Asian Interrogation 16 min read

The author writes about an interrogation which included trampling and resulted in the death

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I am a customs official and was on assignment in China during the fall of last year. As you know NAFTA has created some loopholes in the system that allows China to import merchandise to Mexico and then to the US in turn. This is illegal but is very hard to stop. My job was to try to uncover the worst offenders and report my findings back to US Customs so that we can put a stop to this problem.

I was in a mid-sized city on the outside of the Hunan Province when I was kidnapped. A van pulled up and 4 masked people jumped me and threw me into the van where I was tied and blindfolded. I lay perfectly still with the hopes of not making anyone angry so that I wouldn’t be killed. It wasn’t uncommon for agents to simply disappear in China. My best guess is that we rode for about 30 minutes. I was trying to remember the curves the van took as well as the feeling of the road. I listened for children playing at school or crowds of people at the market to try to get an idea of where I might be. When the van came to a stop I listened again for any sign of activity. I could tell we were in a warehouse and I could hear manufacturing equipment being used in the background. This wasn’t a good sign because it meant that some manufacturer that I had targeted had figured out who I was and what I was doing there.

I was forced up some stairs and into a room where I was tied to a chair. My blindfold was ripped off and a bright light shown in my face so that I couldn’t see. I heard whispering in the background and then a door open and shut. I heard footsteps coming toward me from behind. Then I smelled it. There was an unforgettable sweet aroma that filled the air that was a little like Jasmine flowers. Then I heard her voice. She was Chinese but her voice was soft and sweet like a bird singing alone on a cool evening. She had a Chinese accent but her English was nearly perfect. I couldn’t see her because of the light in my face but I figured she had gone to school in the US and come back to help run a family business.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” She asked.
“I am with a mission group here to teach English and help improve the health of the kids in China,” I stated.
“Liar!” She yelled.
I was slapped on the side of my face so hard that my ears began to ring. I recoiled from the blow and tried to shake it off.
“Now I’ll ask again. Who are you and why are you here?” She asked again.
Her voice was almost hypnotic. She had a tone that almost lulled you into admitting everything.
“I am an English teacher,” I said shakingly.
That was actually a true statement since I had taught English in Taiwan before.
“You may be a teacher but you aren’t here to teach are you?” She had a sarcastic tone in her voice.

Damn, she was good! Not only was her voice seducing me but also she knew just how to twist my answers against me.
“I would like to speak to a representative of the American embassy so that I can….”
SLAP I was almost knocked off my seat by the force of her blow. I wish I could see her so that I could defend myself at least a little. I heard some chatter in the background and then the door opening and closing again. I heard her footsteps again and then a sharp pain in my arm. Holly shit! She just injected me with someth…..

When I woke up I was tied spread eagle onto some type of medical examination table naked. There was a mirror above me but it was angled so that I could only see the door leading out of the room. I pulled against the wrist and ankle straps that bound me but they were thick leather straps like you see in a movie that are used to tie down mentally insane people. I was helpless and left alone for days. I watched the sunset out the window and then watched as the world got light again. Sensory deprivation: It is a classic move to try to get someone to talk. You are left alone for about 48 hours with no contact at all. Sometimes it is completely dark others always light. Sometimes you are tied or just left to wander around in a small room. I was determined not to crack under pressure. The sunset again. That’s 48 hours alone. Surely they’ll come back today. The sunset again. That’s 72 hours. Where the hell are they? Do I scream? Do I just lay here? What should I do? The sunset again. 96 hours alone. No food. No water. I feel myself losing control. I’m starting to hallucinate now as I see things dancing around the room. I have to concentrate! The door opened! I tried to yell out for water but my mouth was so dry I couldn’t speak. I looked up in the mirror. It was like slow motion. I saw the white pumps first, and then the white nylon covered legs of a nurse. But why was she wearing pumps and why was her skirt so short? Then I saw her top. It was a low cut thing that revealed the best-looking breasts I’d ever seen. Then there was the alabaster skin above her breasts that went up to her neck. Oh, how I wanted to touch her skin. It looked so soft and inviting. NO Damnit! Concentrate! Then I saw her face, that beautiful oriental face with the pronounced cheekbones, dark almond-shaped eyes, small mouth with her cherry red lips, and her shiny flowing long hair. Concentrate!

There was that smell again! OH shit, it’s her!

“Are you ready to talk?” she asked.

I tried to swallow but couldn’t. I moaned a little and nodded my head. She lifted a glass of water and poured it down my desert dry mouth. Water had never tasted so good.

