Lindsay’s Toy

The author wrote a fantasy about a dominant girl who realized and tested her influence over a younger boy

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Part I

On his way home from skateboarding at the park, Bobby took his usual route. He always detoured a couple of blocks out of his way so he would pass by Lindsay’s’ house. After all, there was always a chance he would catch a glimpse of her. He would do almost anything to see her shapely muscular legs and curvy young figure. Her smooth tanned skin, soft black hair and lovely green eyes filled his thoughts as he walked slowly along.

As he rounded the corner and headed up her street it was obvious today was his lucky day! There she was on the front porch painting her fingernails. His heart began to beat faster as he drew nearer to her house. Would she talk to him, or even notice him? Should he say something to her?

Out of the corner of her eye, Lindsay saw him coming down the street. She noticed how he seemed nervous, trying not to look like he was staring. She was amused because she knew what a huge crush he had on her. She felt little for the 14-year, other than that it was fun to torment him. The things she could make him do with just a wink and a smile amazed her. The power she had over him was intoxicating and she couldn’t help herself. If he was willing to offer himself up for her abuse that was his problem. She smiled to herself as he made his way past her. A cruel idea popped into her pretty head. Today she could have some fun with him! Continue reading “Lindsay’s Toy”

Sweet Sixteen

The author remembers his older sister’s 16th birthday

written by CMS
original source of the story was Unknown source

My sister Heather had always been what my mother called a “Clothes Horse”. She was always very concerned with the way that she looked, even around the house. Her make-up had to be perfect, her clothes had to be top notch and very expensive, her long curly blonde hair was always ready to be photographed. She is six years older than me and I grew up watching her and her friends labor over looking like a model.

I had been interested in trampling since before I was in kindergarten, mostly because of the things she had done to me. When I was barely old enough to walk, and she was 7 or 8 she would pin me under her feet while she sat on the couch and rub my face and chest with them while she looked down at me and giggled. Continue reading “Sweet Sixteen”

Stepped under the window sill

The author recalls an event from his youth which involved his sister and her frends

written by sneakfreak
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

This was once again set up by my younger sister. I was lying on the couch watching TV when she looked in at the window above the couch.

“Why is the door locked?” she wanted to know.

“To keep annoying girls outside” I informed her.

“Then you should have shut the window too” she replied, and with that, she jumped up so that she was kneeling on the window ledge, and then swung around so her feet were thrust inside. She was wearing blue jeans with black socks and white sandshoes, the soles of the sandshoes were white but were grubby, probably from the dirt in the garden outside the window. She reached down with one foot and put it right on my chest, then she stepped on me full weight, and swung her other foot over me and onto the couch next to me. Continue reading “Stepped under the window sill”

Luck of the Irish

A man writes about a memorable ride with four young dominant women on a train.

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

If you are anything like I am when it comes to reading these stories, EITHER you think …they are made up… or worse yet… “Why can’t they ever happen to me”? If it was not for the grin on my face and the fact I WAS there… I would not believe my luck…

I am visiting the USA after an extended leave and thought it would be nice to go to NYC for St. Patrick’s day. After a great night out with old friends as they were to return to work that Friday, I planned on my hang-over being on the commuter/Metroliner train that runs between NYC and Washington, DC. ONLY a few hours (which I later regretted was way too short!) by train where I would be able to sleep it off. So much for the plans of mice of men.

Arriving with only a small overnight bag at Grand Central Station, I proceed to buy a ticket on the local (being a cheap bastard and also was in no rush to return to DC), The Express runs hourly but the local is only when there is another train passing through –like the one from Boston to Florida.

I noticed there were many university students among the regular type travelers and remembered that their “spring break “ was about to start.
Florida is one of the “Hotspots.” I put on my iPod and sat in the middle of this sea of beauties with tight jeans and ‘lovely legs’ also waiting for their train. One set caught my attention. She had on these open back clunky 3” heels, which she kept playing with by taking her foot out and toying with them as they fell over and she had to pick them up with her toes. Continue reading “Luck of the Irish”

Three Tramples

A female author remembers multiple quick trample opportunities from her past

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

This happened on a school camp that I attended when I was about 15. We’d all been for a bit of a hike and at the end of it we all sat or lay down to rest. There were four boys lying flat on their backs right in the trail back down the way we had come. They were talking to each other and basically just relaxing. I was chatting to two of my friends as I watched them, I knew all of the boys as they were in the same years as me at school. I whispered to my friends to follow me, and getting up I walked down the track.

Quickly placing one foot on the stomach of the first boy I stepped up and walked over to the second boy, and from him onto the third, and then finally onto the fourth. There was no real protests, just a few comments like “hey” and “what the …” I looked back to see one of my girlfriends had followed me step for step, but when she got to the third boy he grabbed her foot causing her to fall on top of them. They started to wrestle with her and trying to hold her down, so I dashed back and actually managed to stand on one boy’s shoulder and another’s leg as I helped her get up. We scuffled around for a while, with me treading on every body part I could find, finally someone’s head presented itself, so I stepped full on his face, squashing his nose flat, as I climbed up over the heap of people. There were four of them so it was no contest really, but it was a great trample opp.

