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I lay there with Katy standing on my chest. It was autumn so she had on some fur-lined wedge-heeled boots, with her jeans tucked in with a hoodie. She had no idea I was there. She was talking on her phone and shuffling around. I was enjoying the view of her ass when her boot sole crashed down on my face as she walked around talking. The lug sole crushed down diagonally across my cheek and nose as she strode toward the railing, completely deforming my face as she walked right across it. It was just a part of the ground after all.

Katy lived next door and two-months ago I finished building her a backyard. We have been neighbors for some time and quite friendly, but she had no idea of my fetish. She was about 24 to my 35 and was a gorgeous blonde, stood about 5’4” and weighed about 130lbs. Part of the backyard included a back stoop that was basically a compacted dirt area with high sides which was covered by artificial grass. I had carefully created a void I could fit in, that was filled with a blank in my shape when I wasn’t in it. I had built it with great plans to use every day. It turned out harder to get in there and actually get stepped on than I imagined. There were so many times I just lay there and she never came out in the backyard, or times I wanted to but someone was around and would catch me.

This was one of the lucky times, she walked past my face again and tread down my chest then onto my crotch and finally back to the ground. She leaned against the railing as she was talking. I was once again lost in admiration when she suddenly turned and asked loudly “Who’s there?”. I froze, thinking she had found me somehow, but she crossed into the backyard missing me completely. Then I heard her scream, like a real horror movie scream. Before I was even aware of anything I jumped up out of the hole, still thinking it was me that had caused the reaction. I quickly realized that wasn’t it when she came running in my direction with some guy in pursuit. I immediately shouted, and not being a small guy, the guy in chase stopped and did a 180 out of the yard.

There I stood in the canvas suit I had made for this purpose in order to keep warm, with the artificial turf thrown to the side. She came running in my direction and hugged me tightly, “Thank you, Mark! You saved my life! That was my ex-boyfriend who I have a restraining order against!” I stood there comforting her not sure of what to do or say, hoping she was too distracted to see the hollow spot or artificial turf that is thrown aside. That thought was quickly cast aside as she then said “Oh my God! What happened here!?” and let go of me to examine the grass and hole. She looked back at my canvas suit and back at the hole. “What exactly were you doing here?” She said as she looked at the holes I had cut in the grass for my cock as well as holes for my eyes and mouth.

I didn’t know what to say and just stood there stuttering and apologizing. She just stared at me as she contemplated her next move. “Get in the hole, Mark” she suddenly blurted. I just stared at her. She came toward me and half threw, half shoved me toward the hole. I kept apologizing profusely about how sorry I was, how I had crossed a line, that I would sell my house and move if she promised not to call the cops. She just kept staring at me as I had one foot in the hole. Once I shut up for a second she just replies “Right now I just want you to get in the hole.” I got in the hole not knowing what was coming next. She flung the turf out like a blanket and covered me up, adjusting it so it was in place. Once satisfied she stood straddling my hip area. “You should probably take him out,” she said as she lifted her boot and stepped down on my crotch.

I started apologizing again, not sure of what was going on. She stepped forward to my chest and squatted down so her face was inches from mine as she stood on my chest. “Mark you saved my life tonight. I’ve known you were a bit of a foot freak for some time due to you always checking out my feet.” I started apologizing again and she scooted her boot forward till it was covering my mouth and she put more and more weight on it until I quit trying to talk. “That’s better.” She continued without moving, still staring into my eyes. “Now as I was saying. You saved my life and I owe you that for it. I had an ex-boyfriend who had a foot fetish and was into some minor trampling. I had no idea you were into that as well. Now I want you to explain yourself.” She removed her boot from my mouth and I spilled the beans about the hole, my intentions, and everything. All while she squatted down on my chest In her boots, inches from my face. I told her about my foot fetish, about how I’ve always dreamt of being used as a carpet or piece of the floor, about being disregarded as if I were the ground.

