Lindsay’s Toy

The author wrote a fantasy about a dominant girl who realized and tested her influence over a younger boy

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Part I

On his way home from skateboarding at the park, Bobby took his usual route. He always detoured a couple of blocks out of his way so he would pass by Lindsay’s’ house. After all, there was always a chance he would catch a glimpse of her. He would do almost anything to see her shapely muscular legs and curvy young figure. Her smooth tanned skin, soft black hair and lovely green eyes filled his thoughts as he walked slowly along.

As he rounded the corner and headed up her street it was obvious today was his lucky day! There she was on the front porch painting her fingernails. His heart began to beat faster as he drew nearer to her house. Would she talk to him, or even notice him? Should he say something to her?

Out of the corner of her eye, Lindsay saw him coming down the street. She noticed how he seemed nervous, trying not to look like he was staring. She was amused because she knew what a huge crush he had on her. She felt little for the 14-year, other than that it was fun to torment him. The things she could make him do with just a wink and a smile amazed her. The power she had over him was intoxicating and she couldn’t help herself. If he was willing to offer himself up for her abuse that was his problem. She smiled to herself as he made his way past her. A cruel idea popped into her pretty head. Today she could have some fun with him! Continue reading “Lindsay’s Toy”

Sweet Sixteen

The author remembers his older sister’s 16th birthday

written by CMS
original source of the story was Unknown source

My sister Heather had always been what my mother called a “Clothes Horse”. She was always very concerned with the way that she looked, even around the house. Her make-up had to be perfect, her clothes had to be top notch and very expensive, her long curly blonde hair was always ready to be photographed. She is six years older than me and I grew up watching her and her friends labor over looking like a model.

I had been interested in trampling since before I was in kindergarten, mostly because of the things she had done to me. When I was barely old enough to walk, and she was 7 or 8 she would pin me under her feet while she sat on the couch and rub my face and chest with them while she looked down at me and giggled. Continue reading “Sweet Sixteen”

First high heeled crush

A short recollection of a quick unknown hand crush

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I have recently remembered an event that was probably my first high heeled crush. I would have been about 12 and I was at a jumble sale!
There was a woman, a redhead, standing on piles of clothes that had fallen off the stall. She was wearing brown high heels. As she moved along the stall she continued to trample on the fallen clothes. Continue reading “First high heeled crush”

Adventures In Babysitting

A fantasy about the first time being trampled by a babysitter

written by underwife
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

Julie walked up to the door and rang the bell. Mrs. Clark came to the door and greeted Julie in her usual fashion.

“Hi, Julie. Thanks for coming over on such short notice,” she said with a relieved look in her eyes.

“Oh, it’s OK Mrs. Clark. Billy had to cancel a date tonight cause he had a test he wanted to study for. I had nothing better to do,” Julie shrugged her shoulders as she spoke.

“You’re dressed up dear, do you want to go home and change?” Mrs. Clark asked.

“No, no. I don’t want you to be any later than you already are. Just go and have a good time OK?” Julie said.

Julie was planning to go on a date with her boyfriend Billy. They had been dating for two years now. Billy was a freshman at the local community college and Julie was a senior in high school. She was wearing a simple pleated black skirt that ended just above her knees. She was wearing a white blouse that was neatly tucked into her skirt and a jacket that matched her skirt. She was wearing tan colored pantyhose and simple low-heeled black shoes. Her medium length soft brown hair was pulled back with a headband that made her hair fall loosely down the back of her neck. Continue reading “Adventures In Babysitting”

Penis crushed at a stage play

The author remembers having his genitals compressed under the weight of multiple women

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

During my school days, I used to go to a mixed school but it seemed to have a lot more girls than boys. This was a good thing as I have had a crush/trample thing for a long time.

I was about 12 years old when the 9th-grade girls about 16-18 years old decided to give a stage play as a farewell leaving party. I can’t remember what it was called but it only had girls in.