Continue reading “Three Tramples”

Stranger Trample

A girl remembers her first time trampling a stranger

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

This was one of my first tramples on total strangers where I began to think that maybe some guys liked being trampled on. We were all on a ferry heading back from a resort island that we’d spent the day on. It was about nine at night so it was dark, and the ferry was crowded with people, mainly young like me and my friends.

At the front of the ferry, a number of guys were sitting down on the benches or on the floor. One guy had his back against the end of a bench and his legs stretched out along the inside of the rail of the ferry. Although it was dark there was enough light to see his legs, as it was cold he was wearing jeans and a sweater. I was wearing jeans too, plus a sweater and a jersey, plus my well worn white sneakers of course. I walked up to the rail and looked at the view, pretending not to see him. Continue reading “Stranger Trample”

Sore Back Trample

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

This was one of the occasions where a guy asked to be trampled and got more than he expected.

One of my brother’s friends was complaining of a sore back around our house one day. I was about 16 and my brother and his friend were about 21.

“Di can give you a foot massage,” my brother volunteered, and explained how good it was for him. The guy got down on the ground on his stomach as I asked, and I put one foot on his back. I was wearing my usual soft soles sneakers and I stepped up on him full weight with both feet. I walked up and down his back for a while until I noticed that one of his hands was lying palm up beside him, I pretended to lose my balance and stepped off onto his hand.

“Sorry,” I said stepping back onto his back again. I was walking from his shoulders right down his back and over his but to his thighs, and he wasn’t grunting or groaning so I thought I’d try something else.

“How about turning over, sometimes it works if I do it from the other side so to speak,” I suggested.

He turned over and I put my foot up onto his chest. I stepped up with my other fooot on his stomach. I started to walk up and down, turning around on his chest and stomach. I could see him getting an erection in his pants as I went so he was enjoying it. I walked onto his stomach and put the toe of my sneaker right on the end of his cock where it bulged under his pants. I turned to stand at right angles to his body and again stood with the end of his cock just under the middle of my foot. I could fell it pushing up against the rubber sole of my sneaker and into my foot. I lifted my foot and brought it down right on his cock so that the end actually poked out the other side of my sole. Moving again I faced his head and this time put my heel down on the end of his cock, but I could still feel it bulging under the soft rubber heel of my sneaker.

When i finally got off I noticed a small stain on his pants, so I knew it had been a sexually satisfying exprience for him too. He eventually became my first sexual foot partner and we had many such sessions in the future.

Jenny: The return

A story about a young adult being dominated by a younger girl

written by BK
original source of the story was Unknown source

It had been half a year of keeping a low profile since I had last seen Jenny, the attractive sporty teen who had, along with her friends brought about the most humiliating experience of my life. Since then I had turned 18 and lost my girlfriend (who thought I was a wimp and got involved with strange people).

However, had I but known that things were about to return to that all time low I would have caught a different bus or no bus at all.

It was the height of summer and the weather was ridiculously hot. I got onto the bus to the town centre and sat down at the back, on a seat that faced backwards so I could see the road behind me (I preferred to travel this way).

After a few stops, the bus gradually filled up. My seat remained fairly empty though. The bus stopped yet again in the towns suburbs. After a clamour of people getting on and off it moved again.

“Hello there.” Came an excited female voice as an enthusiatic girl with flowing blonde hair jumped onto the chair next to me, her smooth legs in shorts pushing against mine, I gasped in realisation as to who it was.

“At last I’ve got you. What happened to your year’s slavery then? You disappeared that night, you still owe me you know.” She elobowed me in the ribs. Continue reading “Jenny: The return”

A Brother’s Servitude Chapter 2

written by Horsefly
original source of the story was Unknown source

Chapter 2

Tommy awoke on the floor of his sister’s room. At first, he was bewildered, wondering what the hell he was doing there. He became conscious of a dull pain in his balls and realized that his legs were tied together at the ankles, and his hands here bound behind his back. A dirty sock was stuffed in his mouth. Suddenly, all of the previous night’s humiliation came flooding back to him. He thought of spitting the sock out of his mouth and trying to crawl out of the room but thought better of it. If his sister beat the crap out of him when he was able-bodied, he didn’t even want to imagine what she’d do to him with his legs and hands bound. He turned his head and saw Samantha sleeping peacefully in her bed, her foot dangling over the side. He noticed that Jenny wasn’t in the room. Thank god, he thought. Continue reading “A Brother’s Servitude Chapter 2”

Deadly heels at the old stadium

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Finally the day Jim had been waiting for. Jim was a bright young boy of 16 every day after school he would go work a the old stadium selling tickets or just helping out. Today was the day of the concert he had been selling tickets for the past two weeks.

Every time a pretty girl would come for tickets he would mark down on a piece a paper who she was and where she would be sitting. Jim loved his job because every time the town had an event he could go below all the people in the stands and when he saw the seats he had marked out as that of a pretty girl he could easily slide his hand up and get her to step on his finger without any fear of getting caught as the girls laughed and stomped on him without ever giving any thought to what they are crushing under their thin spiky heel.

Today was going to be even better, the concert was sold out so they brought in spare seats. They made a small mound of dirt to raise the last row of seats so the people could see without any problems. They had a small piece of wood over a slightly raised mound of dirk as the floor in front of the seats they had put up for the concert. Continue reading “Deadly heels at the old stadium”