Two Girls Trample

The author remembers his first double trample

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was FootTales

This morning I watched bounce on chuck head and it reminded me of the first time I had two women at the same time trampling me with reckless abandon. It was about 12 years ago and I met them in a club.

I have become adept at picking the right type of women who might be talked into dancing on my body. I look for women wearing the highest heels available and for women wearing shorter skirts to show off their legs also women who wear patterned nylons or ankle bracelets. Next, if they spend a lot of time rocking on their heels or putting all of their weight on their heels they pique my interest. Sometimes they even deliberately step on things on the floor such as napkins or pieces of ice or anything else that crosses their path. Continue reading “Two Girls Trample”

Supermarket Crush

The author writes a fantasy about an unknown trampling in the false floor.

written by Matt
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

Publisher note: original publishing date Thursday, 06-Nov-97

I am the manager of a small but busy supermarket near an all-girls boarding school. All day I see them come in, wearing cut-offs or shorts usually. This is hot enough for me, but on Sundays, they like to dress for church or dinner or whatever and they wear skirts (short skirts) and heels. Since I got there, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get them to crush me without their knowing it. After all, I am a businessman and it wouldn’t be great for business if my customers thought I was a pervert. Finally, I came up with a plan.

I usually schedule two cashiers on Sunday, since I have to pay them overtime. I told the girls that I would have to finish some work in the aisles and that they would be covered over with a rug for the entire day. I also told them that I would be working throughout the night and I wouldn’t be in on Sunday, so they would have to open and close the store. I had been working on a hole in one aisle for weeks and covering it up with a rug so they would not think anything unusual. The ground was also unsteady so the fact of my would-be tormentors walking over an uneven surface would be thought of as normal.

On Saturday night, we closed the store and I got to work. I carefully dug the fake hole, covered it up again and laid down the rug. Then I switched the magazine racks so the most recent issues of magazines would be in the aisle I would be laying in. I made sure that I would fit snugly in the hole and that the rug would not ride up when someone not picking up their feet might kick the rug. As a bonus for me, I scraped the underside of the rug so that I could look up but no one could see in because of the overhead lighting. I laid in the hole, secured the rug and waited. Continue reading “Supermarket Crush”

A Childhood Thanksgiving

The writer remembers an unknown hand crush when he was young

written by Mat11
original source of the story was Unknown source

When I was 6 years old, I remember fondly Thanksgiving at my Aunt Sarah’s. I loved my Aunt Sarah and I used to eat with her on Thanksgiving while my parents were working (they both worked at the hospital). I remember after dinner when all the men were watching football, the ladies sat around the table and chatted.

Although I was attracted to the female foot, obviously I didn’t know why. In any event, I found myself with a small paper plate of thinly sliced turkey, playing beneath the table. The table sat eight ladies and was covered by a large tablecloth. I started eating and playing with my hot wheels amongst the high-heeled feet. Continue reading “A Childhood Thanksgiving”

Flight Attendant Crush

A guy remembers being trampled by flight attendants on an overnight flight

written by Crushed Flat
original source of the story was Unknown source

The seven-hour flight to Chicago was going to be incredibly boring, no prospect of fun and games trying to contrive situations where I would get one of the female passengers to step on me, since there weren’t any females, in fact only about 20 people boarded the flight from Brussels and mostly they seemed to be businessmen. It’s unusual to achieve trample success anyway, but the effort alone normally keeps me amused for the duration of the flight. I was really geared up for it this time, I’d been drinking at the airport bar since 11.30am, almost two hours, and when I am slightly under the influence my desire to be stepped on is insatiable.

Ten minutes later we were settled in our seats, it turned out a few more passengers turned up and I estimated maybe three dozen in total, but unbelievably no females. When I boarded the aircraft I was greeted as usual by the smiling flight assistants, and I must say all three were very attractive and smartly dressed, and I couldn’t fail to notice the dark blue shoes they were wearing, not very high heels, but very sharp. I always find this a source of frustration, it is virtually impossible to set up any kind of trample with the flight assistants, they bring you a few drinks and your meal, and then disappear into their own quarters, sometimes I stick my foot out a little bit, into the gangway, in the hope it will be stepped on as they walk by, but normally they spot it and just step over it. As I sat there I resigned myself to “flight attendant foot trample” being my only possibility, but at least it’s worth a try. Continue reading “Flight Attendant Crush”

Limp Bizkit Concert

A guy describes his hand trampling experience at a concert

written by TDense
original source of the story was Unknown source

Hello all. I had the pleasure of getting my hand flattened at a Kid Rock/Limp Bizkit concert this past weekend. Let me tell you about it.

I was not on the floor; I was sitting in a seat in front of a woman in her early 30’s. She was wearing the tightest little black mini-skirt, stockings, and low heel shoes. I waited until the main act to make my move. As you know, everyone stands when Limp Bizkit plays. Everyone that is except for me! Continue reading “Limp Bizkit Concert”

Trample Rep

written by Simon UK
original source of the story was Unknown source

Danny always looked forward to the visit of this particular sales rep. His shyness and her confidence had meant that most businesses had gone her way, which meant more visits. He was attracted by her dominating appearance, but mostly by her feet. Danny had a hard job keeping his eyes off them.

He had always liked feet since he was young. He used to religiously watch dancers and circus performers on the tv. He was especially turned on when the women stood on the men’s shoulders and backs. In one high wire act, a man lay on the wire and a female performer walked onto his chest and pose there, he almost creamed himself there and then. He loved it but he couldn’t understand why and so withdrew into a world where he felt so alone. Continue reading “Trample Rep”