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I went home on leave a few weeks ago and had the most amazing experience I have had yet and found a new trampler!

My family all tries to get together out at my uncle’s farm for the holidays, this is where I spent most of my time as a kid and lived for several years. This year I wasn’t able to make it for Thanksgiving and will be busy around Christmas so I decided to just pick out three weeks in between (one of the good and bad things about the military is you earn plenty of time off but it is hard to use it when you would like to).

As it turned out it couldn’t have worked out better, because one of my younger cousin Casey’s friends was home visiting also. Becky is 23, about 5’6″, dark blond shoulder-length wavy hair, hazel eyes, and around 120lbs.

She is looking to move back closer to her parents and was home looking for a place to live. She went away to college and got a job in the area afterward but missed being near her family so she found a job closer to home. She came out to visit my cousin the day after I got there and I was amazed at how good she looked, the last time I saw her she was only about 12 (I am about 6 years older than her). It was one of those, I wish I was nicer to you when we were kids type of things!

Anyway since all of us “kids“ were there (my three sisters and three cousins, two girls one boy), we decided to call up some of our old friends and have a party. The party took place at my grandfather’s old house (now belongs to my cousin and his wife but everyone still calls it grandpa’s place).

The house is a big old fashion farmhouse with eight bedrooms and a fully finished basement (a great place for a party). All in all, about 45 people showed up. Casey, her husband, Becky, and I decided we would stay the night there. During the party, Becky and I got to know each other again and quickly hit it off, like I said we hadn’t seen each other in a long time and have both changed a lot.

At one point during the night, a few of us were sitting on the couch in the family room and my cousin’s wife asked me if I would give her a foot massage. I used to massage her feet for her when she was pregnant and tried to teach my cousin how but he still isn’t very good at it so she often asks me when I visit. I am big into massage and have even taken a couple of classes on it, but my favorite form is reflexology / foot-reflexology. Go figure a foot guy into foot reflexology and feet in general. As soon as she asked me Becky asked if she could be next!

I spent about an hour or so massaging both their feet, at the time I was doing it to be nice, not to indulge my fetish. The whole time I massaged their feet we talked about foot reflexology, I didn’t think anything of it at the time but every time the conversation started to change Becky would say or ask something to bring it back to feet, like asking if I minded if her feet were sweaty and then a little later if her feet stink. A few hours later I found myself alone with Becky so I thought I would ask her to return the favor and give me a back massage.

She said she wasn’t very good at real massages but said if I talked her through it she would try. I told her that it would be easy all she had to do was walk on it. She gave me a real big girlish smile and said, “You’re going to let me walk all over you!“. I couldn’t tell if she meant it as it sounded like fun or if the Idea turned her on, but it got my attention!

We went upstairs to the room she was going to stay in and she told me to lay down at the foot of the bed so she could use the footboard for balance. She then sat down on the bed near my head to take off her boots. For those of you into detail, she was wearing a tight tank top with a button-up over that, tight jeans with tan hose underneath, and her boots were brown leather with about a four-inch heel about an inch and a half square at the bottom and had a clover type lug pattern on the sole (a dressy winter boot).

When she pulled off her boots she dropped them on the floor next to my head. Her right boot was laying with the top of the boot only about an inch from my face! I was staring right at the heel print in the insole and could smell the sweet smell of her feet. I could tell that she takes care of her feet from the smell of her boot! It was fragrant from lotions mixed with sweat and leather. I had checked out her feet earlier when I gave her a foot massage, they are a size 7 to 7 ½ very soft with long toes and high arches not too fatty but not too skinny either, in my book they are perfect.

She looked to have had a recent pedicure with dark pink nail polish that matched her fingernails. I don’t know how long I was staring before I finally looked up at her but when I did she was standing up looking down at me with the cutest little smile. She grabbed the corner post of the bed and stepped over her boots onto my left shoulder with her right foot. As she swung her left foot up she kicked her left boot over and onto the right so that I was now looking down the inside of both boots! I was in shock, as she started to walk in place on my shoulders I ran through everything that had happened so far. I couldn’t decide if it was just imagination or does she have a thing for feet as well. I had to find out but didn’t want to get myself into a bad situation, her being a long-time family friend, etc.

