True Finger Crushing

The author remembers tricking a friend into crushing his fingers unknowingly

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Foot Stories Specialist

It started from a conversation with a woman named Cindy. I had worked with her for a while at the bookstore and now that we were both on to more “professional” careers I thought I could utilize our acquaintance for some hand crushing and trampling.

I decided to call her and explain that I was working with a friend who shot demos for shoe company commercials. These demos were NOT commercials themselves but spot demos that gave the client an idea of what the real ads would entail. I told her that I needed a shoe model and that we would be able to pay her $20.00 an hour. She agreed and I got her shoe size (7 ½) and set the date. Continue reading “True Finger Crushing”

False Floor Crush

The author remembers an unknown multi-crush experience under a plywood board

written by Footpath
original source of the story was Unknown source

I’m middle-aged now, but as I grew older, and still an avid crush lover for
30 or 40 years, I’ve expanded my need for good, serious crushings. I’ve owned several houses. A few had finished basements. One, in particular, had a wet bar, TV, a pool table, two sofas, and several chairs and was well suited for what was planned.

My girlfriend, thinking we would marry, would do anything for me. I asked her for her help in coming up with a plan to satisfy (at least for a while) my multiple woman crush fantasy. She said, “OK but what can I do?” I paused and said “Throw a party in three weeks for all of your girlfriends, with free food and drinks and secret gifts. I’ll pay for everything.”

I told her that I was going to build a “false floor” at the base of the stairs down to the basement. My mind was racing with the thought of being under several attractive, sexy women in flowing dresses and high heels. Continue reading “False Floor Crush”

First high heeled crush

A short recollection of a quick unknown hand crush

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I have recently remembered an event that was probably my first high heeled crush. I would have been about 12 and I was at a jumble sale!
There was a woman, a redhead, standing on piles of clothes that had fallen off the stall. She was wearing brown high heels. As she moved along the stall she continued to trample on the fallen clothes. Continue reading “First high heeled crush”

Christmas Night Unknowing Finger Crush

The author’s recollection of an intense finger crush on a dance floor

written by MagiK_11
original source of the story was Unknown source

This event took place on December 25th, 2004 at a small local bar/club, which one of my friend’s parents owns. When I was in High School with him around grade 11 and 12 we use to go there quite often since his parents owned the place and liked me and gave us free drinks on many occasions. That night I did not go with my friend who’s parents own the bar since he’s currently in Paris, instead, I went there alone to go see his older female cousin who works there and his mother.

The entrance to the place is at ground/street level, but as you walk down a short luminous corridor there are flights of stairs that descend approximately one floor below street level. The bar is right in front of you as you reach the bottom and it’s shaped like an L and there are mirrors all over the place and bottles and cups hanging from the ceiling above the staff. As you walk further into the bar there is a large aquarium built into the wall with about ten fish in it. Once you pass the aquarium and go through a poorly lit door you enter the dance area with large speakers in all the corners and a crappy DJ booth on the upper right-hand side on a platform. Continue reading “Christmas Night Unknowing Finger Crush”

Backyard BBQ

The author writes about unknowing hand trample he had at a party his wife threw

written by Tumblweedz
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

“One of the girls in the office is moving to Washington state. Remember Barbara? We met her and her husband at the Christmas party. They are a really nice couple.”

“Yeah, I remember”, I replied. I remembered Barbara all right. She was a knockout at the party. She had worn a long dress and a pair of tall slender heels with wide straps and her toes peeking out. Her husband? Well, I remembered that he was there…

“I like working with her. Anyway, we were talking about having some kind of farewell thing and I thought maybe we could have a cook-out here. Just for a few of the girls in the office, you know?”

“Sounds ok to me. I can get out of here for a while. When were you going to have it?” I had some plans of my own in mind! We have a good sized deck on the back of the house and had cookouts before with some of our friends. When I would go under the back of the deck where our grill and outdoor stuff is stored I realized how easy it would be to reach out under the edge of the deck from where I was. And since Deanna always set out some snacks and chips there, everyone was always hanging out right where I could reach out to touch their feet! Except that it was during the day and half the crowd were men, and I was one of the hosts.

“Saturday after next is what I was thinking if that’s ok. Later in the afternoon or early evening so we don’t take up the whole day.”

“Sure. You should have an evening party and then if people want they can go out afterward. I’ll set up the party lights around the yard for you.”

