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A month ago I was at a friend’s house for drinks. We were sitting in the conservatory, downstairs at the back of the house. There were about a dozen people sitting around drinking, talking, and laughing.

I have always fancied a girl called Suzy. She is in her early 30s, around 5’6“, slim, and blond. I have known her for several years and we have flirted with each other on a few occasions and she knows that I like women’s feet and shoes. That night she was there, looking gorgeous, wearing a little black top and skirt, black hose, and black knee-high boots with a 2-inch heel. More importantly, her boyfriend was not with her.

I was chatting to people and glancing across at her quite often. Around 11 pm I went to the kitchen to get a beer from the fridge and a few seconds later Suzy followed me in and asked if I could fix her a vodka with orange. While I was getting her drink she said something like, “I have not had a good chat with you in ages. Why don’t we sit here and talk a while?“ So we sat at the breakfast bar and she said, “well how are you these days? I replied, “Not too bad. Nothing a good back walking would not cure“ and glanced down at her boots. Suzy laughed and said, that would be my cure for everything. So we chat some more and go back and join the others.

About two hours and several drinks later, I had to go for a pee. The downstairs was occupied, so I went upstairs. I had finished and was just about to go back downstairs when I saw Suzy coming up. So I laid down on the hall floor on my belly facing the stairs and waited.

Suzy reached the top stair looked down, smiled, and said something along the lines of “You madman. Do you want me to walk on you?” So I said yes. She hesitated, so I suggested that she should start with my hands, reached forward, and touched the toe of her boot. She moved her foot and half stood on the back of my right hand with the sole of one boot. I asked if she could not do better than that, so she trod hard on my hand with one foot, then both feet, standing on my hands, then my forearms, first with her soles, then her heels.

After a minute or so I suggested she get on my back, using the banister rail to balance. After a pause she did. Then got more confident and started to walk up and down my shoulders and back, then my bottom, which she seemed to like cause she marched on my butt cheeks for a while.

I then suggested that she should do the other side. She just replied, “Are you sure?” I said of course, so she stepped off and I rolled over onto my back. She stepped up onto my belly and moved cautiously to my chest. She stood on my chest for a while, slightly rocking her weight from one boot to the other. Suzy commented that I was a gentleman because I was not trying to look up her skirt. I must have beamed like a Cheshire cat.

“I could wipe that smile off your face,” she said. I replied, “Why don’t you try?” So she stood with one foot on my chest and started to gently press the sole of her boot on my cheek. Then she pressed her sole on my mouth and smiled down at me. Next, she slowly stepped back down my chest to my belly and then put one foot on my upper thigh.

I could not believe my luck. Next thing I knew she placed one foot, then the other on my groin, right on my penis. She stood there gently shifting her weight from one foot to the other and laughed. I was in heaven for about ten seconds, until disaster struck. She had let go of the banister and suddenly she toppled over backward, hitting the half-open bathroom door. She ended up sprawled on her back with one leg in the air, laughing out loud.

Well, that was it. She was worried that someone might have heard her fall, so I helped her up and she told me to go back downstairs to join the others.

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