I spent 4-5 minutes trying to think of a way to approach the issue, meanwhile, she was slowly marching from high up on my shoulders down to my but. Where she would pause for a moment to march in place on my but before slowly turning around and heading back! I decided to ask her if she had done this before but phrased it more as a statement than a question. She said yes but it sounded as if she was about to say more but didn’t. So after a few seconds, I said that she seems to be enjoying herself.

At the time she was on the way to shoulders and she stopped and didn’t say anything for what seemed like an eternity. I was afraid I had gone too far. She then asked if she could tell something but only if I promised not to tell anyone and try not to get mad. After I agreed she told me that she used to walk on a friend’s back in college. He would tell her the old sore back story and after a while, he started to ask her to stand on his chest as well. She didn’t go into too much detail but she said that eventually he told her about his foot fetish and that being trampled turned him on.

She told me that at first, she was mad but that it only lasted for a few seconds because she quickly realized that she was enjoying it a lot more than she was letting herself admit. She later admitted to me that one time when she was walking on his front that she was stepping on his dick every time she turned around on his stomach she said she was wearing shoes at the time but could still feel it under the shoe and he didn’t know that she knew she was doing it. She went on to say that she found herself masturbating to the memory later! (Does this sound familiar to anyone?).

She went on to tell me that after it was out in the open they did the college thing and experimented with each other and she found that foot play really turned her on! Now I was really in shock and didn’t know what to say, all I did say was and I quote “ok“. She quickly asked me if I was mad. I quickly responded with “no it’s ok that’s cool“. Man what was wrong with me?!?! I have gone up to women in bars before and simply started with “I love your shoes and would love even more for you to walk all over me in them“!! But for some reason, I was fumbling all over the place now! Luckily Becky saved me.

She next carefully asked me if I liked feet? I told her that I did have a foot fetish but I only asked to walk on my back because it really was sore. She said that she was glad I had asked because she was afraid she would have been too shy to ask me if she hadn’t noticed me staring at her boot earlier. Now that we were on the same page she walked on my back for about an hour talking about feet the whole time, our likes and dislikes, and so on. We then played around for a while exploring our fetishes. She trampled me for a while with her boots on which left some really great shoe prints on my chest and stomach and really got her wet. She then stripped down to nothing but her pantyhose, while still on top of me, and stood on my face and masturbated while I tongue bathed her arches. She returned the favor by trampling my cock barefoot until she finished me off which didn’t take long after, I thought I was going to lose it when she was masturbating while standing on my face!

The next morning we asked Becky if she was interested in renting the guest house, the current tenant was moving out after the first of the year and she could live in the big house until then. To my delight, she agreed not only was she going to be living on our property, but she was now also free for us to spend time together instead of spending her time looking for a place to live. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time together.

The best part of the whole time though was on the second week when we decided to get a group together for a day of snowmobiling. Her parents came out for the day trip and brought her out her brother’s old sled that he said she could have after buying a new one last year (since the last time I had seen Becky her parents had moved and now live about an hour away).

About halfway into the day when we stopped for lunch, Becky made a comment about how her sled needed a new seat and how her butt was sore, one of many jokes and funny conversations during lunch. After lunch when I was able to get Becky alone for a moment I told her that if she was really that sore she could use my face for an added cushion if she wanted to but I didn’t think her parents would like it too much. She in return said, “keep it up smartass and I might just have to run you over to shut you up“!

I was telling her the day before about my fantasy about having a woman drive over me with her car, so she was using it to tease me every chance she got. I however started getting hard as soon as she said and my mind started to fill with the possibilities. I had never even thought about it before this. The rest of the day was somewhat a blur but when we got home and were alone I asked her if she would try running me over with her sled. When I had told her about wanting to get run over the day before, she had said it sounded kind of hot, but she could never do it because she would be too afraid of hurting me. With our families being friends it could be very bad (makes me wonder what she would have said if our families didn’t know each other). It was also out of the question because she drives a 4wd SUV. At first, she started to get excited by the idea, but then said there was no way she could run me over with a sled without hurting me. And she started to remind me of a friend of ours, that still lives down the road, that to make a long story short managed to run himself over when he was working on his racing sled (!!homemade stands are a bad idea enough said!!), he got a broken leg, two broken ribs, and a dislocated shoulder out of it.