“Can you speak yet?” She asked curiously.
My tongue hung out of my mouth in a grotesque display as drool finally flowed to my parched mouth again. “Speak!” She commanded.
I muttered a few inaudible syllables. She unstrapped my arms and legs but I was too weak to move. I couldn’t even lift my arm to hold the water glass she held out for me. She reached down and grabbed my dick in her soft little hand and rubbed a little while she whispered in my ear.

“This can be easy and rewarding for you if you cooperate. Otherwise…”
I went stiff with convulsive pain. She was squeezing my balls and twisting as she clenched her teeth in rage. I couldn’t defend myself against her onslaught. Damn that bitch! She knew just how long to leave me there. I was conscious enough to talk but too weak to defend. Fucking bitch! The door opened and four more girls dressed just like she came into the room. Obviously, this was a welcoming party.

“If you cooperate and tell me what I want to hear you can have these 4 nurses bring you back to health. If you are uncooperative or don’t give useful information they will be your worst nightmare. Now, let’s begin from the beginning, shall we? Who are you?” she asked coldly.

“My name is Andy Jacobs,” I stated matter-of-factly.
“And?” She asked.
“No, Andy, you know A – N – D – “ I started to reply sarcastically but was interrupted by her hand.
I got a swift karate chop right on the windpipe. I coughed and wheezed and gasped for air
“I am not amused by you.” she hissed.
Her tone was turning hard and cruel. She was losing patience fast. I had to do something to buy time.
“Sorry,” I said
“Why are you here?” she asked again.
“I am trying to find a company that I can contract with for importing US goods into China,” I stated.
“Don’t you mean you are looking for companies in China that are exporting to Mexico?” she asked sternly.
“What do you mean?” I tried to play dumb.
“You think I’m stupid? I went to business school in the US. I know that you are working for US Customs to try to curtail the export market in China from sending goods to Mexico and in turn to the US using NAFTA as a cover.” Damn her! She was smart.

This was not a good situation for me. I knew my options were severely limited. This woman had me pegged and there wasn’t much I could do about it.

“Ok look. I am here investigating export documentation for the purpose of its none of your fucking business! So if you…” again my statement was rudely interrupted by her.

She grabbed my arm and twisted as she pulled me to the floor. I was still too weak to put up much of a fight. I hit the floor with a limp thud as she held my arm and twisted hard. She lifted a foot and drove the heel of her pump into my armpit and pulled on my arm as she twisted. I writhed in pain but refused to yell out. The other 4 girls just stood there and giggled. She gave my arm a twist and threw it to the floor where she immediately stepped on my hand with her deadly pumps. I clenched my teeth and grunted but never yelled out.

“You hold your tongue almost as well as I hold my temper. You really should’ve been a little more cooperative with me. You have put me in the awkward position of having to force information out of you. What is about to happen to you is no one’s fault but your own.” Her tone was cold and ruthless.

I lay limp on the floor dreading what may happen next. One of the nurses came forward and produced a hypodermic needle filled with some type of drug. The first woman was standing on my hand so that I couldn’t move. The nurse with the needle knelt down in front of me giving me a full view of her pantyhose covered ass and pussy. Wow, she has a really nice a…

I woke up in another room. It was a little cold and pretty dark. My eyes took several minutes to adjust to the light. I was standing but tied by my wrists above my head. My ankles were pulled apart and had a pole between them so that I couldn’t open or close my legs. The pole was tied to the floor so that I couldn’t lift my knees. I was immobile again. How long are they going to leave me now? A door opened and 4 girls walked into the room they were wearing vinyl outfits and thigh-high vinyl boots with super high heels. Man, they had nice bodies. I wonder if I could sweet talk my way out of…

WHISHT I screamed in pain. Holly fuck! A whip! A goddamn whip!
WHISHT I screamed again. Now my mind was racing as I tried to think of a way out.
WHISHT I screamed again.
“Stop please stop!” I began to cry as the pain sank in.
“NOOO! Please stop!”
My cries were desperate but fell on deaf ears. The girls started to giggle as tears streamed down my face.
I couldn’t scream anymore. There was no point.

