Penny Loafers Part 2 4 min read

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Penny Loafers

written by Obiwan
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums


Moving forward a few years now to 1997. I am now in a good job, but my love life isn’t following suit. (Being ginger and weighing 200 lbs at the time didn’t help.) My trample fetish is as strong as ever but I have never told anyone as I didn’t have any net access so still saw myself as a freak.

Then I started to lose weight after my dad passed away and found out a girl I worked with was interested in me. Petite, blond, slim, and cute, both physically and personally. We started going out in September of ’97. After a while, we started playing about and wrestling with each other, etc. I always managed to lose 😀 and would end up engineering situations with her assuming a victory pose on me. She was worried that she would hurt me just by having a foot on my chest, but I assured her that this was OK, but she would never stand on me at full weight, saying she was frightened of crushing me. If only, I thought………

Anyway, by February ’98 I was raising the subject in different ways and one day, in the car, mid-conversation, she said, I quote: “I’ll trample all over you if it’ll keep you with me and if you aren’t faithful I’ll jump on you.” Needless to say, it wasn’t easy to finish the journey. I asked her to put this to the test, and after much persuasion, she agreed, but only to prove whether I could take it or not. So I lay on the floor in her bedroom and she walked all over me in her stockinged feet. I said that that was easy. The real challenge would be to take it in a pair of shoes. She wasn’t too sure but agreed, so out came a pair of lug-soled loafers which she put on and then walked from my groin to my chest. She only weighed 100lbs so it was easy and I told her so.

The following day we had an argument. I forget what about but she got mad at me and said something about wanting to stand on me again. I can’t remember my exact response but basically admitted that it had been a fantasy of mine for years. Expecting a negative reaction I steeled myself for the worst but was pleasantly surprised. She asked me about my fetish in great detail, and I answered in kind.

Three days later she turned up at my house saying she had a surprise for me. She got out of the car wearing a black pair of penny loafers and had brought a pair of black suede low-heeled court shoes with her. She said she wanted to see how much I could take now she knew what I wanted.

We went inside and she made me lie down at the foot of the stairs. She then proceeded to walk over me, groin, stomach, and chest. Standing on my chest she then placed a shoe over my face and pressed down, with the sole over my forehead and eyes and the heel over my mouth. She stood, saying she felt quite regal and powerful, in this position for a long time, only stepping down to change into the court shoes that she had owned for a long time.

She now informed me that I was her doormat and only existed to serve under her feet. She then trampled me again in the same manner as before. The soles of these shoes were beige in color, yet worn and gritty. I remember this as I saw them at close range more than once. She walked up slowly to my chest, making sure every square inch of my body had been trampled beneath her shoes, then stood on my chest, before planting the sole of her shoe over my lips, saying “Kiss.”

I wasn’t in a position to argue so I obeyed. I then had to repeat this for the heel of the shoe and then the upper, before she swapped feet and made me start on the other shoe. After I had finished worshipping her shoes she changed back into her loafers and went through the same process again. This felt different as they were new at the time and the soles weren’t worn at all.

She then walked all over me for what seemed like forever, before stepping off as we were both hungry.

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