Face crush under the table 4.5 (77)

Curiosity about a mannequin head leads to trouble for a young boy

written by Andreas
original source of the story was Submitted by the author

This incident happened when I was 9 years old. This is an absolutely true story, because of which I developed an addiction to women’s legs and shoes. I changed the names for reasons of anonymity.

So, my aunt and I came to the country house to visit her two friends, Jessica and Margot. Several hours went on preparing for dinner and other preparations. And so, by 10 pm, the table was covered with a tablecloth and various dishes. While we were having dinner, I had to listen to the conversations of adults.

During the conversation, Margot said: “Oh, I hit something with my foot there,” and lifted the tablecloth to look at it. Following her, everyone, including me, decided to look under the table. We saw a mannequin head on the ground. “Oh my God,” said Margot. “Don’t be scared, this head is from a recycled mannequin. This head has been lying around for a long time, and I forget to throw it away”, said Jessica. “You can use this head as a footstool if you want,” Jessica joked and we all laughed. Margo lightly pressed this head with her foot and said, “Oh, this head is so soft, just like a real one.”

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Resusi-Annie Trample 4.8 (22)

man replaces a CPR dummy and gets used as a footrest for a woman wearing high heels

written by Mat11
original source of the story was Unknown source

I had an interesting day at work today. I had to re-route some wiring for
several cubes. Well, I saved Sharon’s cube for last. She is about 5’5, 125 lbs (1.65 m, 57 kg), very leggy and attractive. She usually dresses in nice office attire: knee length skirts, blouse, blazer, and of course pumps. Well, in order to work on her wiring problem, I had to get into the cube directly in front of hers. This cube was used as a storage unit, and nobody goes in there but me.

As I entered the cube I could see Sharon’s feet from her cube coming under the wall. The wall is actually about 2 feet up from the floor, so she could easily stretch her legs through the opening. I looked up at the ceiling and mouthed the words “thank you”.

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Foot stepped on during cave tour 4.4 (7)

man gets his foot stepped on multiple times by an Oriental lady wearing kitten heels

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

One summer during my vacation my girlfriend and I went to Saquoia National Park in California. At the park is a large cave called Crystal Cave of which we decided to go. I had been to this cave a few years earlier so I knew what to expect from the tour. As we descended down to the cave opening (by the way this is a guided tour) I noticed an oriental lady near us wearing shoes with a 1 1/2″ spike heel. Not the sort of thing one would wear to a cave. I decided to stay close to her dragging my girlfriend unknowingly with me.

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Trampled under the bridge 4.8 (21)

a man’s wife helps him get face trampled by unknowing women

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

True Story

As my wife and I were taking our midnight walk we decided to change our normal routine of walking up to the university and back. We decided to take and alternate route which would take us through the park. We normally didn’t like to take this route because it was not that well lit but we were feeling adventurous. My wife is very good about my trample fetish and tramples me regularly when she comes home from work with her high heels.

As we were walking along the path we passed quite a few couples out on there nightly walks as well. In the darkness ahead I noticed that there was a bridge that we had to cross to get over a small ditch that was in the way of the path. I mentioned to her that it would be great to stick my fingers between the wood in the bridge and feel the weight of women that walked over them. She said to me that I should go under and she would step on me fingers.

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Unknown crush experience 4.2 (22)

Man gets his finger brutally crushed beneath the high heel of a completely unaware woman

written by throwrug
original source of the story was Unknown source

I was wandering around the local shopping mall and, as always, was keeping my eyes open for ladies wearing nice heels. I noticed this well dressed young woman about 24 or so at a counter in one of the stores paying for her stuff.  As I got closer I realized she was standing up on her toes as she looked over the counter. Apparently she knew the worker there, probably a coworker. Well I noticed how the heels of her brownish colored pumps came up off the floor. Well she was in a perfect position for me to sacrifice my finger.

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Back to work Gora ! 4.4 (18)

A celebrity appearance accidentally results in a multi-girl hand trample

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I started a new position at a South Asian import/export company in an industrial park about 40 km outside of London.  The first day I noticed that I was the only man and only white person who worked there.  On my floor there were 20 other people, all Indian women and most of them fairly young.  But this definitely wasn’t a problem for me as I had always admired South Asian women for their beauty.  However, things did get somewhat tedious as little English was spoken during the workday.  Now this wasn’t because the women were straight from India.  On the contrary, almost all were UK born and quite western in appearance, usually wearing stylish business attire with court shoes or boots.   I just assumed the widespread use of Hindi was due to the nature of the work and the frequent dealings with the subcontinent.  But at times I definitely felt like a second class citizen in this office.

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Finger crushed under boot heel 4.3 (12)

Be careful what you wish for. A man gets his finger crushed under a female coworker’s boot heel and it hurts !

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I went to the stationery cupboard in our office, which happens to be near the sink in the kitchen.  One of the office girls was standing at the sink washing up.  She was wearing black leather knee high boots with a narrow 3-4 in heel.

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Drop cloth 4.6 (7)

a repair man gets his hands repeatedly stepped on by women in an office wearing high heels

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

A few years ago, I had a job repairing office machines. One day I was working in this office and the space I had to work in was constantly being crossed by some rather fine looking women. Most wore high heeled shoes and there was about a fifty fifty mix of women wearing slacks and dresses. Since this machine was a copier, I laid down a standard paper type disposable drop cloth so as to keep any of the toner off the floor. I had a housing I needed to repair sitting on the drop cloth and I was kneeling down and working on it. As I was working on this unit, a tall middle aged woman came by and walked across the end of my drop cloth with her spike heeled shoes. Her heels left some really nice imprints on the drop cloth. I found that watching this was a real turn on so I decided to reposition the drop cloth so that the women had to walk across it to go down this small corridor between the wall and this partition which separated the copier from the first desk. The drop cloth was 6′ by 3′ so I had plenty of room to do my work on one end while having a perfect setup to enable me to watch the women step on it with their spike heels.

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Bus stop finger crush 4.5 (6)

a boy gets his fingers crushed without mercy by a young woman wearing heels at the bus stop

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Many mornings when I was 12 I was at the bus stop going to school.  There was a young lady who would get to the bus stop just before me. She normally wore a white tee shirt and jeans and a pair of black high heel shoes about four inches high. The base of the heel was about half inch by three quarters. She would stand there and fidget on her feet. Many times balancing on the heels then dropping down on to the toes hard. Many times I would let my bus go just so I could watch her feet.

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Theatre foot crush 4.3 (4)

at a play, a man’s foot gets repeatedly stomped on by a lady in high heeled boots

written by Bazzer
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

Here is a true experience I had last night.  We went as a family to see Cinderella at the pantomime.   We all sat down with me sitting next to some empty seats, I was hoping a lady would sit next to me and I might be able to get a foot crush.  All of a sudden a lady with 2 children started to come along the isle, lady first then the kids, bingo she sat next to me. I had already seen the boots she was wearing, black suede with a 3in pointy heel.

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