She stood up and turned around then took a small step forward sinking slightly into my stomach. “I don’t know why I never noticed the ground out here was a little soft in spots. I guess you do make a good floor.” She said with a smile on her face as she glanced over her shoulder. “Are you going to take that out?” she indicated what that was with a prod of her boot. By this time I was completely erect. I squirmed around a bit and managed to get him out the hole, which I had never actually used before. It sat there throbbing as she looked at it. She lightly pressed on it with her sole and rubbed it up and down as she looked at my reaction, which of course was ecstasy. She turned back around and stepped full weight onto him while pulling out her cell phone. She started pacing back and forth up and down my body, carefully crushing whatever came under her soles. She seemed to delight in crushing my cock as she always gave it a little twist as she trod over it. At one point I realized she was calling 911 to report her ex. I started to panic a little thinking about what if the cops found me out or something. The operator must of asked her for some information because she stopped while standing right on my face. Her wedge heels digging into my lips while her soles completely smashed the rest of my face and nose.

She finally hung up after a couple of minutes and turned around to find a large puddle of pre-cum oozing from my dick. She was standing with her heels digging into my chin and her soles crushing down on my throat and collar bones. “You REALLY like this stuff huh?” She stepped forward and began stroking and crushing my cock in those wedge-heeled, fur-lined boots. It wasn’t long before I blew a load all over the place, I must have been in orgasm for a couple of minutes. Once I finished she told me I should get up and get home before the cops get here. I tried apologizing again as I fixed the whole with the blank, but she wouldn’t hear of it. “We’ll talk later,” is all she kept saying.

I went home and drank a couple of shots to steady myself from what had just transpired. It was starting to get late and I was thinking of going to bed when I get a text from her. This is about two hours after the incident, so I’m expecting the worse as she regrets what was done. That wasn’t the case. She thanked me again for scaring off her ex, told me to not worry about anything that my secret is safe with her. She also asked me if I wanted to do something like that again. I texted back another apology of course but had enough nerve with the shots to add that, yes, I had the best time of my life and would love to be her floor as much as possible. She replied quickly saying she was excited about the idea, she mentioned she was having a bridal shower for a friend of hers in a couple of weeks and they planned to have it in her backyard…….she ended with “I would say you’re invited, but how does one invite the floor

I woke up the next morning to a knock on my door. I went to see who it was and of course, it was Katy. I figured she had come to her senses about last night and came by to chastise me and change her mind. I let her in with my head hanging low an apology hanging from my lips.

“Hey, Mark…How’s it going?” She asked with a bright smile.

I couldn’t resist smiling back at her blonde hair was tucked into a baseball cap. She was wearing a sweatshirt and some jeans tucked into a pair of Ugg boots. I kind of stammered a reply, not sure of what to say.

“I know last night was kind of intense and a lot of things were said and shared between us. I can’t express how grateful I am to you for literally saving my life. I could get pissed at your surreptitious behavior in getting me to step on you, but that is a small transgression in relation to how much you helped. I owe you a tremendous debt and I plan on trying to pay that debt. Normally it would be odd for me to say I’m going to repay the debt by walking all over you, but in this case, I think it fits.”

She walked up and gently pushed on my chest while her leg was behind my legs, I slowly bent backward until I fell flat on my back. She placed her booted foot on my chest and stepped up with her other one. She squatted down like she had the night before until she was inches from my face.

“I did some research last night on this fetish of yours. I have some computer skills and was able to discern your username on some forums by elimination as well as get a good look at your hard drive. This reminds me you should improve your computer security. I think I can give you what you want. I would ask permission, but I don’t think I need to, do I?”
As she finished asking the question she scooted her boot forward so that it was smashing my nose and mouth only leaving my eyes exposed.

“I didn’t think so. We are going to have so much fun together. I always got a thrill when I got to step on my other ex, but he was such a baby. I can see what you already take, I can’t wait to increase your tolerance even further! I can’t believe I get my very own human rug!”

