The Girlfriend

The author writes how he introduced trampling to his previously unaware girlfriend.

written by Tramplemefull
original source of the story was Submitted by the author

This is a true story about my girlfriend and me.

About her

Her name is N. A little description of her; she has huge, strong legs, like 10cm shorter than me. She weighs 79kg. She is pretty with black hair, light brown eyes, and a beautiful body more like a BBW but she doesn’t have too much fat, she is more like chubby. Her feet are size 9 and they are very very soft with no wrinkles. Her skin is so soft and smooth everywhere and smells like light sweet milk. Her boobs are even softer.

How we met

I met her in the elevator of our condo a couple of times and soon we became friends and exchange numbers. She always wears long trousers, blouse and sneakers, not totally my type of girl so I did not really notice her beauty and even when she was texting me, I was like taking all the time in the world to answer.

Then, one day I was already in the lift and then she came in, wearing shorts and a normal T-shirt, not too tight and not too large, like just right. The elevator was full of people and when the door opened for her to come in, she immediately looked down, entered, and turned around. I was just behind her, but she did not notice when she turned around. This day she was wearing flip flops and when I looked down, I saw her strong legs and calves. Damn, they were huge. I saw her feet, so white and they appeared to be really soft. Her toes were without nail polish, but they appeared to be shiny and well pedicured. I was in total shock. Continue reading “The Girlfriend”

The love for feet

This is a longer multi-part story about mother/daughter trampling and dancing on a male friend.

written by footmat2
original source of the story was Submitted by the author

Part 1

I got very inspired when I discover some nice stories about trampling here. Those stories I could relate to some of my own experience, one especially is an older woman, around 62 years old at the time and was still good looking for her age. A very active woman, sporty and healthy. She lived alone and her name is Lena. She weighted about 140Ib (70 kg), tall body and not at all fat, with brown shoulder-length hair. Lena`s feet were broad foot soles, meaty and strong with well-shaped toes.

Why Lena inspired me is her difference in attitude. She was nice and friendly and had an odd sense about men, not that she hated men or thought of herself being superior in any way. We became friends because I once helped her when she came home from the hospital, after an accident with her left arm. We lived in the same neighborhood and I used to shop for her as to unload her tasks. Lena was very happy about that and often invited me for coffee.

I was amazed how strong she was and she talked often about her training and workouts. I discovered her feet which were very beautiful and she seemed to sweat a lot, accordingly when I from time to time either take off my shoes or put them on I always needed to bow down to get a good glimpse of inside her shoes. Her shoes were well-worn and at times I could almost feel the warm scent from some of her shoes. Lena had all kind of shoes at the door entrance. I began to dream about her feet and imagine her trampling me. Continue reading “The love for feet”

Chicago Training

The author wrote about the time he spent worshipping a waitresses feet

written by smotheredboy
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

I recently started a new job and I have to take some training classes. The classes are two days long, held two weeks apart and in a different midwestern city each time. This past week we were in Chicago and I had an incredible experience.

I arrived on Sunday afternoon and checked in to the hotel. There were over 20 restaurants in the area, but being tired from traveling, I decided to walk across the parking lot and eat a light meal at a Denny’s.

There was almost no one in the Denny’s – just me and an elderly couple, and there were at least 6 waitresses. My waitress took my order and I flirted a little with her. Much to my surprise, she flirted back. As I finished my meal, I took a chance and decided to ask her a question.

“So why is Denny’s waitress wearing high heeled shoes?” I asked.

“Oh, these?” She looked embarrassed. “I had to go to a birthday party for my grandmother today and I forgot to bring my tennis shoes to change into, so I am stuck working my shift in these things.” She picked up her left foot and rolled it at the ankle several times. She had great feet – maybe size 6. I could tell they had recently been pedicured, and her toenail polish was light pink. I felt a stir in my pants. Continue reading “Chicago Training”

Total Surprise

The author writes about an unexpected experience with a female acquaintance at a random foot party

written by LookingUp
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

I’m going through a bit of a tough time with my wife right now and we’ve been separated for about a month.

I started going to this sports bar in town to watch the world series and have befriended a couple of waitresses and bartenders. This one bartender Tracey (not her real name) caught my eye. A Sandra Bullock (sp) look alike and a way about her that was so natural kept me seeking her out when I came in. She was quick to learn my name and greeted me with a glad to see ya smile as she sang a “hi ya doing Bri?” as I find a place to sit. On slow nights we would talk about what we liked to do, food, wine (we both love it) and we got to know a little about our private lives. Continue reading “Total Surprise”

First real foot fetish experience

The author writes about his first foot experience

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I finally grew the balls to contact a foot goddess to satisfy my foot fetish cravings and let me tell you it was well worth it. When I first met the goddess I was very impressed. She was about 5’3 and I later found out she weighed a little over 100 lbs. She was in her low 20s and had the sweetest sexiest body you could ever imagine.

