Resusi-Annie Trample 4.8 (20)

man replaces a CPR dummy and gets used as a footrest for a woman wearing high heels

written by Mat11
original source of the story was Unknown source

I had an interesting day at work today. I had to re-route some wiring for
several cubes. Well, I saved Sharon’s cube for last. She is about 5’5, 125 lbs (1.65 m, 57 kg), very leggy and attractive. She usually dresses in nice office attire: knee length skirts, blouse, blazer, and of course pumps. Well, in order to work on her wiring problem, I had to get into the cube directly in front of hers. This cube was used as a storage unit, and nobody goes in there but me.

As I entered the cube I could see Sharon’s feet from her cube coming under the wall. The wall is actually about 2 feet up from the floor, so she could easily stretch her legs through the opening. I looked up at the ceiling and mouthed the words “thank you”.

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Treats me like her worst enemy ! 4.9 (15)

man gets abused under his new trample friend

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

My new trample friend really did a number on me last night !  She is much more into it than anybody I’ve ever met. She called me around 7 and asked if I’d like to come over as she had some furniture to move.

I got there and she had a bookshelf that she wanted to move into another room.It was filled with books so we began to remove them. she started at the top and asked me to remove the ones from the bottom shelves as I squatted down I braced myself with my left hand and began to remove books with my right. It wasn’t 10 seconds before I felt her foot come down on the back of my hand and my fingers at first lightly and then with all of her weight.

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Miss Porter 4.6 (19)

Student is forced to sit at the feet of his teacher during a class movie. She proceeds to use him as a footrest for her boots.

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

We were watching a Shakespeare video for a double English class. My English teacher was a knockout – all the guys had the hots for her. She wore very tight jeans. Had a killer bod, only about 5’3″. And she ALWAYS wore high heels of some kind. Miss Porter had pulled all the curtains and turned off the lights and the video was about to start. Everyone was talking – except me. She sat on the table out the front of the class and said “Everyone be quiet! The next person who speaks will have to watch the video sitting on the floor at my feet!”

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Buddy’s Sister Walks on Me 4.6 (17)

a friend’s sister uses him as a footrest and tramples him while wearing heels

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Several years ago when I was about 11 or 12 years old I had this hidden fetish for ladies feet and ladies shoes and especially high heels. Most ladies feet smell so good for some reason! Anyway I was at a buddy’s house on a Saturday afternoon while the weather was too bad to be outside and we were lying on the living room floor watching TV. His older sister was sitting on the couch dressed in blue jeans and Nikes with her feet stretched out on the floor.

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Bus Ride Footrest 4.4 (11)

a man’s face ends up as an unknowing footrest for the filthy boots of a beautiful young woman

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

This is a true story, and my greatest experience of this type ever. I was on a Greyhound bus from Boston to New York one Thursday night in February 1996. It was night time, rainy and the scattered people on the bus were reading or taking naps.

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