She slowly stood up while still crushing down on most of my face. She turned and walked down my body, giving an extra twist as she stepped on my crotch. She walked to the door and opened it before turning around, looking down at me, and saying, “We will be seeing each other before the party. I need to make sure you are tough enough to have multiple women walking all over you. I also want to move your platform from the back door to the middle of the backyard. I want you to make it bigger so that I can arrange furniture and stuff on it while you are there.”

She closed the door and I just lay there…not sure what to think, but knowing I had just found heaven.

It was coming up on 2 weeks since my first encounter with Katy. She had been coming over every other day or so, not saying much, just ordering me to lie down while she tramples me. It is amazing how quickly the body can toughen up. My skin had turned to leather under her soles. She trampled me in an endless array of shoes, tennies, boots, socks, bare feet, nylons, heels, flats, wedges. All in an effort to make me ready for the bridal shower that was tonight.

We had successfully moved the platform to the middle of the backyard, and at her suggestion enlarged it. She wanted it to be a patio as well as an outdoor dance floor. She had thoroughly won me over in those two weeks. She was so nice and pleasant to be around when I was vertical, thoughtful, intelligent, considerate, compassionate; the ideal woman. When I was under her though…..nothing, like I wasn’t even there. She had stopped paying attention to whether she was stepping on my face or my arm, completely comfortable with the fact that I was her rug, the ground she walked on.

It’s all ready and it is about 4 so she ushers me to the hole. I crawl in and situate myself. She had the brilliant idea of camouflage so that my body completely blended in with the ground. We used a combination of techniques to make me all but invisible. I painted my body the same shade as the ground, added some texture with latex and we placed these lights around the patio so that anyone looking down would just see the light, at least in the dark. During the day the area where I would lay was covered by a table and chairs. It was a medium-sized table so my head was right where the feet of whoever sat at the head of the table would rest, my crotch at the other end. There was a very large table cloth that hung down quite a bit from the edges, making me invisible.

Not long after climbing in, I hear in the distance the doorbell. It was about 5 minutes later when I hear 3 ladies, including Katy, coming towards me. I hear Katy as she says.

“ As the bride to be Heather you get to sit at the head of the table”

“Aww Thanks,” says who I surmise to be Heather.

I tried to see what was coming, but my visibility was limited as well. I heard the chair right above my head get pulled back. I can hear the shuffling of feet as she steps forward to sit down. The toes of what I later found out to be were her riding style boots just grazed my forehead as she bent to pull the chair under her. She grabbed the chair and her next small step forward covered half my face as she scooted the chair in. Her flat-soled boots crushed my face as she continued to scoot forward. Her other foot joined its twin in flattening my face under her boot soles. She took another 2 small scooting steps forward, further deforming my flattened face, before settling in her chair. She crossed her legs but didn’t lift her foot that stayed on the ground. She sort of scooted/twisted it till her leg was under the other one. That resulted in her heel crushing down on my eye while her sole was crushing my nose sideways. The sudden addition of her other leg’s weight did not help.

Just as I was getting over the bride completely treading on my face without knowing I felt a flat-soled shoe come down on my junk as another member of the party sat down. I hadn’t become fully erect quite yet, but that quickly changed as he was crushed under some sort of flat-soled shoe that had some sort of tread embossed on it. After a second or two I recognized Katie’s flats, with a slightly ribbed sole. I noticed because she slowly started playing with him while she and the bride talked. The bride was excited about the party so was constantly fidgeting, tapping her foot, etc. She even stomped down a couple of times during the exciting conversation, luckily they weren’t direct hits. Just as the bride situated herself with her boot sole completely centered on my face crushing it flat under her relentlessly flat soles, Katy intensified her “footsie”….I blew my first load, trying not to buck like a bronco while the bride’s booted foot rested on my face. As I finished my convulsions I heard the bride ask Katy how many people were supposed to stop by.

“Ohhh….about 50” she replied, with a light stomp to my groin.

