The Lucky Intern 4.5 (20)

Shoe sniffing law student gets found out

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Some years ago, when I was a third year law student in a major city, I had an internship with a state court. My direct supervisor was a woman named Ann who was a Harvard Law Grad. She was new to the position as a Judge’s Clerk. For those who are not familiar with the legal profession, judicial clerkships are highly sought after, very competitive and usually go to those who are politically connected, valedictorians or chief editors of the law review. The Clerks research and write the opinions for the judges.

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Special rug – Part II 4.9 (8)

More tales from the kinky marriage

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Jim tried to smile but he was too busy panting and trying to recover the
breath so casually robbed from him. “Well, ta ta, honey. Mustn’t dawdle
any longer. I’m going to put the car in the garage tonight, so be ready in
the kitchen pit when I return,” she said, then turned on his lungs,
grinding the grip pattern of her soles into his skin. He cried out this
time and she turned at the door. “Save your breath, honey. You’re going
to need it later.

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Special rug – Part 1 4.7 (9)

Excerpts from a kinky marriage

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Alexis and Jim were happily married, though certainly not in a “normal”
sense by any stretch of the imagination. Their unique relationship was, in
fact, based on a very unusual reversal of roles in which she was the
dominant partner and he was, most definitely, the passive agent.

Although many modern marriages operate smoothly on a reversal of
traditional male/female roles, theirs carried the still somewhat unusual
and sluggish trend a step further (and I use the term “step” with tongue
firmly entrenched in cheek!) To Alexis and Jim, however, the close
relationship they enjoyed didn’t seem bizarre or even particularly unusual.
They would have conceded that it was “special” and indeed often called it
just that, but they would never have admitted that it was perverse, though
they were fully aware most people think it not only perverse, but downright
weird. Although, at first, their special way of relating to each other had
seemed a little strange to Alexis, as time passed and she began to enjoy
and even relish her new role, what was once odd quickly – surprisingly
quickly became accepted as normal and everyday.

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My steps 3.1 (17)

Step brother trample

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I glanced up and saw Kim, the oldest of my two step-sisters, coming down the basement stairs, just as my step-mom secured the last strap around my left wrist, rendering me totally immobile. The basement was used as what my step-mother and step-sisters referred to as the “Punishment Room.” I had done absolutely nothing that I could think of to warrant being punished, but then again, I learned very quickly that my step-family didn’t need any excuse to punish me.

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Under My Feet (true story) 4.8 (15)

Trampling session from the female’s perspective

written by Valerie Sonn
original source of the story was Unknown source

I had a true experience recently that I would like to share.

I was in a slightly grumpy mood the other day, probably from sitting too much and spending too much time on the Internet 😉 Around 10 p.m., I was in the kitchen looking for something good to eat, when my husband – my “subby hubby,” Hiro – got home from work. I mentioned that I was feeling cranky, and he told me that I should do something physical to reduce stress … now there was an idea!

“Sounds like a plan,” I told him with a smile as I took his hand and pulled him out of the chair. I led him to the bedroom and told him “Take off your clothes.” I unrolled our squishing mat, put a couple of towels on it (you’ll find out why soon), and removed my shoes and socks.

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Wicked Trample Torture, Part I 4.5 (19)

Jessica put a spell on him . . .

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Those who say witches are ugly, green and covered in warts where sorely mistaken. I know; I’ve seen them, been around them, and have been tortured by them for a long time. It is hard to keep track of time down here, in this room. I don’t know how long I’ve been down here, weeks, maybe months; all the days seem to run together. How, may you ask, did I find myself in such a predicament? Well, my friend, I am about to tell you in the hopes that this letter, this warning finds its way into the right hands. I have written in detail every cruel and humiliating thing these people have done to me. But before I reveal all of this, I must tell you the back story, and explain how I came to be in this terrible situation.

Her name was Jessica. She stood 5 and a half feet from the ground and weighed around 130lbs. She had gorgeous jet-black hair, deep blue eyes, and a natural tan tint to her perfect skin. She was in my Psychology class at the University of Texas, and I was madly in love with her. We talked every so often, but not nearly as much as I would have liked. That’s why it came as a surprise to me when she invited me to her party.

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Security girl deals out punishment 3.4 (16)

Brutal trample of a guy wanting to steal shoes from a women’s athletic team

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Late one night Alex had finally decided to sneak into the athlete dorms in his local college. His dream was to steal a pair of cleats from the women’s soccer team. Around 11 pm after the night of one of their games he snuck in. He waited until this night in particular so the girls would be asleep. A window was unlocked on the back of the building so he quietly opened it and crawled in. Being as quiet as possible in the dark hallways, he crept by each door and tried the handle. The 5th one was unlocked. No light went under the door so he assumed whomever was in the room was asleep. What he didn’t know was that he quietly crept into the room of the female security guard for the building

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Trampled at the bank (fiction) – Part 3 4.6 (7)

final chapters of the popular bank trample series

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Part 8
Susan had an idea to really crush Janet as all the girls were starting to gather their things with anticipation. She slipped off her heels and asked Kay for hers. She laid them on the floor heels facing the ceiling and told Janet to carefully lay down on her back on top of the heels for an ultimate feeling.

Janet carefully nestled her small frame on top the heels as other girls started to walk up on the scene. ” Hop on everybody ” Susan said as the ladies began to step up and stand on Janet. The heels began to sink into Janet’s back as the ladies on top began to dig their heels into her front side. Kim thought that it was so cool to get ” heeled ” on both sides at the same time.

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The “dropped change” trick leads to hand crush 4.6 (20)

Car crush by a sexy MILF in boots

written by CrushJohny
original source of the story was Submitted by the author

Long time lurker here, but never posted before. Since as early as I can remember, I’ve always wanted crushed, pinned and/or trampled under women’s shoes, and as I became a teenager, also under their tires. I have several 100% real experiences that I will start to write up and share here on TrampleStories. This one is about 15 years ago now.  It was a true experience – at least as true as I can remember from back then.

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High heels trample by girlfriend 4.8 (14)

A first trample experience

written by Elysium
original source of the story was Submitted by the author

It all began when I met my now ex back around 2021. I met her through a mutual friend. She looks really cute and at the same time hot (exactly my type). Weighs around 54 Kgs (120 lbs) and height of around 5’5 (1.65 m). I had never gotten trampled before and I wanted to try my chances of doing so with her, but I felt reluctant to directly say so as it could be awkward.

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