On the Field 36 min read

The author wrote a very brutal trample fantasy that started with some, what would later seem like light trampling in cleats, a recovery phase, and then some brutal trampling that ended fatally.

written by Heelcushion
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

Part 1

I reluctantly agreed to play a round of football, even though I had no gear and the field looked pretty muddy after a lot of rain. The things you do for friends with sad puppy dog expressions.

Dressed in just shorts and a T-shirt, without shoes we walked down to the field and found it was still raining a little bit. I spotted a group of women in full uniforms and even matching football boots on the field kicking a ball around. All of them looked fit and hot.

Our stupid friend arrived looking as disheveled as we did. I pointed out the women and he said that was the team we were playing against!! He had apparently lost a bet with one of them and this was his chance to break even. We were all shocked, bad enough we were playing women but fit, hot women who clearly knew what they were doing?!?! We were toast.

Numb with a sense of dread we took the field and our positions. I looked at the player covering me and god she looked amazing. A long blond ponytail topped a very pretty face, that was at least 4-5 inches taller than me. Her muscled legs were long and breathtaking, tipped with brightly colored football boots with long and sharp looking cleats. I looked down at my pasty white bare feet then back at her cleats with a sense of foreboding, then glanced back at her face to be greeted by a beaming, dangerous-looking smile.

The game started and very quickly became as one side as I had figured. These women were quick, accurate, and vicious. I saw one of the guys try to get the ball off one of the smaller ladies and my amazon stomped over his feet grinding her cleats in. I saw him hopping on one leg and looked back at her face. She met my gaze and grinned and winked at me. My heart was pounding.

The next play the ball came my way and I got control of it then started turning and was literally smashed over onto my back by my nemesis. It happened so fast and the impact was so hard I had trouble figuring out what had happened. My left foot hurt like hell and I lifted it to have a look, no wonder it hurt there were obvious cleat marks and skin scraped off and bleeding. The bitch had bulldozed me over while doing a number on my poor foot with her cleats. I was in love.

I was becoming obvious, my shorts were not up to the task of hiding my erection. Several of the women were now noticing. Within a short period of time, I was knocked over several times, once while on my hands and knees trying to catch my breath and get up, another wonderful womanly leg brushed past me as a set of sharp cleats painfully ground my hand into the mud. Again the skin was torn and bleeding. These women had unusually sharp and vicious cleats and knew how to use them.

Within a few more minutes my legs were again kicked out from under me. I rolled onto my back and lifted my hands out of harm’s way. Suddenly my groin burst into pain as my amazon stomped the heel of her cleats into my ball sack and walked up to my chest. Her cleats cut in hard in spite of the T-shirt, then as she stepped off she sank the heels of the cleats into my pecs and twisted hard. It really hurt and I wondered what it would have been like without the T-shirt.

The rest of the game went much the same, at 40 – nil we declared absolute defeat. Our dumb buddy was treated to the insult of having his photo taken with 4 women standing on him, one with her sharp cleats on the side of his head. I did want to be him, and my dick was trying to tell everyone. As we did a team to team handshake, most of the women trod on our bare feet. My feet felt like all the skin had been ripped off.

The last woman in the queue was my amazon nemesis. She stepped right up to me and pushed me into the wall. Her pert breasts were pushing against my chin, and of course, both my feet were under the toes of her cleats. I looked up at her beautiful grinning face, feeling helpless and defeated.

“Oh, poor baby” she crooned, “rough game huh. You know I’m 5’11” in my bare feet, much taller normally cause I love to wear heels. Would you like to see me in heels? Would you like to feel me in heels?” as she said it she rubbed herself against me and my whole groin responded. “Oh!!” she exclaimed. “you would like me in heels huh!! And how about I balance on your nipples in my six-inch steel-tipped stilettos!!”.

“Sounds like lots of fun,” said a deep sexy voice off to my side, and I realized I was surrounded by most of the team. “We have our doormat ladies,” said the stunning newcomer.

