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Since the dawn of the Internet, there were many sites that managed small or not so small libraries of foot fetish stories. I have collected these stories from various different sources. I am mentioning a few notable ones: Mr Rugman’s Board at Delphi Boards, Foot Stories Specialist, Free Foot Stories, Daddo’s Trampling Board at Delphi Boards, Daddo’s Trample Heaven at CollegeTrample, Daddo’s Trample Heaven at Misstress Destiny’s Femdom Forum. There were also many other smaller collections whom I do not remember anymore. Most of those sources are non-existent more than a decade, but even those that still exist do not have all of its original content.

I’ve been told that stories are not in any more. That no one has the time nor wants to read the stories anymore. That everyone wants to see pictures or video clips, but I simply cannot believe that. So, I will give it a chance. My intention is to publish all of the stories from my collection at this one place. One of the oldest stories in my collection has been first published in 1993. There are over 2000 titles.