I was one of the kids that were always asked to help do scenery and things like that. My dreams came true on the night of the show as the boy that normally does the lights was off sick and I was asked to take his place. This was at the rear of the stage next to the steps for the girls to go onto the stage. Continue reading “Penis crushed at a stage play”

Fantastic Step Mom

A story about a boy’s first trampling by the bbw stepmom and her friends

written by Paul Race
original source of the story was Submitted by the author

How did it start?

To start with my name is Paul, and I guess it actually started when I was about 12 yrs old. One day a week I had to stay with one of the neighbors as my mom had to work a couple of hours past when I would get off the bus.

Her name was Mrs. Jones. She had 2 daughters one was 8 yrs old. She walked on me but I could hardly feel her. She was well under 50 pounds. But her sister was 15 yrs old and about 100 pounds. Every time I was at their house the younger girl always wanted to play house or have a tea party.

One day I talked her into playing cowboys. She said ok I’m the sheriff then. She tied my hands to the leg of the bed cause she didn’t have a jail to put me in. So there I was laying on the floor tied to the leg of the bed when her sister walked in and said: “What are you doing laying on the floor?” I told her that I was in jail but she said: “You look like a rug to me,” then she walked on my stomach up to my chest and then right on my face. I think I might have been in shock. I remember her feet were warm and soft but that’s about all I remember. Then as she was leaving the room she looked down at me and said: “You still look like a rug,” then she walked on my face, then on my chest and finally my stomach. Continue reading “Fantastic Step Mom”

Finger crush in Hallmark shop

The author recalls an early age finger crush experience

written by CEF1964
original source of the story was Unknown source

Another of my memories from when I was around 11. I would ride my bike to the local Hallmark gift and greeting card shop. There was a young lady (college age) who worked there. She always seemed to be working when I went. I loved her because she wore very sexy shoes. Most were platform and had wedge heels.

On this particular occasion, I had gone with the intent of sticking baseball cards under ladies’ shoes with two-sided tape so I could watch them walk on/crush them. Unfortunately (or so I thought at first) she was working on the greeting card displays on the aisle where I had the most success since it was furthest from the register. Continue reading “Finger crush in Hallmark shop”

Private School

A story about a fictional private school governed by women where male students are disciplined by the means of trampling

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

The Hancock school was a private institution renowned for turning troublesome students into high achievers. Run by a faculty made up entirely of women, it was set on the grounds of the former estate of the late Miriam Hancock, who had founded the school many years before. The school carried grades one thru eight, tuition was expensive and rules were strict. The faculty demanded complete disciplinary autonomy from students parents. This meant teachers could use whatever means necessary to achieve the desired results. Continue reading “Private School”

Caught out at the Movies part 2

The second part of the story about the consequences of the thief being caught by his prey

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Publisher note: Part 1 you can read here 

John made his way outside and turned to walk up a nearby alleyway when a voice behind him startled him. “Are you alright?” a female voice said. “you look like you’ve gone ten rounds with Ali,” she said. John turned and was confronted by three girls who grabbed him and pushed him into a car. John struggled but two were sitting on him in the back seat while the other one drove. The driver spoke, “Two weeks ago some asshole stole my purse while I was watching a film and I couldn’t figure out how until we saw you disappear under the seats tonight. We were the right opposite when you stopped and decided to move seats right on top of you.”

“Shit,” thought John “they weren’t late in,” John spoke out loud for the first time. “You knew I was there and you deliberately stood on my face, what sort of bitch are you.” Continue reading “Caught out at the Movies part 2”

Caught out at the Movies part 1

A story about a thief in a movie theatre

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

John could be classed as a typical teenager. It’s just, he was never that big. At 14 years of age, he still hadn’t reached the five-foot mark which was strange, to say the least for an African. John was not overly bothered about this problem however as he could put this to good use.

John firmly believed that any possible way of getting his hands on other peoples money was perfectly alright providing he never got caught and his latest little scam was working a treat. Allow me to explain. Continue reading “Caught out at the Movies part 1”