The last thing I remember was a cloth soaked in something very pungent being held over my face as I passed out.

Part 2

As I woke my head was pounding like crazy. I lifted my hand to touch my head and it wouldn’t move. I was tied to the floor. As I came around I could hear the voices of angels, or were they devils? Awareness took its time coming back to me and I felt the cold of concrete sucking the warmth from my back. I could move my head and started surveying my prison. I was strapped into a thick wooden frame that was holding me prone to the floor with my arms and legs pulled tight. My heart pounded in panic.

Then I heard the clatter of cleats on the concrete floor, as several women walked into view. I felt my groin respond immediately and realized I was naked. They were laughing at my predicament and my main tormentor stood up on the wooden frame and looked down on me.

Her smile was so sweet but disguised such malice. She crouched and jumped into the air landing on my stomach with an astonishing force that pushed all the air from me. Her sharp cleats dug in hard as she twisted around, my bare skin shredded beneath those evil cleats. She jumped onto my chest and started grinding her cleats back and forth, ripping my chest and making the skin raw. I screamed out in pain and she stopped. She looked at me in astonishment.

“Good god that was nothing, what is the matter with you?” she pouted down at me.

Balancing her weight on her toes, she stepped forward and cleats dug into my forehead, then my nose was partially crushed as she stood full weight on one foot with her heel cleats cutting into my chin. I tried to cry out but the pressure and pain were too much. My head was crushed between her amazing weigh and the hard concrete. The only yielding going on was with me.

Slowly I felt another set of cleats dig into me as the other women started standing on my hands and arms, then others started to stand on my feet and legs. That was very painful as all the women were grinding their cleats in as hard as they could. It felt like a dozen knives cutting into me. I was now sobbing in pain.

This torture continued for a short while, my skin being shredded by hot women with particular attention being paid to rake my groin and rip the skin off my hands. I had noticed my chief assailant was missing, she was certainly one of the most energetic attackers. Then suddenly all the ladies stepped back and there she was above me again.

She looked down at me with an expression that was hard to read. She said, “you know, soccer was not my sport at school, can you guess what was?” She grinned and said, “let me give you a hint” and stepped forward with her toes onto the top of my thighs. Stabbing pain from my thighs shocked me into screaming at the top of my lungs as the women all burst out laughing at me. I felt her weight moving and it was like something was cutting into my legs. She then stepped onto my stomach and again it felt like stabbing pain but I could not see why.

“Still can’t connect the dots baby?” she laughed down at me. “I just love this feeling girls, being able to cause so much pain and damage so easily”.
She stepped forward up onto my pecs, again on her toes and as she steps forwards I did connect the dots, the bitch was wearing track shoes with razor-sharp track spikes that she then drove back down into my chest. I was now shaking in pain, and to make matters worse she slowly twisted about on the spikes which were now literally ripping my skin to bits. Now I was sobbing and crying openly, I had never felt such pain.

Part 3

I was reduced to a crying, bleeding mess on the floor. I was shaking in shock and from the cold of the floor. My beautiful torturer was now amusing herself by scratching my chest to shreds with her sharp track spikes. Every time she gently rested the spikes on the top of my chest I cried out. Every time she harshly drew her amazing leg down my body slicing skin open I screamed. I don’t know how long this went on for, I had lost my mind with the pain.

I did not even realize when she stopped. The other women had not been idle, some still had the cleats on, others had changed into spiked golf shoes some with the old metal spikes and one with the new plastic spikes. One girl had on baseball cleats with thin metal blades that cut in pretty good. One amazing brunette had long round steel cleats on rugby boots which she dug in pretty hard.

I was feeling it all, every stomp and kick and feeling off sharp spikes and cleats raking my body and groin. I knew the wetness I was feeling was blood from countless wounds. However these women had a thankfully short attention span, maybe I was not entertaining enough.

A few seconds after the action died down, there was a loud clattering on the concrete. The women started gasping and laughing, and one shrieked “On my god, you are not using those are you?” “What on earth are they? Asked another.

