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My name is Josh, I’m in high school right now…and have been reading these great stories for a while…never did I think that it might happen to me, or I would have the opportunity to write one.

We live by the Country Club and my parents are well known in the community. I’m considered one of the cute boys…who golfs and likes to party. Well, Saturday night my sister Kara decided to have a party and invite her friends over …she is a year younger than I am, but I’m friends with her friends and she with mine. All of the friends that came over were girls…which was all good with me!

My parents were at a benefit dinner at a local resort…and wouldn’t be back till early morning…so I got some alcohol (mainly cheap stuff – wine coolers) because all of her friends like to get a wee bit tipsy. Let’s see who all came over…mostly juniors like Sara, Amy, Casey, Jessica…and the two best looking 8th graders I know…Sarah T. and Michelle. They are just the “hip” girls from their grade and get the privilege of hanging out w/my sister and her friends. My sister’s name is Allison by the way.

Anyways…it’s very nice out right now…which means short shorts and tank tops…and best of all sandals! Of course no one at all knows about my little infatuation with girls feet and shoes, and I never expected that to change *sigh*. We were all down in the family room, everyone having some wine coolers and beer (not like bingeing out)…I was laying on the floor watching tv on my stomach while they all crowded into the big couches and chairs around.

Sara…who is very very good looking, extremely tan with slim legs and perfect feet…started calling me names from her chair and calling me a golfing dork. (by the way all these girls are extremely good looking and affluent **if that even matters** ). So I fired back and told her she was a little snooty bitch and would look like a dog w/o her makeup on. Wow! That must have made her mad because she got up and stepped right up on my back! I didn’t know what to do initially it shocked me! I rolled over and she had to hop off…and I was like “what are you doing retard?” and right then she was wearing a pair of wooden clogs and she put her shoe right on my face!

I was thinking then *NOO WAY THIS ISN’T HAPPENING!* and she goes “Kiss my fucking shoe now Josh or I’ll make your nose flat!” right then she applied a little pressure so I gladly obliged and kiss the bottom of her clog…after that she turned and walked away but not w/o stepping with her heel on my forehead…which actually hurt quite a bit! All the girls were laughing like crazy, and I of course tried to hide any enjoyment of it and snarled and turned back toward the TV.

Right then Sarah T. piped in and went, “Sara you shouldn’t let him disrespect you like that!” And she (who had been hitting the wine coolers pretty hard* walked over to me and stood right by my head. I rolled over on my back and looked up at her and stuck my tongue out, and out of the blue she goes “I’m going to stomp on you” and she picked her foot up in her adidas sandal and did just that right on my chest almost knocking the wind out of me (she’s in 8th grade probably weighing 100 (45 kg) at the most). It really stunned me…after that Michelle walked over and said, “Oh let me squash him too!” she was wearing a pair of American Eagle sandals I believe, right at that moment I had my head rolled to the side…and I saw out of the corner of my eye her leg raise up and then “BAM” right on the side of my head.

Wow ! That didn’t feel too good. But to my astonishment my sister and her friends were laughing like crazy. It then dawned on me I was getting trampled and stomped on by hot girls…w/o them even knowing that I was enjoying it. I finally realized that I needed to keep taunting them so they wouldn’t stop. Sarah T. Stepped right up onto my chest with Michelle’s help..and stood on me going “Am I squashing you flat joshy woshy?” and of course I’m extremely muscular and I go “Shut up Sarah and get off me you fat cow” She then started jumping up and down on me w/her adidas sandals on!

Jessica then got up and walked over to me and goes (jessica is a very slender athlete with a very v-shaped body very broad shoulders) “you know I’ve always wanted my feet massaged…not by hands but by your tongue” and with that she placed her foot over my mouth and went “get to work now or you will pay” acting a little scared I did what I was told as I ran my tongue against her soft barefoot soles and heel.

Sarah T. thought this was cute and tried to step on my mouth also after she kicked off her sandal…her soles were smaller and really soft but she managed to jam her bare heel into my nose kinda hard which really really hurt (but hey no pain no gain). Casey who does small time modeling for our mall *fashion shows and what not* came over and says i think “I want a piece of this action” and so she just stepped up on my stomach pushing the air out of me (casey weighs a little more maybe 132 (60 kg) ?) and wow looking at her long muscular legs and big rack above me was almost too much as she raised her foot high in the air…all I could see was her bare sole which came down hard onto my chest knocking even more wind out of me!

By this time my sister goes, “Okay that’s enough of using my brother I think he might be hurting now!” I was saddened by this but acted as if I was disgusted…they all got off me and laughed, but not before Sarah T. Slipped her Adidas sandals back on and did a quick double stomp on the side of my face which made me a little dizzy. She walked away with her arms crossed in a cute pouty way. She then made a little remark i think like “you better lick my bare heel next time or you’ll be a pancake”

I then went outside hopped in my Navigator and went for a ride to just enjoy and remember my whole experience, none of which they know I enjoyed.

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