I told her that first, it happened on hard ground, second, he had the throttle almost maxed when it ran off the stand, and most of all he had the track set up for racing (see warning atop of page). I was way ahead of her, I had been working this in my head since that afternoon.

I knew it would have to be her sled that we used because it was the only one that had an older OEM-style track. I even had the perfect spot picked out. It didn’t take long to talk her into it. She was into the idea, she just didn’t want me to get hurt. That night we worked out all the details but one. I agreed to wear Carhart style coveralls the thick insulated kind (I was going to be laying in the snow for a while so it didn’t take much to convince me), and that she could cover me over with a couple of inches of snow from mid-thigh up and bury me from mid-thigh down, for extra padding (I wanted her to run me over head to toe not just across). The snow cover ended up being a great idea!

The only thing left was to find a way to protect my face. So the next day the search was on. We looked at several sporting goods stores etc. looking at different types of helmets and such, but in the end, we decided on an old Halloween hockey mask the cheap plastic white ones. I glued a piece of foam exercise mat to the back of the mask and cut out holes for my eyes, nose, and mouth. Becky tested it by standing on my face and bouncing up and down good and hard. My face didn’t hurt at all, it only hurt on the back of my head due to the ground being hard and covered with pebbles. In other words, It worked perfectly!

It was already late in the day so we decided to wait until after chores the next day. The spot that I had picked was a small field surrounded by woods at the corner of our property. It has a small ditch that runs through one corner. It is about two feet wide and two feet deep. The wind always fills it in with snow so that it is hard to tell that a ditch is even there. The ditch would make sure the snow was deep enough for me to sink into and burry my legs so that my feet and knees wouldn’t be injured. After the morning chores were done I went up to the house for breakfast. At breakfast, Becky said that she was going to ride to town and asked if I would go with her.

It was Becky’s idea to say we were going to go into town so that she could wear something other than farm clothes and also keep anyone from wondering where we were at for a few hours. It’s common for people to ride into town on sleds in this area. With our ruse in play, I went out to get the sleds ready while Becky got changed. When she walked into the shed my jaw dropped and I started drooling all over myself. She was wearing a big puffy purple jacket with a fur trim hood, a tight-fitting white ribbed turtle neck sweater, skin-tight stretch white ski pants, and purple snow boots with fur trim at the top and the black soft rubber soles that come about an inch up the sides and cover the toe of the boot. She was the perfect picture of the classic ski bunny.

When she noticed me staring she smiled walked over to the back of her sled bent over with her hands on the back of the seat and her ass sticking out. She then looked over at me with a smile and asked if I was ready as she sat down and provocatively slid up the seat. Talk about an instant stiffy!! After regaining my senses and her giggling settled we were on our way. When we reached the woods she stopped, took off her helmet, and looked back at me over her shoulder. Told me to park my sled off the trail and out of sight. I asked her what was up and she gave me a smile and said “I’m going to take you up on your offer“. When I just stared at her wondering what she meant she lifted her ass about three inches off her seat and looked me straight in the eye and then down at her seat! My jaw dropped and my face went red, I had been semi-hard ever since we left the shed between her little show back at the shed and following behind her watching her ass bouncing on her seat as we went, I thought I was going to lose it right there and then!

I parked my sled grabbed the small shovel I had with and hooked it to her sled and placed my helmet under the netting on the back of the seat. When I was done with that Becky lifted herself off the seat just enough for me to slide myself under her. I slid up so that my head was on the gas tank. Since it is higher than the seat I was lying with my chin touching my chest and looking right at her crotch. She sat down on my chest and bounced a few times then said much better. She then put her helmet back on and we started off again. She must have been trying to hit every bump she could find so she could bounce on me as much as possible. I was loving this but after only a few minutes I had to ask her to stop because my head was taking a beating against the tank. When she did I asked her to let me up but instead of getting off of me she just slid down me to my groin. I took off my helmet insert and pulled my ski mask out of my pocket folded them and stuffed them into the hood of my coveralls and pulled the hood up behind my head. Now that I had a good pillow I looked up at her and told her I was ready.