The sweet, sexy, dangerous voice of my tempestuous tormentor replied “I recently got interested in mountain climbing and climbing ice. These are called crampons, they allow you to climb on ice so I want to know how they feel climbing over a little man”. My heart stopped, and I felt like a block of ice myself. That was apparently how she was going to treat me …

Part 4

“Please, please, please don’t,” I begged her. I was shaking, hurt, and bleeding, scared as hell. This beautiful blond vision was towering over me, her hair in a long ponytail hanging down the side of her sweet face. She smiled down at me with a look of pity, her firm breasts almost contained by her bright blue sports bra, her amazing long muscled legs encased in shiny black lycra. But it was her hiking boots with the sharp blue steel crampons and the razor-sharp steel teeth on the bottom that had my attention.

She had been standing there letting the panic and fear take effect, then she slowly lowered her boot gently sideways onto my chest. I knew she had only a small amount of weight on her foot, she was still holding most of the weight of the boot herself. The sharp points of the crampon blades were cutting into me though. Our eyes were locked, mine leaking and hers were laughing. She was loving this. With a cheeky grin, she started rubbing herself between her legs. OMG, she was actually getting off on causing me pain.

Once that realization hit me, and my face must have betrayed my realization, her hesitation was gone and she stood full weight on that one leg digging the sharp teeth into me deeply. She then placed the other boot of spikes over my groin and my dick was captured by the sharp steel. As she evened up her weight and rocked over to impale my groin she lifted her boot up and blood dripped from the spikes, she twisted her foot sideways then stomped down with first one boot, then the other. She had the toes of both boots over the top of my chest, with the heels over my pecs and rib cage. She was gyrating as she pleasured herself with every grind cutting me to bits beneath her spiked boots. I could not scream or breathe, I was dying beneath her. I was sure I could feel the sharp steel grinding through my bones. I was to find out later I was right.

The crampons had a set of large, sharp spikes on the toes that were now ripping into my throat and face. I half expected her to end me there, but after several seconds she calmly turned around and walked down to stand on my thighs.

She got off me and turned around to stand between my legs. She looked happy and flushed, then with an evil frown on her face she moved forwards and kicked me hard in the balls with this toe spikes. The second kick delivered so much pain that I was blissfully dispatched to unconsciousness.

Part 5

I didn’t want to wake up. All I could feel was pain and hurt. Slowly I started hearing sounds and buzzers and people talking softly. From somewhere I got the courage to open my eyes and unsurprisingly I was in a hospital bed. As more awareness returned I started crying again, I’m not sure why but it just seemed the right thing to do.

My quiet sobbing drew the attention of a lady in a white lab coat. She was tall and had long blond hair cascading around the face of an angel. I instantly recognized that face. The shock hit me like a brick wall, she was my reason for being in a hospital and she was my doctor. My heart and head were pounding, and I was speechless.

Her sweet voice crooned at me: “Oh, you poor wee man, don’t worry I’ll take very special care of you, baby. I owe you that don’t I. You just lay there and get better so we can go on another date. I so enjoyed our last one!” she laughed so sweetly and softly stroked my face. “Let me give you something to feel a bit better and keep you nice and calm”.

She moved over to a trolly and busied herself with some stuff for a minute, then returned with a syringe. At first, I thought she was going to use it to hurt me, but instead, she injected whatever it was into a drip I was connected to.

Again the sweet softness of her voice had me in her spell as she said “This is a very special cocktail just for our special patient. It will take a couple of minutes to take effect so would you like a wee update on how you’re doing?” She just smiled. She continued on, “well after you were brought in from that horrible industrial accident you were a part of, you were torn up pretty good. You should be more careful you know”. I just looked at her in disbelief.