I felt the warm trickle of blood as it ran down y welted back. There was a pause as I hung limply from the rack above me. They stopped. Finally, they stopped. One of the girls walked up to me and lifted my head. She lifted a gloved hand and smacked me across the face. Again and again. My wrist bindings were cut and I fell like a slab of flesh to the floor. I was rolled to my stomach and one of the girls stepped on each of my hands. The pain of their boots on my hands was nothing compared to the whip. I was relieved the whipping was over. One of the other girls came up and stood next to me. She lifted her booted foot and dragged her spike heel across my bleeding back. I tensed in pain and tried to pull away but couldn’t. My ankles were still shackled to the floor and two other girls were standing on my hands. She scrapped my back again. I tensed and tried to wiggle free. The girls giggled at me as I tried to escape. She dragged again harder this time. I screamed out in agony. The last girl came over to me now and stood between my outstretched legs. She bent over and reached in underneath me and grabbed my dick. She pulled hard on it and stretched it out under me and back between my legs. She stood up and placed the point of her heel on my shaft. She pressed down. My pelvis shot up instinctively trying to pull away. I screamed out in pain as she applied more pressure to the tip of her heel. She stepped off and my pelvis dropped back to the floor. Now she placed the ball of her booted foot on one of my nuts. She started to press again. I flailed and yelled in terror and pain. She pressed harder and harder until her entire weight was supported on her one foot. My nut compressed and finally gave way under the pressure. There was a distinct popping sound as the testicle ruptured inside my scrotum. I flashed with white-hot pain and fell unconscious.

I was awakened by one of the girls by her kicking my head. I was on my back now. Tied down in a spread eagle position. I was in unbearable pain. Every time my heart beat my ruptured testicle spewed blood inside my sac making it filled with my own blood. I was barely awake when one of the girls stomped down hard on my chest and then dragged her heel down towards my navel. I half screamed half moaned as she scared me with her heel. She frowned obviously unhappy with my weak scream. She dragged her heel across my chest again. One of the other girls walked up and drove her spiked heel into my nipple. I screamed out as she twisted and pressed harder. The other girl followed suit and did the same to my other nipple. They stopped and stood over me laughing as I lay there writhing in pain. One of the girls placed a foot on my chest and then hopped up onto me with both feet. She placed the heel of each boot on one of my ribs and rocked back applying all her weight on her heels. I fought against the pain but screamed out through clenched teeth. Now she started to bounce on her heels. The pain was intense. Two girls came up and held her hands for balance and she began jumping up and down landing with the point of her heels on my ribs. One of my ribs gave way and there was a loud crack as it snapped under her boot. She and the others laughed and jumped until another rib broke. Then another. I was having trouble breathing and felt myself getting light-headed from lack of air and pain. She stepped off of me with a look of satisfaction. One of the girls who was holding her stepped up onto my belly. She too rocked back and sank her heels deep into my flesh. She held out her hands and two girls grabbed on for balance. She leaped high into the air and landed on her heels. Her heels sank deep into my flesh. She landed with such force I thought she would puncture my kidneys. She jumped again and again until my abdominal muscles gave way and could no longer hold her heels back. She leaped again and her heels pierced my skin and punched holes in my abdominal wall. She stepped off laughing at the blood oozing from the wounds.

One of the girls unzipped her boots and stepped out of them. The others look at her with a confused look. She said something in Chinese and the other’s eyes lit up and they took off their boots also. The first girl stepped up onto my chest and turned around to face my stomach. One of the others stood up on my stomach now. They held hands and began jumping. I gasped for air as my broken ribs made it almost impossible to breathe. The girl on my chest jumped hard and broke another rib and giggled as she continued to jump. They finally stopped and stepped down. One of the other girls stepped up right on my face. She began to stomp my face while she stood there and then began to jump. She landed several times on my nose and it finally crushed beneath her. She drove her heel into it several more times and flattened it across my face. She triumphantly stood with one foot across the bridge of my nose and the other over my mouth. Now two girls stood back up on my chest and stomach again. I had 3 of them standing on me now. The 4th girl placed her foot across my throat and bared her full weight across it. The girls counted together to 3 and then all jumped at the same time. My face, throat, chest, and stomach all compressed simultaneously. They leaped again. I felt more ribs break and the air was forced completely out of my body. They stopped jumping and climbed down. One of the girls put her foot on my throat again and stood up. She shifted her weight to her toes and my neck started to collapse under the pressure. One of the other girls stepped up onto my face and bounced as the relentless pressure began to crush my neck. The girl on my neck stepped up onto my chest, one onto my belly and the last onto my neck again. They all started to bounce in place. The girls all stood on their tiptoes now. Driving the whole of their weight into my collapsing body. The one on my throat started marching in place on her toes and my trachea finally collapsed. The girl on my stomach stepped off, as did the girl on my chest. The girl on my face stepped off but the girl on my throat continued to stand on her tiptoes. She held out her hands and 2 of the others held on. She leaped into the air and landed with all her weight on my throat again. There was a cracking sound when she landed. She stomped down hard a few times as my eyes rolled back into my head. She leaped into the air again for the last time. There was no need to trample any more.

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  1. This is not a story of using trampling as torcher as they did not want the information. They just wanted to systematically kill him. It left me sad.

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