 (9)

A woman remembers when she helped out to stage an unknown trampling of a friend

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

This was a staged trample set up by one of my former boyfriends. One of his friends had told him of his fantasy to be trampled unknowingly by a woman, so he told him how to go about it. All he had to do was to lie at the bottom of a set of steps that led down from the house to the basement garage.

He covered himself with an old roll of carpet, which extended up the steps, over his stomach and chest, and along the floor. He then concealed his head with a cardboard box which had the side cut out so he could see, and his legs were covered with some old sacks.

My boyfriend was working on a car in the basement and his ploy was to call out for me to come down, and then ask me to go back and get him a drink. Now since this was my boyfriends home and I’d been there many times, of course, I would notice a thing like a guy lying under a carpet at the foot of the stairs, so unbeknown to my trample victim I was in on the plan. I was wearing a white top, light blue jeans and white sneakers. Continue reading “Trample Set Up 3.8 (9)

Gym Trample 3.9 (8)

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

This is a technique I thought of while working at the gym as an aerobics instructor. When a new guy comes in for a workout programme many of them are quite soft and flabby, but it only takes a matter of weeks for them to harden up. The problem is because the change happens slowly it is difficult for many of them to see the difference. What I sometimes do is get them to lie on their backs and then I step on their stomach with one foot, full weight. Continue reading “Gym Trample 3.9 (8)

Stranger Trample 4 (7)

A girl remembers her first time trampling a stranger

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

This was one of my first tramples on total strangers where I began to think that maybe some guys liked being trampled on. We were all on a ferry heading back from a resort island that we’d spent the day on. It was about nine at night so it was dark, and the ferry was crowded with people, mainly young like me and my friends.

At the front of the ferry, a number of guys were sitting down on the benches or on the floor. One guy had his back against the end of a bench and his legs stretched out along the inside of the rail of the ferry. Although it was dark there was enough light to see his legs, as it was cold he was wearing jeans and a sweater. I was wearing jeans too, plus a sweater and a jersey, plus my well worn white sneakers of course. I walked up to the rail and looked at the view, pretending not to see him. Continue reading “Stranger Trample 4 (7)

Sore Back Trample 4.2 (5)

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

This was one of the occasions where a guy asked to be trampled and got more than he expected.

One of my brother’s friends was complaining of a sore back around our house one day. I was about 16 and my brother and his friend were about 21.

“Di can give you a foot massage,” my brother volunteered, and explained how good it was for him. The guy got down on the ground on his stomach as I asked, and I put one foot on his back. I was wearing my usual soft soles sneakers and I stepped up on him full weight with both feet. I walked up and down his back for a while until I noticed that one of his hands was lying palm up beside him, I pretended to lose my balance and stepped off onto his hand.

“Sorry,” I said stepping back onto his back again. I was walking from his shoulders right down his back and over his but to his thighs, and he wasn’t grunting or groaning so I thought I’d try something else.

“How about turning over, sometimes it works if I do it from the other side so to speak,” I suggested.

He turned over and I put my foot up onto his chest. I stepped up with my other fooot on his stomach. I started to walk up and down, turning around on his chest and stomach. I could see him getting an erection in his pants as I went so he was enjoying it. I walked onto his stomach and put the toe of my sneaker right on the end of his cock where it bulged under his pants. I turned to stand at right angles to his body and again stood with the end of his cock just under the middle of my foot. I could fell it pushing up against the rubber sole of my sneaker and into my foot. I lifted my foot and brought it down right on his cock so that the end actually poked out the other side of my sole. Moving again I faced his head and this time put my heel down on the end of his cock, but I could still feel it bulging under the soft rubber heel of my sneaker.

When i finally got off I noticed a small stain on his pants, so I knew it had been a sexually satisfying exprience for him too. He eventually became my first sexual foot partner and we had many such sessions in the future.