Ran over by girl on snowmobile

The author wrote about a personal experience of a girl who shared his fetish. He explains in great detail their exploration which involved a winter season, snow, and a snowmobile

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Submitted by a visitor

I went home on leave a few weeks ago and had the most amazing experience I have had yet and found a new trampler!

My family all tries to get together out at my uncle’s farm for the holidays, this is where I spent most of my time as a kid and lived for several years. This year I wasn’t able to make it for Thanksgiving and will be busy around Christmas so I decided to just pick out three weeks in between (one of the good and bad things about the military is you earn plenty of time off but it is hard to use it when you would like to).

As it turned out it couldn’t have worked out better, because one of my younger cousin Casey’s friends was home visiting also. Becky is 23, about 5’6″, dark blond shoulder-length wavy hair, hazel eyes, and around 120lbs. Continue reading “Ran over by girl on snowmobile”

China Town

The author wrote a hot story about a man who finally got the guts to get his Chinese back massage fantasy fulfilled.

written by Monalisa
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

So this was it!

The day had finally come.

Since booking the appointment he had thought of little else. He always wanted to go before, but just never had the guts. Until he saw the advert in the newspaper and on impulse picked up the phone, he was glad he did.

So finally, his fantasy was going to come true.

As fantasies go, it wasn’t a particularly complicated one, he just always got hard, OK real hard whenever he thought of a petite Chinese girl walking on his back, needless to say, trips to China Town were always a little uncomfortable.

He knew where it had started from.

As a young teenager, he had a Chinese friend who had the prettiest older sister out of all the friends with sisters he knew. Her name was Sally Li. He had always been entranced with her feet. Especially when once, his friend and he were watching a film that had a scene of a man getting a Chinese back massage. He couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like if it were his back that the girl in the movie was walking on when the friend’s sister walked in, then all he could think of were her beautiful tiny feet walking on his back. From then on it became his main fantasy to jack himself off to from then on. Continue reading “China Town”

Michael King, perfect lover

The author wrote an interesting fantasy about sex doll pretender who hoped to be used but was harshly misused by multiple women who did not know that he was not a dummy doll.

written by Kakarytryu
original source of the story was Fetlife

You can put it in the floor.- Said a woman

Gladly! This box is so heavy. – Said the delivery man

I am sorry for making you carry it all the way here but only a strong man like you could have done it.- Said the woman in a flirtatious tone

No worries madam. I am only doing my job. – Said the delivery man

How responsible. Are you doing anything tonight? My friends and I do not have plans.-Asked the woman while she looked at her female friends in the room

Sorry. My girlfriend and I are going to watch a movie.- Responded the delivery man

You could invite her to our party; there are many ways four women and one man could have fun.- Said the woman and her two friends agreed.

I don’t think my girlfriend would like that. I am sorry but I need to go; there are still a bunch of packages that need to be deliver.- Responded the delivery guy, leaving the room as quickly as he could.

Wimp! I bet he has a tiny dick.- Thought Michael, who was inside the box.

A new “toy” has come out to the market called “the perfect lover”; its body is so realistic that people usually mistake it for a real person; the ad in the official page describes it as “Your new best friend whose body has been designed to satisfy you.” Every woman wants one even tho they cost a fortune.

Michael King posted a fake ad where he pretended to be selling one of this “toys” at half the price but in reality, this was a part of his plan; he was going to pretend to be one of this “perfect lovers” to have sex with an unaware female. Luckily for him, he was bought by April a girl who was a member of a sorority. Continue reading “Michael King, perfect lover”

Fantastic Step Mom

A story about a boy’s first trampling by the bbw stepmom and her friends

written by Paul Race
original source of the story was Submitted by the author

How did it start?

To start with my name is Paul, and I guess it actually started when I was about 12 yrs old. One day a week I had to stay with one of the neighbors as my mom had to work a couple of hours past when I would get off the bus.

Her name was Mrs. Jones. She had 2 daughters one was 8 yrs old. She walked on me but I could hardly feel her. She was well under 50 pounds. But her sister was 15 yrs old and about 100 pounds. Every time I was at their house the younger girl always wanted to play house or have a tea party.

One day I talked her into playing cowboys. She said ok I’m the sheriff then. She tied my hands to the leg of the bed cause she didn’t have a jail to put me in. So there I was laying on the floor tied to the leg of the bed when her sister walked in and said: “What are you doing laying on the floor?” I told her that I was in jail but she said: “You look like a rug to me,” then she walked on my stomach up to my chest and then right on my face. I think I might have been in shock. I remember her feet were warm and soft but that’s about all I remember. Then as she was leaving the room she looked down at me and said: “You still look like a rug,” then she walked on my face, then on my chest and finally my stomach. Continue reading “Fantastic Step Mom”

The Practice Dummy Part 5

A fantasy about facesitting on a mannequin doll with a real man’s consciousness.

