Stories published on this site have been written by their authors and not by the author of this site. Over the years as I have collected many stories. I tried to collect the credits of the original authors. Some of the stories presented here will have the original author username at the original source, the name of the source site and original publishing date written among credits. Some other stories will have missing, incomplete or wrong credits. Default values for stories without credits are “Unknown author” and “Unknown source”. I encourage you if you see missing credits and have the missing information to contact me with missing data, so I can add the missing details.

If you find a story that you have written and want it removed, I ask you to assume a good faith on my part and contact me. Your wishes will be followed.

Please be advised, some stories published at this site, will have contents or language that is vulgar, provocative, disturbing for some people. I will not avoid publishing some texts just because they warrant content advisement or because I do not find the story line likable.  Content warnings involved are the graphic representations of blood, violence, cruelty, abuse, humiliation, murder, death, …

Stories originally presented by their author as true experiences will be categorized as such, which does not mean that they really are. This site denies any responsibility for any wrongdoing on part of the reader who attempted to reenact activities described in the stories published on this site.

By publishing a story I assume that the original author has not committed any crime, but rather that he or she has fantasized about doing so (applies to stories describing any criminal activity).