Bridget, my dream girl!

An excellent author has written an erotic story that captures power play between a dominant woman and a man wanting to be her sub. He masterfully depicts erotic views of food and object crushing and trampling.

written by Steel Etto
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

Bridget was bright, and we had (mainstream) shared interests. And she was married, so in a way that made approaching her easier. She was doing very nicely, thank you, and she was never going to leave that nest. But I knew, now, how to eroticize even the business of being second best. As time went on, and as we got closer, I wrote poems and letters for her, setting out my fantasies, where she was obviously the target. Actual letters, that she could have shown people. I wanted her to use me, I made clear, and in pretty much any way she saw fit. I’d lay myself at her feet, for her pleasure. She didn’t even have to consider proper sex.

I sent her photos, too. Of me, and of people who were important to me. Then, one day, out of the blue, they were returned, by post. She’d sent them back – crumpled and dirty, with clear shoeprints and heel marks all over them, along with the general mud and shit. There was a scribbled note, along with the pictures. She said she’d dropped them by the back door, where she’d been taking the dogs in and out (yes, another doggy girl, which makes you wonder?) and she’d forgotten they were there, for a day or two. She said she was sorry, and that actually she thought it had been a combination of the mud and the bottoms of her trainers had made the worst of the mess of them. Continue reading “Bridget, my dream girl!”

Asian Interrogation

The author writes about an interrogation which included trampling and resulted in the death

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I am a customs official and was on assignment in China during the fall of last year. As you know NAFTA has created some loopholes in the system that allows China to import merchandise to Mexico and then to the US in turn. This is illegal but is very hard to stop. My job was to try to uncover the worst offenders and report my findings back to US Customs so that we can put a stop to this problem.

I was in a mid-sized city on the outside of the Hunan Province when I was kidnapped. A van pulled up and 4 masked people jumped me and threw me into the van where I was tied and blindfolded. I lay perfectly still with the hopes of not making anyone angry so that I wouldn’t be killed. It wasn’t uncommon for agents to simply disappear in China. My best guess is that we rode for about 30 minutes. I was trying to remember the curves the van took as well as the feeling of the road. I listened for children playing at school or crowds of people at the market to try to get an idea of where I might be. When the van came to a stop I listened again for any sign of activity. I could tell we were in a warehouse and I could hear manufacturing equipment being used in the background. This wasn’t a good sign because it meant that some manufacturer that I had targeted had figured out who I was and what I was doing there. Continue reading “Asian Interrogation”

Amazon stomps a Nerd

A fantasy about a cheerleader trampling a nerd into submission

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Bryce, the 18 y/o nerd, was in the gym trying to do a push-up. Hot from the exertion, he had stripped down to his exercise trunks and was lying face-down on the mat, panting, when Andrea, the blonde Amazonian cheerleader entered.

“Bryce! You nerdy boy!” she called out as she locked the door behind her. “What was up with that remark you made about cheerleaders being stupid?” she said accusingly as she strode over on long, muscular,
tanned legs. She was wearing her sexy cheerleader outfit with white knee-high medium-heeled boots, her long wavy hair flowing loosely over her shoulders and back. Continue reading “Amazon stomps a Nerd”

Latino-American girl

The author writes about a very nice trample experience with a lady who wanted to try something strange and funny

written by SubSole
original source of the story was Unknown source

As I travel a lot for my work, I always try to find a girl in the place where I have to spend a couple of days, who is slightly interested in trying out our beloved fetish, as I introduce it to them bluntly, by asking about their shoe sizes, favorite type of footwear and … if I could be their doormat for some moments…

This time I had to go to Lima, Peru, for several weeks and I responded to some classifieds of girls wanting to date guys. One of the replies was of a nice 36-year-old latina (of course) lady, 1m65, 50 kg, who was about to marry an American guy in a couple of months after my stay.

She wanted to try something strange and funny, before she committed herself, and agreed to meet when I was there. Super nervous I called here and she sounded so sweet. She had to laugh a lot, as I kept my part of the bargain by introducing myself (on the phone) as: “Here’s your doormat calling”… That night she arrived at my apartment in her knee-high brown leather boots, with 4×4 cm square heels, some 6 cm high… I was shocked by her beauty, and she made herself comfortable in one of my chairs. Continue reading “Latino-American girl”

Old Girlfriend Tramples Me at the Game

The author gets his hand trampled by his ex

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Went to a high school basketball game couple of nights ago and spotted an old girlfriend in the bleachers, so I sat next to her. It had been about 5 years or so since we’d seen each other so we had some catching up to do about our lives. We had really been into trample when we were dating.

