Face crush under the table 4.5 (77)

Curiosity about a mannequin head leads to trouble for a young boy

written by Andreas
original source of the story was Submitted by the author

This incident happened when I was 9 years old. This is an absolutely true story, because of which I developed an addiction to women’s legs and shoes. I changed the names for reasons of anonymity.

So, my aunt and I came to the country house to visit her two friends, Jessica and Margot. Several hours went on preparing for dinner and other preparations. And so, by 10 pm, the table was covered with a tablecloth and various dishes. While we were having dinner, I had to listen to the conversations of adults.

During the conversation, Margot said: “Oh, I hit something with my foot there,” and lifted the tablecloth to look at it. Following her, everyone, including me, decided to look under the table. We saw a mannequin head on the ground. “Oh my God,” said Margot. “Don’t be scared, this head is from a recycled mannequin. This head has been lying around for a long time, and I forget to throw it away”, said Jessica. “You can use this head as a footstool if you want,” Jessica joked and we all laughed. Margo lightly pressed this head with her foot and said, “Oh, this head is so soft, just like a real one.”

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Dominant trample 4.3 (23)

Curvy young girl steps on a guys face while having sex with her husband

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I met Melanie online and chatted with her over the course of several weeks. With the cloak of internet anonymity I was able to be very honest about my trample fetish. She said she had many fetishes but one in particular she didn’t want to talk about just yet. She did ask about me and what I would be willing to do. Could she step on me ? Say mean things to me ? Was I into role play ? She seemed particularly interested if I would agree to clean her shoes, which I happily said “yes” to.

We seemed like a good match so the decision was made to meet in person.  Melanie lived about a half hour away from me by train in a slightly more posh London neighborhood.   All in all I was curious about her questions and was looking forward to getting together.

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My wife nearly crushed my skull! 4.2 (15)

A man’s face endures serious punishment under his wife’s bare feet

written by hoofprint
original source of the story was Unknown source

This past Sunday night, my wonderful wife indulged me in my weekly barefoot face trample. As usual, she tied me up very thoroughly. This is at my request by the way. This is something that has been going on for quite some time between myself and her. But anyhow, she used to be very gentle when I could coax and bug her enough to do it. That ain’t the case anymore!

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Bus Ride Footrest 4.4 (14)

a man’s face ends up as an unknowing footrest for the filthy boots of a beautiful young woman

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

This is a true story, and my greatest experience of this type ever. I was on a Greyhound bus from Boston to New York one Thursday night in February 1996. It was night time, rainy and the scattered people on the bus were reading or taking naps.

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