Two Girls Trample 4 min read

The author remembers his first double trample

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was FootTales

This morning I watched bounce on chuck head and it reminded me of the first time I had two women at the same time trampling me with reckless abandon. It was about 12 years ago and I met them in a club.

I have become adept at picking the right type of women who might be talked into dancing on my body. I look for women wearing the highest heels available and for women wearing shorter skirts to show off their legs also women who wear patterned nylons or ankle bracelets. Next, if they spend a lot of time rocking on their heels or putting all of their weight on their heels they pique my interest. Sometimes they even deliberately step on things on the floor such as napkins or pieces of ice or anything else that crosses their path.

I was sitting at the bar when I noticed two women sitting by themselves at a table about 20 feet away I asked the bartender about them and he told me to forget them they were bitches and besides they were lesbians so I didn’t stand a chance. They were both dressed to kill and I wanted to be their prey so I sent over a drink anyway.

After 5 minutes or so I walked over and told them it was me who sent the drink and could I sit down. Suit yourself the blond told me but don’t expect us to fall at your feet for a drink. This was just the attitude I was looking for and I told her I was honored to buy such beautiful women a drink. Honored huh well maybe if you keep buying you can stay. One of them was blonde about 26 years old 5 ft 6 or so and around 125 lbs. She was obviously the more aggressive of the 2. Her friend was also blonde but a dirtier shade and was smaller 5ft 2 and maybe 105 lbs. Both of them had on short skirts with nylons with what looked like snakes I later learned it was ivy climbing up their legs. Spike heels were not in vogue then but the bigger girl Sharon had on a pretty high thin pair of sandals may be a 1-inch width instead of the 1/4 in I prefer today. The smaller girl Cassie had on a pair of flat heel shoes maybe a half inch. They had a flower on the toe and I thought they were very sexy.

I bought them another drink and said again that it was an honor to sit with them so I waited for the drinks at the bar and brought them over to the girls. After 4 or 5 drinks the booze started to loosen them up and they told me they weren’t into conventional sex and some people considered them strange. I took the plunge and said, “Me, too.”

When I told them what I was into they had drunk at least 7 drinks and they were intrigued, “You mean you let women stand and walk all over you,” they asked. “Exactly,” I replied. “Doesn’t it hurt,” they asked. “Sure,” I said, “but, I love it anyway.”

Sharon told me she hated men and would love to do something like that to all of the men she knew. I volunteered to buy several bottles of wine and go home with them and let Sharon enjoy herself. We got to their apartment and Sharon didn’t waste any time. “Pour me some wine and lay down.” I never moved so fast in my life. “Shoes off or on?” she asked. “On,” I said. I had removed my shirt and was laying between 2 rooms in the doorway.

Sharon put her right foot on me and pushed down a bit. “Go ahead,” I assured her. “Men suck, you told me so yourself. Well, enjoy.” With that, she stepped fully onto me and began to walk around. After 5 minutes or so she invited Cassie to join her in the fun. “This is a blast,” she said and began to stamp down harder. “Look at the neat marks my heels leave on you.” Cassie stepped on very gingerly and began to walk up and down. She turned out to be a real tiger and in no time was stepping full weight on my face and standing on my groin and digging her heels in. I stayed there until 4 am and they trampled me for the whole time, at least 6 hours. All of the wine was gone by the time I left. They were exhausted and fell into each other’s arms. I was visiting friends and lived 600 miles from them so we never did it again but I will always remember it.

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  1. I have had long tramples. I not into head and lighter on the genitals but the writer is correct the steady prolong tramples are great rather an attempted smashing.

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