Oh Shit.

Well as it turned out the bride-to-be was the captain of the all sorority league basketball team at the State University in town and naturally, all the young ladies on the invitation list were her teammates. Katy was the forward guard on the team and as he looked at the photograph of the team he quickly noticed that all the rest of the girls were head and shoulders above her. Each one of them attractive in her own right but he began to wonder about his agreement the day before the party when Katy had brought him over to make final preparations for him to be the floor of the party.

Everything was set but Katy wanted to see if the new freshly dug hole in front of the buffet table would conceal him with the “welcome tarp” that she was to lay on top of him in front of the serving line. She had neglected to let him know that the shower would be comprised of her teammates as she secretly relished the idea of having him trapped there under her friends’ feet and didn’t want him to back out knowing that some of these women would weigh over 200 pounds. His lower head was doing the thinking at this point however and asked who the gorgeous one was in the back row. Katy answered that was Shelly and she was the bride-to-be. He said to make sure that I get to meet her and winked at Katy meaning that she was to make sure that Shelly trampled him thoroughly because at no time was it going to be revealed that he was the floor to all of their feet. Katy then asked him to get in place to make sure that all was set up perfectly so that he wouldn’t be detected.

Now the actual arrangement of the serving line was to be that the ladies would start at his feet that were covered with the tarp and they would sidestep their way across his body until they got to his head. The head area of the tarp was cut out with a hole exactly the size of his face so that his head would be fully exposed and he would be able to observe everything. To conceal his face she first placed a ground light shining upward so that anyone looking directly at him would only be able to see the bright 500-watt floodlight shining up at them. Then to be on the safe side she also bought some spray paint the same color as the tarp and just got finished spraying him as the doorbell rung. As she was squatting above him with her heels on his chest she stood up and then looked down and saw nothing but the light shining at her. And as she shouted come in at the front door she took a small step forward not knowing if she was standing on him or not.

Naturally, she was now standing full weight on his face as she turned slightly to meet the guest that was coming to her. When the newly arrived friend came in the backyard, Katy said, “Shelly, that is a stunning new outfit!” Thank you,” Shelly said sweetly, “I just came over to see if it would be alright to invite some of the cheerleading squad as well tomorrow.” Katy replied that it would be perfect as she was afraid that the keg she bought would be too much for the 10 girl team and that 6 more girls would justify the purchase of that much liquor. Shelly stepped forward to give her a hug thanking her for the last-minute change and just then Katy remembered his request of wanting to meet Shelly and stepped backward so Shelly would now have to stand on his face to give her a hug. Of course, she couldn’t be sure that she would be successful but was fairly certain that she measured her steps correctly to accomplish this.

When Katy’s foot uncovered his eyes he indeed saw that the outfit Shelly was wearing was very attractive and the light lit up her long legs all past the short skirt she was wearing to the pretty pink crotch of her panties. This intimate view was short-lived as he saw the sole of her boot come down over his eyes quickly followed by the crushing pain of her full weight on his face as she gave Katy a long embrace. He thought their hug would never end as Katy had her feet firmly planted on his chest and Shelly with both boots now on his face. Although he now again had an occasional view of the long legs that towered over him she was constantly shifting her weight torturing him to the point he wanted to yell out. He knew however that this would get Katy in so much hot water that he kept his mouth shut. At least he tried, Shelly was contorting his face every which way and he quite often found that the sole of her boot was forcing its way inside his mouth. He was grateful at first when he heard a cell phone ringing figuring that this would break up the trample party. But Shelly said that must be Karen (one of the cheerleaders) I told her that you would probably agree to have them over as well but to call to make sure. Katy said, “That’s fine, you stay here while I’ll fetch us some drinks”

