My First Time Under Heels 4 (25)

Hot stepsister punishes her sibling by stepping on him with her spike heel

written by Jerry_from_Brooklyn
original source of the story was Unknown source

When I was 14 my father remarried and we moved into the bigger home belonging to his new wife. The hardest part of moving in with them was my new stepsister. She was a gorgeous 5’9″ blonde with a D-cup and legs then seemed to never end. She knew she was hot and she and her mom were always talking about who she might “get her hooks into” for which read “marry.”

Her beauty made me nuts and I could think of no one but her. She had this one pair of red high heels she liked to wear out to parties and the like, size 8 1/2. She called them her “six-footers” and would thump about in them getting ready announcing proudly, “Hey look, everybody, I’m 6 feet tall! I’m 6 feet tall!”

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Realtor high heel step stool 4.3 (23)

Construction worker gets used as a step stool by two realtors wearing heels

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

This happened to me at work this past Tuesday. I’m in construction and frame houses for a living. We were well along with a fairly large custom home when two gorgeous ladies pulled up in a Dodge Durango. I recognized the driver as Kelly, a realtor who is always dressed to kill. A strawberry blonde with a tight ass, today she was wearing a business suit and spiked black high heeled boots with pointy toes! The other woman was just as pretty and probably another realtor. Dark hair halfway down her back, white blouse, skirt just above the knee and, most important, sexy pumps with 4 or 5 inch stiletto heels.

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Phone booth crush 3.5 (13)

Before cell phones became common, a guy gets attractive young women in heels to trample his stuff in a phone booth

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

On the way home I’d pass this phone box by the railway station, and I’d ‘drop’ (put) my schoolwork/homework on the floor and pretend to be making a call, but making sure I didn’t step on my own stuff, myself…. And then when some young woman came along and was waiting for the phone (where they’d all ring home, or ring taxis in those days, no mobiles) I’d put down the phone and ‘accidentally’ leave my work on the phone box floor, acting like the line was engaged or like the box hadn’t taken my money.  They’d mostly be young office girls in their skirts and heels.

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Backwalk in stiletto sandals 3.9 (19)

Man gets his back walked on by a Persian woman wearing stiletto sandals.

written by Fighting-Riley
original source of the story was Approved by the author

In the dorms Faran is our resident Iranian ( although if you ask her, she’ll say she’s Persian ).   She’s about 5’4″ with hazel eyes, chestnut hair and a waist that you can easily span with one arm. 

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Pencil thin heels 4.5 (21)

Man gets trampled by a classy lady in high heeled shoes

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

At last, it has been a long winter and holiday season and the trample has been nonexistent, but last night I thought I would give it a try at my favorite store on the way home to see if by chance there was a lady for me to get under. Low and behold just as I walked in the front door was a lady about my age, possibly a couple years older looking at the jewelry very slowly moving around the cases and no one was there to help her. She stood atop a pair of lovely 3 inch black, closed toe high heels that sparkled in the overhead lights.

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Object crush in the passenger seat 3.9 (11)

Personal items are deliberately placed in the floor of the passenger seat for women to “accidentally” step on with their high heels

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I got a car and so I often offered lifts. And again, I always had bits of work and stuff, or maps, on the floor. Some girls would kind of go, ‘I don’t know what I’m stepping on, is it OK?’

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Office high heel shoe repair 3.9 (13)

A guy becomes an amateur cobbler for the women in his office

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I work in an office environment as a computer programmer/analyst. As part of my duties I have to work closely with our sales department. There are three sales assistants, all female, and the oldest is 26. Her name is Laurie but she likes me to call her Missy. It’s her nickname.

This happened yesterday. She was wearing a pair of black sling backs and she kept pulling off the right one and fiddling around with it then putting it back on. I just had to say something after about the fourth or fifth time and asked her what was up?

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Nikki in heels 4.3 (16)

Tween friend wears heels and walks on a guy’s back

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I have enjoyed watching women trample things since I was a kid. When I was around 12, I had a neighborhood friend named Nikki who was a bit of a tomboy. She was cute but was also a little tough . I remember that she liked to step on things like crickets bugs and snails. She would crush them then hold her foot up so we could see the fate of the unfortunate creature.

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Uncaring wife steps on bugs 4.4 (13)

Wife in hot boots steps on 2 ladybugs that the husband put there on purpose.

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Just though I’d tell you all about this experience I had today, it was a set up but she never caught on.

My vanilla wife works in the insurance business, because of this she usually wears a business suit and high heeled shoes or boots. This particular day she was wearing a white blouse, a pair of black trousers and a pair of heeled leather knee boots.

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The Musical Chicago 3.5 (6)

Egotistical actress tramples a piano in heels every performance.

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

My favorite of all, that way, was when I was playing piano for the musical Chicago. I was band leader, so I was at every rehearsal. The producer wanted ‘Roxie’ (who was full of herself) to perform her first song whilst stepping off the stage, onto the top of the piano (while I played) and then laying herself along it. The first couple of times she walked right over my music, on the way, and they all wanted to keep it that way! So my manuscripts picked up a ton of her trainer prints from the dirty rehearsal room, night after night.

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