Lindsay’s Toy 5 (3)

The author wrote a fantasy about a dominant girl who realized and tested her influence over a younger boy

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Part I

On his way home from skateboarding at the park, Bobby took his usual route. He always detoured a couple of blocks out of his way so he would pass by Lindsay’s’ house. After all, there was always a chance he would catch a glimpse of her. He would do almost anything to see her shapely muscular legs and curvy young figure. Her smooth tanned skin, soft black hair and lovely green eyes filled his thoughts as he walked slowly along.

As he rounded the corner and headed up her street it was obvious today was his lucky day! There she was on the front porch painting her fingernails. His heart began to beat faster as he drew nearer to her house. Would she talk to him, or even notice him? Should he say something to her?

Out of the corner of her eye, Lindsay saw him coming down the street. She noticed how he seemed nervous, trying not to look like he was staring. She was amused because she knew what a huge crush he had on her. She felt little for the 14-year, other than that it was fun to torment him. The things she could make him do with just a wink and a smile amazed her. The power she had over him was intoxicating and she couldn’t help herself. If he was willing to offer himself up for her abuse that was his problem. She smiled to herself as he made his way past her. A cruel idea popped into her pretty head. Today she could have some fun with him! Continue reading “Lindsay’s Toy 5 (3)

Trampled by my teacher 5 (8)

The writer remembers being trampled by a young female teacher

written by atyourfeet
original source of the story was Unknown source

It was my senior year of high school, and Ms. M had been a fantasy for the last three years. She literally was a Greek Goddess.

She stood about 5′ 5″ tall and weighed about 115 lbs. She had dark hair, brown eyes, a smile that was so bright that a blind man could see it. She had beautifully tanned skin and because she attended aerobics classes on a regular basis she had the most incredible legs I had seen on a beautiful woman. What I admired most about this lady was the fact that while the rest of the female population of the world was converting to wearing chunkier lower heeled shoes, she stayed true to her 3-3 1/2 spike heels. Continue reading “Trampled by my teacher 5 (8)