Becky asked if I wouldn’t be too cold without anything covering my face, but I told her that her legs were keeping me warm. With that, she slid back up and started off again. She only went a short distance before stopping again just long enough to tell me to tap her leg if I needed air and then slid up till my face was buried in her crotch. It is about 5 miles to get to where we were going if you wanted to stay off the roads and trails. But of course, Becky was in no hurry and took several different side trips on the way there. It was hard but I was able to get some air and only had to tap her leg every now and then to catch my breath from her bouncing. When I did tap she would slide back a few inches and hit fewer bumps so I could get my breath back, then it was right back to hitting every bump she could find.

When we finally got to the field about an hour and a half later we both needed to take a break. She told me that she had to keep giving me breaks even when I hadn’t tapped her leg to keep from having an orgasm. She then said she didn’t want to have her first! until she had me under her sled! When we both had recovered I dug a troff about two inches down where my head would be and about 6 inches deep at my feet. Then Becky helped cover me over with the snow I had dug up, when done you could only see my face and a little of my hood. Becky then lined up so that her sled’s left ski would pass over my chest and the track would pass over my stomach and groin. She slowly started forward until the skis were up on top of me and stopped and asked if I was still good.

With just the skis on me I could tell that I was sinking deeper into the snow I could also feel my back arching due to the fact that the snow was only compacting under me where the skis were on me. I told her to keep going. As the track started over me it was an incredible feeling. Not only do you get the feeling of the weight crushing you, but you also get this awesome sinking feeling. It is kind of like when you walk in soft powder, your foot sinks in a little, and then as you start to shift your weight to that foot you sink more and stop as the snow compacts enough to hold a little weight, as more and more weight is added there is a point where the snow can no longer take the weight and it gives and your sink even farther. If you are going slow it happens several times with each step. Becky didn’t stop again until after she had passed all the way over me.

She then slid to the back of the seat to look at the tracks she made and see if I was ok. She loved the fact that all you could see was a little bump where I was in the tacks left by the snowmobile. After turning around she lined again this time so that tack would go over my chest. This time the right ski passed over my forehead and the left passed over my stomach. As the right ski started over my forehead it pushed the top of my head in a way that made my head tilt back. Like if you were standing looking up at the sky. This was really cool because when the track ran over my chest it smashed me into the snow so far that my chin almost touched my chest. When she got to the point where I was directly below her on the seat she stopped and kicked her leg over so that she was sitting sideways facing me. She bent down and pulled the mask up off my face and asked if I thought I could take this for a few minutes.

I couldn’t talk but I was able to breathe so I just shook my head yes. She then told me if it got to be too much to grunt three times. With that said she placed her boots on my face and just sat there playing with herself. After a few minutes, she removed her feet from my face. She was still playing with herself as she went back down pulled the mask back over my face turned back in her seat and drove off me. She then got off walked back up her trail to me and marched on cock until she climaxed. She then walked back over to her sled started it back up and drove it around to my feet and slowly towards me. As the sled started up me she stood up and leaned forward as far as she could to watch me disappearing under the front of her sled.

The whole time she was biting her lower lip and grinning down at me and as soon as the track started to crush my cock I started to cum. As soon as she was off my face she laid down on the seat looking down at me over the back. She asked if she could keep going or have I had enough. I asked her what she had in mind. She told me that she wanted to move down to some clean snow and start over. I agreed and after she helped me up we went further down the ditch and set up again.

This time she came from above my head and instead of stopping she just ran right over me as if I wasn’t even there. She went a little ways past me then turned around and ran over me again. This time she stopped just past my head, slid to the back of the seat spun around, and stood up, right on my face. She stood there for about a minute then stepped onto my chest. While standing on my chest looking back the way she came she said “I could have sworn I ran over something.“ After saying this she took two small steps and was now standing on my cock with one foot and kicking my belly with the toe of the other as she looked around for what she had run over.

