University Life Part 15 4.7 (13)

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Meeting Anna properly

written by StompedAllOver
original source of the story was Submitted by the author

“Hahaha yeah I’d love to”, replied Anna. Natasha stepped off my face and onto my chest while Leanne moved down onto my cock. Anna wasted no time and without looking down stepped up onto my face in her combat boots. The pain was massive and instantaneous. Her lug soles completely covered my face. Her 195lbs driving the heavy treads onto my flesh. Continue reading “University Life Part 15 4.7 (13)

University Life Part 14 4.7 (7)

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Properly meeting Natasha

written by StompedAllOver
original source of the story was Submitted by the author

By 11 pm the club was starting to quieten down, the girls were all still milking their customers but most of the ones sitting by the stage had left and Natasha was clearing glasses and wiping down tables. “You wanting to get yourself underfoot tonight.” “Haha, I don’t think my face is fit for those boots tonight Leanne.” “Chicken, besides I don’t have them on tonight.” “Oh really, what are you wearing.” “You’ll have to lie down back here and find out.” Continue reading “University Life Part 14 4.7 (7)

University Life Part 13 4.5 (6)

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Meeting Anna, Angela, Natasha and a few other girls

written by StompedAllOver
original source of the story was Submitted by the author

That afternoon Erin and I decided to go to the cinema and watch a movie. She was working that evening at the strip club as it was just reopening after being refurbished. She was looking as hot as ever in a grey hoodie with wet look leggings and a pair of white Fila Disruptor chunky trainers. The cinema was pretty quiet but I could see a few guys slyly checking her out. She had her feet up on the chair in front of her and I couldn’t help staring at the Fila’s. “You like them?” she whispered in my ear. “Yeah, they look awesome.” She twisted one foot showing me the heavily gripped tread looked at me and said “just imagine what that tread would feel like.” It was tough to concentrate on the film after that. Continue reading “University Life Part 13 4.5 (6)

High School trample 4.5 (20)

A couple of stories about a “macho debate” between a boy and a girl wearing heels during high school.

written by mip1980
original source of the story was Unknown source

Hi again folks, this is another moment of being in the right place at the right time.

During my final year at school I got a lot of trample experience especially from those hormone raged girls, at the moment only one really sticks out.

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Miss Onopka hand crush 4.8 (34)

Clever schoolboy gets his hand crushed under the high heels of his teacher without her knowing.

written by Mat11
original source of the story was Unknown source

Age seven was a productive year for me in terms of hand and finger trample. I knew my fascination with ladies high heels was unusual, and I couldn’t precisely understand why they drove me mad, but I took every opportunity to get close to them.

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The Midland Girls 4.6 (27)

A man gets more than he bargained for with a car crush and boot trampling by two surprisingly uncaring women

written by crushed1000
original source of the story was Unknown source

This young lady and a friend had spent one drunken night whilst home, trawling the net for weird and wonderful things. After coming across a trample website had followed several links before they came to the Mistress Destiny forum. After reading many posts they took a liking to my true experiences and decided to contact me in the UK.

So a couple of weeks ago, on a Friday afternoon, I packed a few clothes and loaded up my car with a garden fork, spade, some sack cloth and a couple of planks of wood and drove to her home town before booking into a local hotel. We arranged to meet later that evening in a bar close to her home but as she was apprehensive at meeting me alone had asked if she could bring along a friend, which I agreed to.

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Lesbian Birthday Party 4.4 (13)

Kevincarpet gets trampled at a lesbian birthday party.

written by Kevincarpet
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

Another Kevincarpet story from back in the day.

Also included at the end are a few comments from readers about the story & Kevin’s responses.


What a crazy time..This party had a stilt walking girl..Fire eating girls and lots of go-go’s….

Ok, so when I got there another carpet friend was there too (which was great cause he drove me home later). There was room here for 2 party carpets..My other carpet friend took the side of the bar (also a small but busy spot..)

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A crazy night with Kevincarpet 4.3 (14)

Famous NYC trample performer Kevincarpet recounts one crazy night.

written by Kevincarpet
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

Kevincarpet was a well known trample performance artist in New York City, circa the early 2000’s.    He’d bring a carpet to a nightclub, put it over himself near the bar and let the women step on him all night while they waited for their  drinks.

This is his account of one great night.


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My friend Jan 4.7 (24)

A get-together with an old friend turns into trampling and boot licking.

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

So I have this “Friend” Jan I know who use to work with me years ago. I was a sales guy and she was the front door receptionist. Anyway Jan and I kept in touch over the years as we went our separate ways career wise. I got fatter, grayer and richer, Jan stayed thin, hot and generally living paycheck to paycheck. So we got to talking about life online and I tried to explain to Jan that she really needed to make better choices with her life to get ahead. Stop dating abusive losers that slapped her around and working for dead end jobs. Jan’s answer was “whatever”, complaining that I tell her what she should do but not how she can get there.

I then volunteered to hook up with her to go over how to get what she wants and the next night I drove to Jan’s apartment. Jan had just got off work and was wearing a tight red dress with black knee high boots, the kind with the 3 inch chunky heel. She was about 5’9 with her boots on and my guess weighed about 140 lbs. I came from work as well and was still dressed in a suit.

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University Life Part 12 4.1 (20)

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Part 12 of University Life

written by StompedAllOver
original source of the story was Submitted by the author

Saturday was a quiet one, both Erin and I just hung out working on assignments and drinking coffee. We got Chinese takeaway for dinner and watched a movie. She had her bare feet in my lap and I kissed them a couple of times when she would lift them to my face but otherwise, it was a very quiet day. To be honest, I was needing a relaxing day, my face was still red and sore from the night before and I felt absolutely shattered. Continue reading “University Life Part 12 4.1 (20)