“I guess that would be good, let me check with everyone else.” Continue reading “Backyard BBQ”

Unwitting finger trampling in a bookstore

The writer remembers exploring unknowing finger trample idea at a bookstore

written by Highheellover
original source of the story was Unknown source

This story happened more than 10 years ago. When I was about 16 years, I was often in town. I loved to watch the woman walking in high heels.

One day when I was in a big bookstore (you know, the kind of stores where you can buy all books, and the books are showed at the wall, from the floor to nearly at the ceiling, with corridors). I found it the ideal place to try to let a woman stand on my hand and fingers. Continue reading “Unwitting finger trampling in a bookstore”

Supermarket Crush

The author writes a fantasy about an unknown trampling in the false floor.

written by Matt
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

Publisher note: original publishing date Thursday, 06-Nov-97

I am the manager of a small but busy supermarket near an all-girls boarding school. All day I see them come in, wearing cut-offs or shorts usually. This is hot enough for me, but on Sundays, they like to dress for church or dinner or whatever and they wear skirts (short skirts) and heels. Since I got there, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get them to crush me without their knowing it. After all, I am a businessman and it wouldn’t be great for business if my customers thought I was a pervert. Finally, I came up with a plan.

I usually schedule two cashiers on Sunday, since I have to pay them overtime. I told the girls that I would have to finish some work in the aisles and that they would be covered over with a rug for the entire day. I also told them that I would be working throughout the night and I wouldn’t be in on Sunday, so they would have to open and close the store. I had been working on a hole in one aisle for weeks and covering it up with a rug so they would not think anything unusual. The ground was also unsteady so the fact of my would-be tormentors walking over an uneven surface would be thought of as normal.

On Saturday night, we closed the store and I got to work. I carefully dug the fake hole, covered it up again and laid down the rug. Then I switched the magazine racks so the most recent issues of magazines would be in the aisle I would be laying in. I made sure that I would fit snugly in the hole and that the rug would not ride up when someone not picking up their feet might kick the rug. As a bonus for me, I scraped the underside of the rug so that I could look up but no one could see in because of the overhead lighting. I laid in the hole, secured the rug and waited. Continue reading “Supermarket Crush”

Fingers crushed at a New Year’s Party

The author writes about an unknown finger trampling experience at a party

written by creepycrawley
original source of the story was Unknown source

One time I was at a New Year’s party at a friends house. Everyone was drinking and helping themselves to the buffet. It was dark and candles had been lit for the atmosphere. Seating was hard to come by as it was crowded, so I went over to the sofa which was occupied and sat on the floor with my back against the arm.

I chose this location cos the girl that sat at that end of the sofa was gorgeous. I particularly remember she was wearing a pair of blue jeans that fit her so damned well. The curves … Damn, I am drooling. And under those jeans, she wore black boots with a block heel. No one seemed to mind that I was being a gentleman by sitting on the floor and I was able to slide my hand right up next to her boots. God, the adrenalin rush as my searching fingers touched the hard surface of her boot heel. I was in the danger zone. Continue reading “Fingers crushed at a New Year’s Party”

Finger crush in a gift card shop

The author describes his unknown finger crush experiences in a local gift shop

written by CEF1964
original source of the story was Unknown source

I love the approach of Valentine’s day!

Women go to such great lengths to pick the perfect card that they get so wrapped up in looking at Valentine’s cards that some are oblivious to what they are doing with their feet.

I almost lost a finger today at the local card shop. Continue reading “Finger crush in a gift card shop”

Local college library finger crush experience

The author remembers his finger being crushed at a public library

written by CEF1964
original source of the story was Unknown source

My favorite place to go for finger crushing is the local college library. The area with the most intense readers and the least traffic (while fingers are trapped) seems to be the science/medical level where the book stacks are about 3 feet apart with 3 shelves each and flat top for reading/research.

I’ve worked for years to try to perfect the test for how sensitive the woman is for objects under her feet. One of my favorites is to place a ballpoint pen under her shoes and watch for her reaction (if you’ve got one you can work with, remove the pen and slip a finger or two underneath her shoe).

If she is uncomfortable and looks down, she will generally kick it away. If not, you’ve struck gold… she will not look down and: 1) try to adjust her stance and step off whatever she feels 2) simply stand firmly on it 3) be a dream girl who will not look down and will “play” with what she feels underfoot. Continue reading “Local college library finger crush experience”