When we first met I was immediately taken upstairs to her room. She was wearing open toed shoes and I was watching her feet as I followed behind her. When we got to her room I took off my shirt and lied on her bed. Continue reading “First real foot fetish experience”


An erotic story about servitude of one slave to his mistress

written by L. S.
original source of the story was Unknown source

Amina, half Greek, half Spanish, had an astonishing pair of large, dark eyes, and the blackest hair that John had ever seen. She was very tall – even though she was seated, it was obvious – and from his vantage point at a nearby table in the bar, he could see her long, muscular legs. They were, perhaps, the most beautiful legs he had ever seen in his life. They were fully exposed beneath the hem of her short, black skirt, and accentuated by being encased in sheer black nylon. She was wearing high-heeled lace-up shoes, elegant and expensive-looking, and these, by raising her heels three inches from the ground, highlighted the firm muscles in her calves and thighs. In retrospect, John felt that it was probably her shoes, more than any other factor, which caused him to do what he did next.

Most probably those elegant shoes. Nonetheless, it was debatable. Maybe it was those deep, Mediterranean eyes – in which a man could sweetly drown. Maybe the outline of her firm breasts under her tight cotton tee-shirt. Maybe it was the way the light was reflected along the edge of her nyloned stockinged thigh. Or maybe it was just because, after three beers, he was slightly drunk, hence not quite so shy and inhibited as usual. Whatever the reason, John Preston rose from his seat, walked over to the beautiful woman whom he had never seen before in his life, knelt before her, and kissed her feet. Continue reading “Amina”

Humiliated by the Landlady

A young man tells a story how he worshiped the feet of his landlady

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

A few years back I was looking for a place to live. I read the newspapers and called a couple of places. I spoke with a woman at one place who had a room for rent in her new townhouse. Since the rent was in my price range, I arranged a meeting with her.

When I arrived she gave me the cooks tour, showing me all of the facilities and the room that was available. I was 23 and she was a semi-attractive 33. She was tall, dark-haired, and sort of redneckish and simple.

I told her I would take the place and asked when could move in. I moved in the following week. After a few weeks, we got to get to know each other and started getting along fairly well. We would watch TV in the living room in the evenings and I would do my share of things around the house. Continue reading “Humiliated by the Landlady”

A Brother’s Servitude Chapter 2

written by Horsefly
original source of the story was Unknown source

Chapter 2

Tommy awoke on the floor of his sister’s room. At first, he was bewildered, wondering what the hell he was doing there. He became conscious of a dull pain in his balls and realized that his legs were tied together at the ankles, and his hands here bound behind his back. A dirty sock was stuffed in his mouth. Suddenly, all of the previous night’s humiliation came flooding back to him. He thought of spitting the sock out of his mouth and trying to crawl out of the room but thought better of it. If his sister beat the crap out of him when he was able-bodied, he didn’t even want to imagine what she’d do to him with his legs and hands bound. He turned his head and saw Samantha sleeping peacefully in her bed, her foot dangling over the side. He noticed that Jenny wasn’t in the room. Thank god, he thought. Continue reading “A Brother’s Servitude Chapter 2”

A Brother’s Servitude

written by Horsefly
original source of the story was Unknown source

Chapter 1

“Bye now, dear!” Claudia said to her daughter, weeping. Samantha gave her a big hug, tears streaming down her cheeks. Claudia looked down at her daughter one last time, and unable to bear the sight of her sad face, left without saying another word. Samantha’s dad, however, wasn’t quite as emotional as his wife: “Now Samantha, you KNOW that mommy and I love you very very .much.” Samantha stopped crying and nodded silently. He smiled and lifted her chin. “Come on, sweetie! Can’t you give daddy a little smile?” Samantha looked at him and managed a small, feeble smile. “Don’t worry, honey… I and mommy will be back soon. We just need some time alone. The week will go by like that!”

With that, he snapped his fingers. As sad as she felt, Samantha couldn’t suppress a giggle. “I love you, daddy.” Her dad gave her a hug and said: “Now you be a good girl, okay? You can invite some friends to sleep over you want, but be nice. Nana’s phone number is posted on the fridge, and I want you to listen to your brother, okay? He’s older, so he’s in charge.”

With that, her dad gave her a big kiss on the cheek and started out the door. Before closing it, he turned to his daughter and said half-jokingly, “I don’t want to hear any horror stories from Tommy, okay? BE NICE.” Continue reading “A Brother’s Servitude”