The Ground

The author wrote an interesting take on the false floor story type, about a bridal party whose hostess was in on the trample experience.

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Submitted by a visitor

I lay there with Katy standing on my chest. It was autumn so she had on some fur-lined wedge-heeled boots, with her jeans tucked in with a hoodie. She had no idea I was there. She was talking on her phone and shuffling around. I was enjoying the view of her ass when her boot sole crashed down on my face as she walked around talking. The lug sole crushed down diagonally across my cheek and nose as she strode toward the railing, completely deforming my face as she walked right across it. It was just a part of the ground after all. Continue reading “The Ground”

The Spurs

The author wrote an excellent story about two dominant, but kind and caring women from the perspective of a man who fell prey to them. It is at moments brutal, but excellently written story.

written by Heelcushion
original source of the story was Fetlife

Part 1

It started when I offered to drive our receptionist Yvette out to see her horse on Saturday. Her car was in the garage and she was trying to sell her horse before going overseas. She asked if I could pick up the girl she was going to sell the horse to along the way, which of course I agreed to. I would agree to anything with her, she was so cute, and I was desperate to impress her. In my own shy, loser way I had a huge crush on her, I don’t think she had any idea until that day.

When I picked her up, she was dressed in figure-hugging jodhpurs that looked just amazing on her tight body, she was petite and attractive. I was hoping she would wear boots, but she just had sneakers on. She had a light shirt unbuttoned at the front and a short jacket that didn’t even come down to the top of her jodhpurs.

Struggling with how good she looked, I packed the two big bags she had with her and drove us over to pick up the other girl. This girl was standing out front of her place, also petite and attractive, and was dressed practically identical to my crush. She had a pretty big bag of gear with her and I helped her load it in the bag, getting a high voltage smile in return. My head was pounding, this could be quite a day … I had no idea. Continue reading “The Spurs”