Ladies Night Out

A brutal fantasy about trampling by multiple women willing to inflict pain and damage.

written by The Penguin
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

Chapter 1

Joe sighed as he thought about the bar where he took a job last month. It was Friday morning and he knew that he would be so busy, too busy to take a break and his boss was a bitch as well. She seemed to dislike him personally.

He always got the worst jobs like cleaning up the restrooms after someone “yacked on the phone or pissed everywhere”. It was a funny thing but the women’s washroom was always dirtier than the men’s. Jana always found something nasty for Joe to do but “what choice do I have?” thought Joe.

I want to go back to school to get my degree so I can get a better job, but this job will have to do for now as I have to pay my own way; dam my sister for using up all the college money. There’s none left for me.

Anyway, I enjoy looking at Jana; she had the biggest boobs and they were perky too, just like a 20 yr old, nice long legs too! And for some reason, Jana always wore high heels even though she was tall. About 6′ without the heels Joe estimated so he always had to look up at her when she ordered him about the bar. For some reason, this always turned him on. Continue reading “Ladies Night Out”


An erotic story about servitude of one slave to his mistress

written by L. S.
original source of the story was Unknown source

Amina, half Greek, half Spanish, had an astonishing pair of large, dark eyes, and the blackest hair that John had ever seen. She was very tall – even though she was seated, it was obvious – and from his vantage point at a nearby table in the bar, he could see her long, muscular legs. They were, perhaps, the most beautiful legs he had ever seen in his life. They were fully exposed beneath the hem of her short, black skirt, and accentuated by being encased in sheer black nylon. She was wearing high-heeled lace-up shoes, elegant and expensive-looking, and these, by raising her heels three inches from the ground, highlighted the firm muscles in her calves and thighs. In retrospect, John felt that it was probably her shoes, more than any other factor, which caused him to do what he did next.

Most probably those elegant shoes. Nonetheless, it was debatable. Maybe it was those deep, Mediterranean eyes – in which a man could sweetly drown. Maybe the outline of her firm breasts under her tight cotton tee-shirt. Maybe it was the way the light was reflected along the edge of her nyloned stockinged thigh. Or maybe it was just because, after three beers, he was slightly drunk, hence not quite so shy and inhibited as usual. Whatever the reason, John Preston rose from his seat, walked over to the beautiful woman whom he had never seen before in his life, knelt before her, and kissed her feet. Continue reading “Amina”

The Worst Date

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

If you’re just an ordinary single guy going to a friend’s party on the weekend, the temptation to meet a female there may arise. Or maybe it won’t. It probably did for Jason Grant, too, when he went to Barry Ryder’s party on Friday night.

Oh, sorry, I’m rambling. Let’s take it slower. Jason Grant was a 25-year old single guy with a great life, something that’s rare for a single guy. He’s been divorced for 5 years, and he has no kids. His friend, Barry, threw a big party at his house on Friday and invited a bunch of his closest friends… not to mention many beautiful women!

The date was Friday, March 26, 1999. It was 7:10 p.m. and Jason was heading to his friend Barry’s house for the gathering. He pulled his beige BMW into the driveway, amongst the dozens of other cars in front of Barry’s house.

In the house, Barry and his friends were chatting, laughing, dancing to loud music, drinking, and playing games. The doorbell rang and Barry opened it to see one of his best buddies, Jason. Continue reading “The Worst Date”