University Life Part 26 4.3 (4)

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Strappy stiletto foreplay and anticipation

written by StompedAllOver
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For the rest of the afternoon we just chilled out watching TV in the lounge. At 6pm the girls went through to Erin’s room to get ready to go out. I had booked a really nice seafood restaurant that they both really wanted to go to. I sat in the kitchen waiting for them to finish up drinking a beer. When the door opened my jaw dropped when I saw the two of them. Riah was wearing a black sequined top with black leather trousers and her black 6 in platform strappy stilettos and her toe nails were newly painted black to match. Erin had on a long figure hugging cream and beige summer dress with beige strappy 4 in stilettos and she had French polished her toe nails. Both of them had their hair up, make up done to perfection and looked drop dead gorgeous.

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OK – we’re back up 5 (12)

online again

written by PleaseStepOnMe
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Sorry for the long delay.  My computer crashed for one.  Then some other stuff got in the way.  Yada Yada Yada.   Anyway I’m going through the recent comments and hope to add a few stories in the near future.

If you’d like to post one of your own experiences, that would be great!  Just leave it as a comment and I will put it on the board.