She picked up a clipboard and started reading. “Severe lacerations on most of the front of your body, in particular, your chest was cut up pretty bad. We actually had to operate and remove bone fragments from where your ribs and pelvis and some other bones had been broken. You had four broken ribs you know. It is a pity about your right hand, I do hope you’re not right-handed. It was such a crushed and broken mess, but our surgeons are the best here so you may get the use of it again. I hope so!! Oh, you poor man, your groin was badly cut up, again we did our best but we will have to see how that goes. Oh, I can see the drugs are starting to work so I’ll leave you to your thoughts. Oh, almost forgot, you’ve been here three weeks. You were in such a state we thought it best for you to induce a coma.” She sounded so matter a fact, so sweet, so calm. I drifted back into the safety of sleep.

Part 6

It was two and a half months before I was released from the hospital on crutches and a wheelchair. My face was still bruised and my right hand was in a cast. I had not seen it, but it was in constant pain. Every breath hurt, my whole chest, and let’s not start on my groin. It was still bandaged and I had a bag to take care of going to the toilet. Then came the big shock.

Sarah, I knew her name now, had arranged some private care for me. With a sense of foreboding, I knew that was not going to be good for me. It was no surprise that the private care was to be delivered at a big country house where Sarah just happened to live. She took me home with her, where she and several other amazons seemed to have set up shop. Although they took very good care of me, I plunged into depression and knew there was a day of reckoning coming.

As my mobility improved, I found there were other men in the house. All of them appeared as depressed and beaten as I was. One poor fellow had lost an eye and looked like half his face had been smashed in. He had a bad limp and was usually pushing a trolley around stocking wood in the huge fireplaces the old house had in abundance. One morning when it was quiet and none of the women were about, I stopped him and asked him what had happened to him. He was terrified and didn’t want to talk. Eventually, he just said to me “the tall blond, watch out for her, she’s lethal and vicious. Don’t make her mad, don’t fight her and keep away from her cowgirl boots”. He broke away from me and ran onto his errands. My heart was pounding, I was in no doubt who the leader was, who he was referring to. Sarah.

All in all, I was well treated and healed very well, until the day for my medical examination.

They started out very nice and gentle, but one of the nurses stripped me and then tied me to an examination bed spread-eagled.

After a while Sarah walked in, her feet were making a loud hard “clack” on the floor at every step. I glimpsed the brunette nurse looking at Sarah’s feet, her expression became unreadable and she looked at me. Something in that expression was very unsettling. Sarah had not even looked at me, she was focused on a clipboard and her face had an air of annoyance.

Finally, she clacked over to me. I was shaking and it was not cold. She looking me in the eyes and her expression froze me where I lay.

“You disobeyed the rules,” she said coldly. My brain raced, rules?!?! What rules? I was sure it was not a good idea to challenge her, so I just swallowed and panicked. She coldly looked me up and down as one would examine a turd. She reached up and had a dog collar in her hand, with spikes on the inside of the collar. Wordlessly she put it on me and tightened it so the spikes dug into my throat. She gave it a sharp tug and I knew spikes had penetrated the side of my neck.

She removed the white lab coat she had been wearing and what I then saw both scared me and excited me at the same time. I could only see the top half of her all-leather outfit, but it was high gloss black leather, expensive leather you could tell. She looked just amazing, on her such an outfit was astonishing. A long-sleeved tight leather top was covered with a leather corset, but what was frightening were the rows of long shiny sharp steel spikes, the protruded from her bust in a cluster and ran in rows up and down her corset. I have never been so scared of getting a hug in my life.

Another woman dressed in a similar outfit entered the room, she came over to me then looked at Sarah who simply nodded. The newcomer was a very attractive brunette, who smiled at me and started releasing me from the restraints. Something about her smile did not settle my nerves at all. When she had finished releasing me I did not move a muscle. I waited, looking at Sarah.

She glanced at me and snapped her fingers, she turned and holding my leash she started walking away making that distinctive clattering on the floor. I immediately scrambled after her. Then following her the shock of the rest of her outfit penetrated my addled wits. The clattering was from the metal heel plates on the most amazing pair of cowgirl boots I have ever seen. Cowgirl boots!! The impact of that hit me like she had kicked me in the head. As hard as it was to come to terms with, I suddenly felt I was in even worse trouble than I had previously experienced.

