Wedding Surprise Part 4 4.4 (12)

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Wedding Surprise

Dan’s wedding night adventure continues

written by paragon
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

The ladies enjoyed a light snack of fruit, wine, and cheese. Vivian offered some to her husband who was still tied on the floor. As she fed him she spoke softly and sweetly to him. “Are you having fun dear? How do you like being my little foot slave? I want to know because we can do this regularly if you want. Do you like more than one girl on you at once?” Dan smiled and said, “I like what you like.” Vivian leaned in close to his ear and whispered, “I love trampling you and I get very turned on watching someone else trample you.” She locked onto his lips and gave him a very long, deep, passionate kiss. Dan was elated to hear his wife’s comment. All reservations and inhibitions left his consciousness and he resigned himself to enjoying his predicament. Vivian stood up with one foot on each side of Dan’s head. She looked down at him and smiled and then she looked at Tracy. “Tracy, I believe you have control of my husband’s cock.” She said. Vivian sat on the couch and invited Tracy and Nancy to join her. Tracy sat down and looked right at Dan as she licked her lips. Vivian looked at the clock on the table and yelled, “GO!” Continue reading “Wedding Surprise Part 4 4.4 (12)

Substitute Teacher Part 3 4.7 (17)

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Substitute Teacher

The new job adventures continue

written by trampleme
original source of the story was Unknown source

As I inched toward her shoe, I could smell the scent of her feet. She had those heels on all day and the aroma was a sweet, yet salty, vinegary-like smell, with a hint of leather. I was totally aroused. I began to kiss her shoes all over with passion. She was amused by this and said, “That’s a good sub. Kiss them all over.” I started to lick a little as I kissed her shoes. I rubbed my nose across her nylons as I licked and man was the smell awesome. She said, “OK sub, roll over on your back.” “Yes, Principal Dawn,” I said with a strange look on my face. “Now, you must clean the soles of my high heels.” I thought, OK great. But then, she stepped up on my stomach and I could hardly breathe. “You weren’t ready for that, sub, but you better get used to it because this is how you will greet everyone in this school from here on out.” Man, her heels were piercing into my flesh and the pain was immense. But, I think I can handle it. She doesn’t weigh that much. Continue reading “Substitute Teacher Part 3 4.7 (17)

Celeste Part 8 4 (4)

This entry is part 8 of 9 in the series Celeste

The story primarily involves psychological aspects of femdom intertwined with humiliation and physical abuse.

written by Chaosmonkey
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

Celeste spent the next couple of hours chatting to friends on the phone while I, naked in the corner, set to work licking clean her shoes and those of her friends. I knew I had to do a good job to avoid as much pain as possible but felt my tongue running bone dry by the time I started on the fourth pair, I could feel the shallow ridges of the sole cutting into its surface as Celeste joked with one of her friends about hooking up with a new man at the wedding. I carried on, licking each of eight pairs of black stilettos clean, inside and out, feeling my parched tongue follow their patent black curves, wrapping my cracking lips around those tall slender heels. Continue reading “Celeste Part 8 4 (4)

Asian girl 3.5 (11)

The author remembers a foot-fetish relationship he had with a female neighbor to whom he was truthful about his desires.

written by JD
original source of the story was Submitted by a visitor

I used to live in an apartment complex in a medium-size Midwestern city. One day after work I was getting my mail out of the mailbox in the lower level of the building. While I was standing there an Asian female walked up and proceeded to get her mail as well. She appeared to be about 22 years old 5’3 about 100 lbs and very pretty. She was dressed in a short black skirt, black nylons, and 3-inch heels. Continue reading “Asian girl 3.5 (11)