Finally, she asked me if I were still into it, which kind of shocked me but I said: “Why? Yes, certainly when I can find someone to trample me.” I noticed that she was wearing some very nice calf high heel snow boots. She then looked down at her feet for a second and then remarked: “I believe that you can get your hands and fingers under my boots if you go behind the bleachers and stick them through and I’ll be glad to stand on them for a while during the game.” I said: “That would be great.” Continue reading “Old Girlfriend Tramples Me at the Game”

Fingers crushed at a New Year’s Party

The author writes about an unknown finger trampling experience at a party

written by creepycrawley
original source of the story was Unknown source

One time I was at a New Year’s party at a friends house. Everyone was drinking and helping themselves to the buffet. It was dark and candles had been lit for the atmosphere. Seating was hard to come by as it was crowded, so I went over to the sofa which was occupied and sat on the floor with my back against the arm.

I chose this location cos the girl that sat at that end of the sofa was gorgeous. I particularly remember she was wearing a pair of blue jeans that fit her so damned well. The curves … Damn, I am drooling. And under those jeans, she wore black boots with a block heel. No one seemed to mind that I was being a gentleman by sitting on the floor and I was able to slide my hand right up next to her boots. God, the adrenalin rush as my searching fingers touched the hard surface of her boot heel. I was in the danger zone. Continue reading “Fingers crushed at a New Year’s Party”

Finger crush in a gift card shop

The author describes his unknown finger crush experiences in a local gift shop

written by CEF1964
original source of the story was Unknown source

I love the approach of Valentine’s day!

Women go to such great lengths to pick the perfect card that they get so wrapped up in looking at Valentine’s cards that some are oblivious to what they are doing with their feet.

I almost lost a finger today at the local card shop. Continue reading “Finger crush in a gift card shop”

The worst high heel trampling

The author remembers sweet suffering under his girlfriend’s boots, which helped her relax after a bad day in the office

written by Bootlover
original source of the story was Unknown source

It was the end of a hot day in Summer. I went back home after a day of work and was wondering if my girlfriend would be ok to give me a trample session. We started doing some sessions not long ago and I was not yet really comfortable to ask her about it, but I know she had fun when doing it and she liked having me at her feet. I was surprised when entering the flat as she was not there yet. She usually comes back at least one hour before me. I changed clothes then eased myself and started watching a game on TV. Not long after, I heard the keys in the door and she entered. Dressed to kill with a white blouse, black skirt and opened toed block-heeled sandals. Her blond hair was falling in a mess on her shoulders. I quickly noticed that something was wrong, as her angel face had an annoyed air. I got up and went to her for a quick kiss then asked “Hard day honey ?”. “…the least we can say” she replied throwing away her bag then sitting on the couch to try to relax. Continue reading “The worst high heel trampling”


An erotic story about servitude of one slave to his mistress

written by L. S.
original source of the story was Unknown source

Amina, half Greek, half Spanish, had an astonishing pair of large, dark eyes, and the blackest hair that John had ever seen. She was very tall – even though she was seated, it was obvious – and from his vantage point at a nearby table in the bar, he could see her long, muscular legs. They were, perhaps, the most beautiful legs he had ever seen in his life. They were fully exposed beneath the hem of her short, black skirt, and accentuated by being encased in sheer black nylon. She was wearing high-heeled lace-up shoes, elegant and expensive-looking, and these, by raising her heels three inches from the ground, highlighted the firm muscles in her calves and thighs. In retrospect, John felt that it was probably her shoes, more than any other factor, which caused him to do what he did next.

Most probably those elegant shoes. Nonetheless, it was debatable. Maybe it was those deep, Mediterranean eyes – in which a man could sweetly drown. Maybe the outline of her firm breasts under her tight cotton tee-shirt. Maybe it was the way the light was reflected along the edge of her nyloned stockinged thigh. Or maybe it was just because, after three beers, he was slightly drunk, hence not quite so shy and inhibited as usual. Whatever the reason, John Preston rose from his seat, walked over to the beautiful woman whom he had never seen before in his life, knelt before her, and kissed her feet. Continue reading “Amina”

Library Crush

A guy writes about a girl he met in a library

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

So there I was in the library looking for a book on how to use Lotus Smart Suite. As I was looking I could hear a heavy clomping sound echoing throughout the room. I listened and tried to figure out what it was and where it was coming from. I wished it was a gorgeous woman clomping around, but I figured my luck wouldn’t be that good and returned back to my quest.

The clomping continued and curiosity got the best of me. I went out amongst the rack of books looking for the source of the sound. I passed by one row and found it: a gorgeous redheaded girl about 18 strolling up and down the aisle looking for a particular book and wearing a gorgeous pair of 6-inch chunky platform heels! Perfect crushers.

I gazed down at the shoes and remembered all the stories I had heard about guys slipping their fingers under women’s heels and getting them crushed by “accident”. I had tried to do this a couple of times before, but never with any luck. I watched this girl gaze through the rows of books and noticed she was slowly pacing up and down the aisle, stopping and rocking a heel back. And these were platforms, so I imagine she wouldn’t feel it if she stepped on something and crushed it. Continue reading “Library Crush”