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Publisher note: This is a multipart story. Part 4 can be found here

The next morning during classes, Brad found it next to impossible to keep his mind on college lectures. His thoughts were so far away a professor may as well been talking about astronauts discovering green cheese on the moon for all he knew.

Brad wondered how he would find Angie, and if he found her on campus, how he would divulge Jenna’s secret: that he was the man she spoke of who wanted to be used as a human seat. Even though, last night, when he was a mannequin and she had sat on his mannequin face and had expressed a desire to use a live man that way, what was he to do? Would he just walk up to her and offer her his body to sit on? Continue reading “The Practice Dummy Part 5”

The Practice Dummy Part 4

A fantasy about facesitting on a mannequin doll with a real man’s consciousness.

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Publisher note: This is a multipart story. Part 3 can be found here

After his experience as a mannequin, with Jenna and her roommates sitting so casually on his face and body, it was difficult for Brad to focus on the real world. He had to constantly remind himself that he had a life as a real person, that he was a college student with perhaps a good job in his future. He loved college. He loved the life of academia and its world of ideas to reflect upon. But the fetish he’d had for as long as he could remember, the desire, even the need, to be used as something for women and girls to sit on, was always ever-present and powerful. He now had a special gift, the ability to transform himself into the mannequin at will simply by thinking the word: transform. He soon discovered it was not easy to not think of a word when that word can so dramatically change your reality. He had to learn to trick his mind during internal monologue by using the word quickly in connection with other words, for as soon as he concentrated on the word he would find himself changed into the mannequin. Continue reading “The Practice Dummy Part 4”

The Practice Dummy Part 3

A fantasy about facesitting on a mannequin doll with a real man’s consciousness.

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Publisher note: This is a multipart story. Part 2 can be found here

After Melissa and Jenna sat on Brad’s face being a mannequin, it seemed easier for Jenna– the college girl Melissa had recruited to do a human furniture video– to sit on his face as a human being. Neither women knew of the mysterious power he now possessed– the power to change himself from a live person into a mannequin by simply thinking the word “transform.” What was even more bizarre was that after the transformation, he could actually be in two places at once– both mannequin and his live self. He was now able to experience the difference between a woman sitting on his face as what she perceived to be an inanimate object and sitting on his face as a live person she was pretending to use as an inanimate object. By sitting on him as an inanimate object, Jenna was rapidly becoming desensitized to him as a live person. And that was exactly what Melissa was hoping to achieve when she bought the mannequin.

Melissa positioned the camera and lights and said to Brad and Jenna, “Okay… Let’s do this.” Continue reading “The Practice Dummy Part 3”

The Practice Dummy Part 2

A fantasy about facesitting on a mannequin doll with a real man’s consciousness.

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Publisher note: This is a multipart story. Part 1 can be found here

Brad climbed out of bed and tried to discern if what he had experienced was a dream or some kind of strange transformation, created by the mysterious old woman he’d helped across the street. His chest felt kind of crushed–as if it had actually been sat on. And his face… His nose hurt as if someone had sat on his face.

He got dressed and thought he’s better to attend classes that day. An active fantasy life was one thing, but this was the real world, a world that is unforgiving to someone without a job, a good job that could be gained by education. He arrived at the college early and decided he needed some more coffee to get his mind started. He sat alone in the student center, sipping coffee and daydreaming about how his life would change if he had been actually transformed into a mannequin, an object without perceived feelings– as in the dream if it was a dream– and sat on by women and girls.

He was startled when a girl who was standing behind him suddenly spoke. Continue reading “The Practice Dummy Part 2”

The Practice Dummy Part 1

A fantasy about facesitting on a mannequin doll with a real man’s consciousness.

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Brad had always been a rather kind person. So it was not uncharacteristic of him to help the elderly woman he saw desperately trying to get across a busy street. The old woman was dressed in multicolor fabrics and beads; she reminded him of Gypsies he’s seen. After he had aggressively waved off oncoming traffic and safely got her to the other side, a smile broke her wrinkled face.

“Thank you,” she said. “You are a very kind man,” she told him with broken English.

Brad smiled back. “It’s nothing,” he said. “We need to help each other out.”

The old woman stared at him with a mysterious, kind of knowing, look. “And what can I do for you?” she asked.

“Oh… nothing, really,” said Brad. He looked over her shoulder at a city park where two girls were sitting on a bench.

The old woman continued her unwavering stare into his eyes. “I know what you desire,” she said.

Brad chuckled. At that moment, he was fantasizing himself as part of the bench the girls were sitting on. But he certainly wasn’t going to tell her that.

“Is that what you truly desire?” asked the women.

“Excuse me?” said Brad.

“What you are thinking,” said the woman.

“Oh, I’d be embarrassed if you knew what I was thinking,” said Brad, still chuckling.

“Is it what you truly desire?” asked the woman, again.

“Um… Yes… Sure,” said Brad, humoring the old woman. He didn’t believe in magic. And it would require magic to get him what he truly desired. Continue reading “The Practice Dummy Part 1”