I was transfixed by her boots, rich black leather with shiny steel all over them. The 2-3 inch stacked heels had the metal taps on the end sure, but the front edges had serrated blades on them. The toes, the very hard looking pointed toes were all steel tapering to a sharp point. I contemplated what a kick from them could do to me, but I already knew what they could do didn’t I. That poor bastard with the smashed-in face. He warned me about these boots, and I knew my bones were going to be shattered by those toes.

That was not all of course, why would she stop there, the top of the steel toe plate has sharper spikes at least one to two inches long. My survey of goddess Sarah continued up her long awesome legs to her lovely tight butt. She was wearing leather pants that looked to be sprayed on. Wow. There was some kind of thong showing under the back of her corset and I could not see what that meant. As we had descended steps into the basement we were walking on concrete and her clacking became louder. I realized the lovely brunette was walking behind me making her own much higher-pitched clicking noise. Stilettos, it had to be and with metal heel tips of course.

We entered the room. I recognized it instantly, the wooden frame from my previous torture was leaning up against the wall. Sarah dropped the leash and walked over to a table filled with strange and scary looking “toys”. The brunette followed her and they both started to put on leather gloves. They knew I was way too scared to even think about running. I surveyed the brunettes attire and it was similar to the outfit Sarah wore except for the boots. This lovely lady was wearing black thigh-high boots with a small platform, also pointed toes but tapered to a very sharp steel covered point. The heels, her heels were solid metal tapering to very sharp points. She was expertly balancing on razor-sharp spikes really not heels.

They both turned and faced me. Several things struck me at once. The thing they were both wearing over their leather pants was holding a device over their groins that looked like a dick covered in metal spikes. The gloves they both put on were in fact claw gloves with long sharp spikes extending the fingers, and serrated metal blades on the back of the hands. Sarah held up her hand and showed me that the inner side of the fingers and palms were of course also covered in short sharp spikes. She giggled, then both of them giggled. I was shaking in fear so much I felt dizzy, then falling, then bang as my head connected with the concrete floor. I had fainted.

Part 7

I had fainted, I had actually fainted. My vision cleared and Sarah snapped at me “get up!” and I scrambled to my feet. I was wet, and the brunette was holding a bucket. They both looked very annoyed and I started crying. Sarah clattered over to me and grabbed me by the chin, the spikes on her gloves digging in hard and penetrating my skin. She pushed my small, weak male body back against the wall but kept on coming. My stupid groin was so aroused, bloody traitor. She pushed herself into me and gave me a bear hug. She slowly gyrated her hips as the spikes on her corset ripped into me. I was gasping for breath as she tore me up. Then she pulled me out from the wall and started clawing my back with her sharp fingered gloves, they felt like knives ripping the top of my back open.

One hand reached down and grabbed my balls squeezing hard. The spikes on her gloves easily penetrated and started ripping me apart. She stepped even further back and with one finger she vigorously stabbed my nipple. The pain was so intense that I could not scream. That was amazing to me, you could experience pain to a point that you could not scream. I could see the spike on her fingertip had penetrated well into my nipple. I looked up into those ice-cold blue eyes and saw no sign of emotion at all she stabbed my other nipple with the spiked forefinger of her other glove. Then she started twisting the spikes in further and then I screamed. She smirked down at me with contempt and brought her other fingers into play, slicing and ripping my chest to bits.

She seemed satisfied and stepped away clattering, but before I had a chance to recover, she slammed one of her stacked, metal heels hard onto my small toe. I swear I heard the crunch as the bone was smashed. I was bent over trying to reach my poor foot. The toe looked terrible, twisted sideways crushed, ripped, and bleeding. For a doctor and caregiver, she was astonishingly vicious and cruel.

