Contract Killer 3.4 (18)

The author wrote a violent fantasy about the end of the life of one burglar.

written by Neckstand
original source of the story was Unknown source

Jimmy was desperate for money. It had only been two weeks since he’d been let out of prison and work was hard to come by for a convicted murderer and drug addict. At 6’5″ 240, Jimmy had started bouncing at a strip club but the paycheck wasn’t enough. An old contact of Jimmy’s offered him a job as a contract killer. It was Jimmy’s first assignment, an easy mark, 62 yr old Lucy Goldman. Lucy’s husband wanted her dead collecting on a large insurance policy he had taken out for her. Jimmy went to Lucy’s house that afternoon, it was supposed to look like a burglary. An unlocked sliding glass door allowed Jimmy to slip into the house and discover no one was home. Several hours had passed when the lock on the front door turned and Jimmy ran into a living room closet. Looking through the slats in the door he could see the entire room. Jimmy planned on hiding out, carrying out the hit, and leaving under the cover of darkness. A woman walked into the room and removed her sandals, it was Lucy. Jimmy couldn’t believe this decent-looking lady with gorgeous feet was 62 yrs old, as he had always had a foot fetish he quickly focused on those bare feet walking around the house. Continue reading “Contract Killer 3.4 (18)

On the Field 4 (6)

The author wrote a very brutal trample fantasy that started with some, what would later seem like light trampling in cleats, a recovery phase, and then some brutal trampling that ended fatally.

written by Heelcushion
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

Part 1

I reluctantly agreed to play a round of football, even though I had no gear and the field looked pretty muddy after a lot of rain. The things you do for friends with sad puppy dog expressions.

Dressed in just shorts and a T-shirt, without shoes we walked down to the field and found it was still raining a little bit. I spotted a group of women in full uniforms and even matching football boots on the field kicking a ball around. All of them looked fit and hot.

Our stupid friend arrived looking as disheveled as we did. I pointed out the women and he said that was the team we were playing against!! He had apparently lost a bet with one of them and this was his chance to break even. We were all shocked, bad enough we were playing women but fit, hot women who clearly knew what they were doing?!?! We were toast. Continue reading “On the Field 4 (6)

Asian Interrogation 4.3 (6)

The author writes about an interrogation which included trampling and resulted in the death

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I am a customs official and was on assignment in China during the fall of last year. As you know NAFTA has created some loopholes in the system that allows China to import merchandise to Mexico and then to the US in turn. This is illegal but is very hard to stop. My job was to try to uncover the worst offenders and report my findings back to US Customs so that we can put a stop to this problem.

I was in a mid-sized city on the outside of the Hunan Province when I was kidnapped. A van pulled up and 4 masked people jumped me and threw me into the van where I was tied and blindfolded. I lay perfectly still with the hopes of not making anyone angry so that I wouldn’t be killed. It wasn’t uncommon for agents to simply disappear in China. My best guess is that we rode for about 30 minutes. I was trying to remember the curves the van took as well as the feeling of the road. I listened for children playing at school or crowds of people at the market to try to get an idea of where I might be. When the van came to a stop I listened again for any sign of activity. I could tell we were in a warehouse and I could hear manufacturing equipment being used in the background. This wasn’t a good sign because it meant that some manufacturer that I had targeted had figured out who I was and what I was doing there. Continue reading “Asian Interrogation 4.3 (6)

Deadly heels at the old stadium 3.4 (10)

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Finally the day Jim had been waiting for. Jim was a bright young boy of 16 every day after school he would go work a the old stadium selling tickets or just helping out. Today was the day of the concert he had been selling tickets for the past two weeks.

Every time a pretty girl would come for tickets he would mark down on a piece a paper who she was and where she would be sitting. Jim loved his job because every time the town had an event he could go below all the people in the stands and when he saw the seats he had marked out as that of a pretty girl he could easily slide his hand up and get her to step on his finger without any fear of getting caught as the girls laughed and stomped on him without ever giving any thought to what they are crushing under their thin spiky heel.

Today was going to be even better, the concert was sold out so they brought in spare seats. They made a small mound of dirt to raise the last row of seats so the people could see without any problems. They had a small piece of wood over a slightly raised mound of dirk as the floor in front of the seats they had put up for the concert. Continue reading “Deadly heels at the old stadium 3.4 (10)