Late Night Train 4.4 (10)

The author wrote a well-written fantasy about an ordinary man being sexually humiliated and used by a beautiful young woman wanting to use him for some fun.

written by BITEME
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

Author warnings:

This story contains some elements that might be considered racism. However, if you read it you will know the race is NOT the focus.

Also, the story is fiction inspired by some of my own true experiences.

It is close to 2 AM. Lin stands uncomfortably in the packed subway. Being a grad student on a student visa and the only son of a poor Chinese family, he often stays late into the night in the research lab with the hope that his outstanding academic performance will one day land him a nice paying job and take some pressure off his parents. Unfortunately, that often means a general lack of sleep and social life. At 26 years old he belongs to the increasingly rare breed of men that have never dated a girl. Of course, his shy demeanor does not help, either. In any case, his current dilemma doesn’t involve any specific girl. Rather, it’s the rush of new year’s eve party-goers trying to get home. Combined with the sudden snow throughout the day, the train is unusually crowded.

The train shudders to a stop and the door opens. More people get on and the crowd pushes Lin in front of a line of seats. Obviously, all the seats are occupied long ago so the only thing he can do is just keep his eyes open in case anyone decides to get off. Looking around him it seems that he is surrounded by shit-faced drunkards that can barely tell where they are. That’s when he finally notices the beautiful woman seated right in front of him. She looks to be about the same age as him. Her perfectly clean face exudes a cold beauty like a classic Roman marble statue. She is wearing earphones and her wavy long blond hair drapes over her shoulders like something from an oil painting. The expensive form-fitting flare coat on her body doesn’t hide the sexy curves beneath it. Her right leg is crossed over her left in a feminine fashion. Her legs are covered in long black tights that end in a pair of black knee-high boots. The heels are about 4 inches in length and about 1 cm in diameter at the bottom. The few nerdy girls Lin knows in his life don’t dress like this at all so he is taking this chance to secretly get an eyeful. Continue reading “Late Night Train 4.4 (10)

Mary at the bus stop 4.8 (8)

The author wrote a detailed fantasy about a finger being unknowingly transformed to bone dust and meat pulp on a bus station by a woman who wore steel-tipped stiletto heels.

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Mary Stepped out of the front door onto the path. Her sharp steel-tipped stilettos clicked loudly on the hard concrete. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a big black beetle crawling along the path in front of her. She stepped forward to lock the door. There was a loud crack as she stood onto the big black beetle which was in her way. She locked the door, and without a second thought proceeded to destroy the beetle. She twisted her foot quickly, grinding it into the path. Its body fluids spurted out in a thin line from under the hard soles of her stiletto heels as she pulped and tore it to pieces within seconds. She dragged her foot quickly backward shredding the remains into a wet line. Then she opened her bag and dropped the key into it. She walked away down the footpath. A wet mark on the footpath was all that was left of the beetle. Continue reading “Mary at the bus stop 4.8 (8)

Trampled at a party 4.5 (16)

The author writes about a good-spirited friendly trampling by a girl he knew at some party that a friend of theirs threw.

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

A month ago I was at a friend’s house for drinks. We were sitting in the conservatory, downstairs at the back of the house. There were about a dozen people sitting around drinking, talking, and laughing.

I have always fancied a girl called Suzy. She is in her early 30s, around 5’6“, slim, and blond. I have known her for several years and we have flirted with each other on a few occasions and she knows that I like women’s feet and shoes. That night she was there, looking gorgeous, wearing a little black top and skirt, black hose, and black knee-high boots with a 2-inch heel. More importantly, her boyfriend was not with her. Continue reading “Trampled at a party 4.5 (16)

Ran over by girl on snowmobile 4.8 (18)

The author wrote about a personal experience of a girl who shared his fetish. He explains in great detail their exploration which involved a winter season, snow, and a snowmobile

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Submitted by a visitor

I went home on leave a few weeks ago and had the most amazing experience I have had yet and found a new trampler!

My family all tries to get together out at my uncle’s farm for the holidays, this is where I spent most of my time as a kid and lived for several years. This year I wasn’t able to make it for Thanksgiving and will be busy around Christmas so I decided to just pick out three weeks in between (one of the good and bad things about the military is you earn plenty of time off but it is hard to use it when you would like to).

As it turned out it couldn’t have worked out better, because one of my younger cousin Casey’s friends was home visiting also. Becky is 23, about 5’6″, dark blond shoulder-length wavy hair, hazel eyes, and around 120lbs. Continue reading “Ran over by girl on snowmobile 4.8 (18)

The Ground 4.9 (17)

The author wrote an interesting take on the false floor story type, about a bridal party whose hostess was in on the trample experience.

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Submitted by a visitor

I lay there with Katy standing on my chest. It was autumn so she had on some fur-lined wedge-heeled boots, with her jeans tucked in with a hoodie. She had no idea I was there. She was talking on her phone and shuffling around. I was enjoying the view of her ass when her boot sole crashed down on my face as she walked around talking. The lug sole crushed down diagonally across my cheek and nose as she strode toward the railing, completely deforming my face as she walked right across it. It was just a part of the ground after all. Continue reading “The Ground 4.9 (17)

Family Trample 4.6 (23)

The author explains his take on the first time being under feet

written by Huskey93
original source of the story was Reddit

Honestly, it wasn’t that bad! I struggled at times but that’s to be expected, I only lasted like 8 minutes tho lol!

She trampled me next to a countertop but made sure I had a pillow under my head and a fluffy throw blanket under my body so that I could absorb the pressure a little better. Continue reading “Family Trample 4.6 (23)

Sound booth stage hand crush 4.8 (6)

The author remembers an unknown hand trampling experience on a sandy beach

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Submitted by a visitor

Another great place for finger crush is near the heavy extension cords running from the sound booth to the stage, as the girls get used to stepping on the cords and don’t think your hand is unusual when you put it down there. Unfortunately, there weren’t any girls wearing hard shoes there the other night, and being stepped on in beach tongs just doesn’t do it for me.

After the concert, I did the bar thing, sitting on a dance platform and getting my hands stepped on by all manner of heels and shoes, but nothing really stands out, other than that the girls were SMOKIN’! Continue reading “Sound booth stage hand crush 4.8 (6)

Her private CBT dancefloor 4.7 (14)

A story about a woman who had castrated a man by dancing on his manhood. Written from the female’s perspective with very detailed descriptions

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Submitted by a visitor

What follows is the account of a woman, 27 years old, who won a competition thrown by an underground fetish club. Her highly unusual prize was to be given sole access to a specially cordoned-off section of dance-floor on a raised stage on the next fetish club night. Under this floor lay the second winner of this bizarre competition, an unnamed 37-year-old man. The man was completely covered by the raised stage, except for his penis and testicles which were protruding through a tight hole in the stage. Below the stage floor, he was naked, and for his own safety, his arms and legs were strapped to the real floor below. The stage floor itself was one-inch thick plyboard except for a small strip of thick glass above the man’s eyes. With no lighting below the stage, it was impossible to see his face through this glass, however, he himself was able to see the room above which, although dark, was sporadically illuminated by the club lighting system. Continue reading “Her private CBT dancefloor 4.7 (14)