On the Field

The author wrote a very brutal trample fantasy that started with some, what would later seem like light trampling in cleats, a recovery phase, and then some brutal trampling that ended fatally.

written by Heelcushion
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

Part 1

I reluctantly agreed to play a round of football, even though I had no gear and the field looked pretty muddy after a lot of rain. The things you do for friends with sad puppy dog expressions.

Dressed in just shorts and a T-shirt, without shoes we walked down to the field and found it was still raining a little bit. I spotted a group of women in full uniforms and even matching football boots on the field kicking a ball around. All of them looked fit and hot.

Our stupid friend arrived looking as disheveled as we did. I pointed out the women and he said that was the team we were playing against!! He had apparently lost a bet with one of them and this was his chance to break even. We were all shocked, bad enough we were playing women but fit, hot women who clearly knew what they were doing?!?! We were toast. Continue reading “On the Field”

Michael King, perfect lover

The author wrote an interesting fantasy about sex doll pretender who hoped to be used but was harshly misused by multiple women who did not know that he was not a dummy doll.

written by Kakarytryu
original source of the story was Fetlife

You can put it in the floor.- Said a woman

Gladly! This box is so heavy. – Said the delivery man

I am sorry for making you carry it all the way here but only a strong man like you could have done it.- Said the woman in a flirtatious tone

No worries madam. I am only doing my job. – Said the delivery man

How responsible. Are you doing anything tonight? My friends and I do not have plans.-Asked the woman while she looked at her female friends in the room

Sorry. My girlfriend and I are going to watch a movie.- Responded the delivery man

You could invite her to our party; there are many ways four women and one man could have fun.- Said the woman and her two friends agreed.

I don’t think my girlfriend would like that. I am sorry but I need to go; there are still a bunch of packages that need to be deliver.- Responded the delivery guy, leaving the room as quickly as he could.

Wimp! I bet he has a tiny dick.- Thought Michael, who was inside the box.

A new “toy” has come out to the market called “the perfect lover”; its body is so realistic that people usually mistake it for a real person; the ad in the official page describes it as “Your new best friend whose body has been designed to satisfy you.” Every woman wants one even tho they cost a fortune.

Michael King posted a fake ad where he pretended to be selling one of this “toys” at half the price but in reality, this was a part of his plan; he was going to pretend to be one of this “perfect lovers” to have sex with an unaware female. Luckily for him, he was bought by April a girl who was a member of a sorority. Continue reading “Michael King, perfect lover”

Ladies Night Out

A brutal fantasy about trampling by multiple women willing to inflict pain and damage.

written by The Penguin
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

Chapter 1

Joe sighed as he thought about the bar where he took a job last month. It was Friday morning and he knew that he would be so busy, too busy to take a break and his boss was a bitch as well. She seemed to dislike him personally.

He always got the worst jobs like cleaning up the restrooms after someone “yacked on the phone or pissed everywhere”. It was a funny thing but the women’s washroom was always dirtier than the men’s. Jana always found something nasty for Joe to do but “what choice do I have?” thought Joe.

I want to go back to school to get my degree so I can get a better job, but this job will have to do for now as I have to pay my own way; dam my sister for using up all the college money. There’s none left for me.

Anyway, I enjoy looking at Jana; she had the biggest boobs and they were perky too, just like a 20 yr old, nice long legs too! And for some reason, Jana always wore high heels even though she was tall. About 6′ without the heels Joe estimated so he always had to look up at her when she ordered him about the bar. For some reason, this always turned him on. Continue reading “Ladies Night Out”

True Finger Crushing

The author remembers tricking a friend into crushing his fingers unknowingly

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Foot Stories Specialist

It started from a conversation with a woman named Cindy. I had worked with her for a while at the bookstore and now that we were both on to more “professional” careers I thought I could utilize our acquaintance for some hand crushing and trampling.

I decided to call her and explain that I was working with a friend who shot demos for shoe company commercials. These demos were NOT commercials themselves but spot demos that gave the client an idea of what the real ads would entail. I told her that I needed a shoe model and that we would be able to pay her $20.00 an hour. She agreed and I got her shoe size (7 ½) and set the date. Continue reading “True Finger Crushing”

A Long Road to Recovery

A fantasy about multiple nurses trampling a patient in a psychiatric hospital

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

“I just don’t understand this case,” the doctor stated while rubbing his chin. “The police arrest this guy for assaulting his girlfriend, and place him in minimum security just down the hall. His first offense. After a month, he ends up here with severe psychological problems. I just don’t understand.”

John is sitting huddled in the corner, his straight jacket tightly binding his arms to his chest. Sweat beads from his pale face as his eyes stare in fear at some unknown spot on the padded floor.