After about a minute she said, “oh well I guess it was just my imagination.“ With that, she raised up onto the balls of her feet and spun around grinding my cock under her foot and then giving a little bounce as she stepped off with the foot on my cock. As she walked back up my body she stepped on my face to get back onto the sled. She then again went a little way and turned around and ran me over four more times in each direction. I couldn’t really see her as I was smashed into the ground. But as soon as she had gotten back on her sled she had started masturbating again and had decided that she was going to just keep running me over again and again until she was done!

After her orgasm was over she came back and this time stopped the sled on top of me with just my head sticking out from under the back end. She again was sitting on the back of the seat with her boots on my face. After a short time, she crossed her legs which uncovered one of my eyes. I watched from below as she took off her gloves, set them on her legs, and pull a piece of gum from her pocket and sit there for a few minutes looking around. When she looked over her shoulder her gloves fell from her legs next to my face. When she bent down to pick them up she pretended as if she just saw me for the first time and said. “Oh my god, what are you doing under there? Did I run you over? Oh, I’m squishing you, let me move. I’ll be right back.“

With that, she pulled the sled off of me. Which was a good thing because it was a lot harder to breathe with it sitting on me lengthways. I had been getting close to passing out and had no way to let her know! Even then I still had a major hard-on the whole time. After pulling forward she jumped off the sled and ran back to me stepping onto my cock with both feet she dropped down to her knees on my chest knocking the wind out of me. She pulled my mask up and said. “I’m sorry I ran you over and squished you. Are you ok? Are you what I ran over earlier? Wow, I really squished you good I couldn’t even see you. I squished you so flat. Are you ok?“ this time she waited for me to answer and was a little more serious the second time she asked. I told her I was ok but did come close to passing out.

She started to get off me genuinely concerned as she asked me if I was certain I was ok. I quickly grabbed her arm and assured her I was alright. She stayed on top of me for a few minutes staring at me and biting her lower lip while I rested. She then stood up on my chest and said. “Well if your sure you’re ok I better get going.“ When she turned around to go she saw I was still hard and looked down at me over her shoulder. She started probing it with the toe of her boot and said. “Well I guess I didn’t completely squish you after all.“ She then stepped on my cock with both feet and started bouncing up and down on it saying squish squish squish over and over until I finally exploded under her bouncing boots.

After that, we decided to head back and get the other sled and head home. As I went to sit behind Becky for the ride back she stopped me and instead lifted up off the seat and smiled at me while biting her lower lip. I assumed my position as her seat cushion and off we went she had another orgasm on the way back. And told me she was close to climax again as we arrived at the other sled. I quickly asked her if she wanted to try one more thing before calling it a day and she agreed so found a spot where the snow was nice and deep and quickly set myself up so that my lower legs were dug in a little and then covered them with several inches of snow. This left me from about mid-thigh up on top of the layer or shell of hard icy snow that you get from the sun melting the snow and then refreezing overnight. This only took a few seconds to set up and Becky had moved her sled into position at my feet and was playing with herself as I was setting up.

As soon as I laid down she stated towards me as her sled climbed on top of my groin and then started on to my stomach. I hadn’t sunk into the snow at all. The hard shell was holding the weight. This made for a much harder crush and the track was sinking into my stomach a lot more. As it started to climb onto my chest it happened, the shell gave way the sled dropped about a foot down into the softer snow below. For the split second, it took from the shell to give way and the snow to compact enough to hold the weight again it felt like the sled was floating above me. So as soon as I stopped falling the sled and Becky came crashing down on top of me. I felt the sled first and then Becky land and bounce on me. At that point, I exploded all over the inside of my coveralls again. As it turned out Becky climaxed at that same time, which explained why she stopped and didn’t move forward again for almost a minute.

When she did move again she finished running over me rather quickly. She was afraid I might have been hurt by her and the sled falling on top of me. After that, we rode home and snuck into the house through the basement. The front of Becky’s ski pants was soaked with cum and my coveralls were soaked as well but you couldn’t tell because they were wet from the snow as well.

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  1. As a kid I always loved to lie down and have a friend run over me with a bicycle, and a time or two I’ve had a small car run over me. I’ve never gotten run over by a snowmobile but I’ve always wanted to try it.

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