This left Shelly to continue to trample him unmercifully as she moved around all over his body, always returning to his face. The call dragged on forever as he was getting a lifetime’s worth of trampling and she was constantly displaying to him what was intended for viewing by the groom only. A good 30 minutes had gone by when Katy finally reappeared with the drinks. Shelly said, “Ok, see you in a few!” as she hung up the phone and noticed that Katy had also changed into a hot-looking number and said, “You lookin’ good too!” Katy stepped forward onto his face as Shelly was now standing on his chest and between the heels that Katy was wearing covering his face he could now see 4 gorgeous legs towering above him. He suspected that Katy had forgotten he was the floor as she was exposing her intimate regions as well. The two of them did girl talk for the next 15 or 20 minutes as Katy’s feet shifted all over his face and Shelly’s boots trampled him from his groin to his stomach as they continued to sip their martini’s.

Karen opened the door without knocking and found her way to the backyard and he could see that she was still in her cheerleading outfit as she must have been coming home from the game when she had called Shelly. Katy said to come on down and join the party while she got her a drink. The first thing Karen said was that she had been in these tennis shoes all day and that they needed to come off and she hoped that no one would mind. And both ladies agreed that their feet were just as tired and would go barefoot as well. Karen had moved to where Katy was standing totally unaware that she was standing on some poor guy’s face as she removed her sweaty shoes. He again had a wonderful view of her long legs until her evil-smelling toes came down over his nose. He now had to breathe in the pungent fragrance of what had been trapped inside a set of sneakers all day. Karen loved the feeling of his face apparently, as she used her toes to explore his features.

First, the toes worked their way into his eyes as if she were trying to pry his eyelids open as he tried to protect them from her exploration. With his eyelids forced open he then had to watch as her toes forced their way past his clenched lips and his mouth was filled with the vinegary taste of toe jam and cheerleader foot sweat. He heard Katy approach with the clicking of her heels and knew that she had completely forgotten his presence as she exchanged places with Karen and her high heel landed on his cheek just barely missing his eye. Again the pain was excruciating but the view was fantastic as he could now see up the back of her leg to her pantied bottom. She agreed that this should turn into a barefoot party as she now placed the heel of her shoe into his eye and used his eye socket to pop first one shoe off then the other. As he now compared the aroma of Katy’s sweaty toes with that of Karen’s he heard the zipper of Shelly’s boot unzip as she very roughly used his groin to pry her boots off.

The ladies would shift positions and move all about him but basically seemed to enjoy the feeling of his body underneath them as each time they stepped off of him they would quickly find another spot of his body to cushion their tired achy feet. Now it seemed it was Shelly’s turn to have a go at his face as her towering figure now loomed over him. At first, she very softly explored his mouth, nose, and eyes as if to decide where exactly to find their foothold on his face. The fragrance from her toes far exceeded anything he had ever smelled before as those poor toes of hers had been trapped in their leather prison for the whole day. They of course insisted they had to be tasted as well as they forced their way beyond his lips and his mouth was filled with an aftertaste that he thought would remain for the rest of his life. Finally satisfied with his face as appropriate support she now was standing full weight on him as the other girls all engaged in laughter as the gin started to work on them.

He had been underfoot for hours now as he by this time was totally familiar with the shape, taste, and smell of their toes not to mention he studied well the curves of their legs, thighs, and panties. The girls continued to put down martini after martini until the whole bottle of gin was gone. When Katy announced this sad news the other two said anyway it was late in the morning and they needed to get some rest for the next night. First Karen had problems getting her tennis shoes back on as she was currently standing on his face and kept inserting her foot in his mouth thinking it was her sweaty tennis shoes. Her toes forced their way back into his throat as she applied enough weight to force her foot into his mouth. When she voiced her troubles with her footwear the girls laughed and handed her shoes that were laying away from them. Karen giggled at herself and dropped the shoes down at her feet and landed with a trud directly on his nose with the opening face down engulfing his nose completely with her foot deep down his throat he was forced to smell the acrid odor emanating from deep within the confines of the shoe. Then dropped the other directly on his eyes shaking loose all of the debris trapped inside of it.

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