“And look here,” the doctor says to the group of nurses waiting behind him. He moves closer and points a finger at John’s head. “He has these very unusual small round rashes on his forehead. I can’t figure out what’s causing this skin irritation. The skin looks like it was crushed, but there’s never anything in this room that he can use to do this to himself. I just don’t know.” Continue reading “A Long Road to Recovery”

Party Rug

A fictional story, written from a female perspective, about unknown trample of a man at a party where the guests were females only.

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I was very angry with ’54’.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I number my personal slaves: that way it’s easier for me to remember and it breaks up the monotony of calling them all ‘slave’ or ‘dog’. As an added touch, I make them wear their number painted in red lipstick on their foreheads.

Anyway, he was crying, begging for my forgiveness. He had done something stupid – I can’t remember what it was, I forgot – he was on the floor crying, begging me to punish him so that I would not be angry with him. I walked around him, put my 4″ heel on the crack of his ass, and pushed him to the floor. He fell in a heap, thanking me for touching him again, still crying.

I walked back to his face, my shoes a half inch from his nose. ’54’ knew not to look up, so he stared at shoes, thanking me.

“You do NOT think you’re getting off THAT easy”, I growled. You’ll have to pay a lot more for what you did (to this day I still don’t remember what he did !) Continue reading “Party Rug”

Caught out at the Movies part 2

The second part of the story about the consequences of the thief being caught by his prey

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Publisher note: Part 1 you can read here 

John made his way outside and turned to walk up a nearby alleyway when a voice behind him startled him. “Are you alright?” a female voice said. “you look like you’ve gone ten rounds with Ali,” she said. John turned and was confronted by three girls who grabbed him and pushed him into a car. John struggled but two were sitting on him in the back seat while the other one drove. The driver spoke, “Two weeks ago some asshole stole my purse while I was watching a film and I couldn’t figure out how until we saw you disappear under the seats tonight. We were the right opposite when you stopped and decided to move seats right on top of you.”

“Shit,” thought John “they weren’t late in,” John spoke out loud for the first time. “You knew I was there and you deliberately stood on my face, what sort of bitch are you.” Continue reading “Caught out at the Movies part 2”

Caught out at the Movies part 1

A story about a thief in a movie theatre

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

John could be classed as a typical teenager. It’s just, he was never that big. At 14 years of age, he still hadn’t reached the five-foot mark which was strange, to say the least for an African. John was not overly bothered about this problem however as he could put this to good use.

John firmly believed that any possible way of getting his hands on other peoples money was perfectly alright providing he never got caught and his latest little scam was working a treat. Allow me to explain. Continue reading “Caught out at the Movies part 1”

Late Night

A story of a man who confessed to his significant other that she is not cruel enough to satisfy his deepest fantasies

written by paulzy
original source of the story was Unknown source

Ms. Shelley and I were returning to her condo from the bar. She just moved in at the beginning of the month to help out her recently separated sister and her 5yr old son. On our ride home, we had been discussing the subject of dominance and submission (which we do frequently) and had both gotten carried away with our wants and desires from the scene. We were pretty drunk and I had the courage to suggest that Ms. Shelley hadn’t been cruel enough, hadn’t been harsh enough to satisfy my deepest needs. She turned to me with a look I had never seen in her, she blew her smoke in my face and said “Oh? Well, we will see about that!” Continue reading “Late Night”

Unrelenting High Heel Trample

written by Tramplefan
original source of the story was Unknown source

I have been blessed in my life when it comes to getting trampled. At age twenty-nine, I have now had relationships with three different women who loved to trample me. Those three relationships lasted seven years collectively. I have also had miscellaneous trample experiences in between those relationships as well, some better some worse. I will share some different stories with you over time, also some “tips” on how to get trampled. For now, I guess I will start off with one of my most memorable experiences.

About two years ago I met the girl of my dreams. We have been split apart for nine months now, but hardly a minute goes by that I don’t think about her. Yes, she gave me the harshest tramplings I have ever received (by far), but outside the bedroom, she was the sweetest woman I have ever shared my time with. It is amazing that you could find a woman so beautiful, so sweet, and so vicious all in one package. Her name for the story sake will be “Michelle” (obviously not her real name). I met her while out of town at a business conference. She is 5’7”, 130 lbs., long blond hair, blue eyes, hefty “C” in the bra size, with a fantastic body and the face of an angel. She spent four days a week lifting weights, so she had very muscular legs (which I LOVE). I went out with some business associates this particular night to a local “gentleman’s club”. It wasn’t 30 seconds after getting seated that our eyes met, and then she came straight towards me to start a conversation. She plops down on my lap and excitedly says, “What’s your name?” Now I am not a bad looking guy, but I was shocked myself that this girl took so much interest in me. Let me tell you, this club was full of girls who have done penthouse, playboy, you name it. After having an on and off three-hour conversation together, we exchange numbers and I left the club with my business partners. I thought this would be the end, but it was just beginning. Continue reading “Unrelenting High Heel Trample”