I did not see the brunette coming, I have so consumed with pain that my other attacker sneaked up on me and the first I knew she was close to me was as she slammed her steel spike of the heel through my instep. Yes through, my foot was well and truly impaled on her heel. As she started rotating her heel and she twisted it I could feel bones breaking and grinding against the cold hard steel. She lifted her foot and my foot came too. Every movement she made brought agony to me. She put the toe of her other boot on the other end of my foot, then ripped her spike out of my foot as I screamed and dropped to the floor as blood was pumping out of the wound she had made.

I lay there sobbing and looked at those evil heels. She slowly lifted her boot and drove a heel slowly into my thigh. It hurt so much more because she did it slowly, my skin resisted and protested as much as it could which seemed to make the shock worse when her heel actually penetrated. She did not stop there, once her shining tower of torture had stabbed into my thigh she just kept applying more pressure driving the heel through muscle and flesh, the feeling was astonishing, I could feel the cold shaft ripping its way in, as I watched hypnotized by the cruelty on it all. Then suddenly her heel tip hit the bone and stopped.

She let out a little girlish giggle, stood up on one leg which focused all her stunning, beautiful weight onto one amazing leg clad in that evil boot, now balanced on that sharp steel spike of a heel and started grinding and rotating the heel into my bone with all her weight. I could feel the bone chipping away, she was wreaking my leg. There was a crunch, blinding pain, and more blackness.

Another abrupt awakening, more cold water, more cold expressions directed my way. There was a new woman in the room dressed as a nurse. There had been some running repairs done to me, but certainly no pain relief. My arms were sore because I was suspended from them. My feet were off the ground which was a blessing considering the state they were in.

Sarah was standing in front of me again, she was stretching and it looked like she was limbering up for something. I was sure that something involved considerable pain to me, and I was not to be disappointed. She gracefully spun on one heel and snap kicked me in the chest with the other hard steel heel. OMG the pain, she had expertly smashed my bottom rip and I was in new agony. She spun and kicked again and took out the next rib up. Now she was smiling, enjoying herself. About this point, a penny dropped and I realized she was a doctor, so she knew anatomy and how to repair it so she must really understand how to cause and prolong the pain. Slam! And the next rib is broken.

For a change of pace, instead of the heel she now kicked me in the ribs with the steel covered pointed toe of her boot. The hard steel crushed bone mercilessly and the sharp edges ripped and slashed skin. She was a very fit, large woman with incredible power and strength. She was not even breathing heavy. I am pretty sure every strike she inflicted on my broken body actually broke more bones. I was her kickboxing bag, and I was getting worn out. I really got lost in the pain as flashes of steel-tipped boot toes and steel-tipped heels kept slamming into me over and over for what seemed like hours.

She moved her attack up to my head and face, smashing teeth out, breaking my jaw and I was pretty sure fracturing my skull in numerous places. I could hardly see, hardly breathe, hardly think. In an explosion of pain, a final snap kick to the temple took me offline.

Part 8 – The last part

The next few days were a pain-filled blur in which I received minimal care and limited medical attention. I had lost track of time, I had lost the will to live. I was in a small dirty cell on the floor with just a thin mattress and a thin dirty blanket to keep me warm. It failed.

Very early one morning before dawn two big guys dressed in loincloths appeared and dragged me from my cell out the back door down to what looked and smelt like stables. Yes, there was horse dung, yes they were stables. They dragged me out into a field and tied me to a well-worn post at one end. My arms and legs were stretched out as I was suspended by a thin rough rope. It didn’t look very strong rope, and when I pulled on it a bit, it stretched. This was very strange. It occurred to me that this was an obedience test.

It was very cold so I was freezing and hardly likely to nod off. As dawn arrived I could see my surroundings more clearly. The area around me was covered in hoof prints in the mud, and it looked like the rest of the field had been used for dressage over a long time.

Eventually, there was more motion and noise from the stables and the sounds of horses and girls. As the sun started to send some warming rays my way I could hear the sounds of horse’s hooves pounding into the field, but still I could not see any sign of activity. It was quite scary hearing the horses and riders but not knowing where they were relative to me. My wait was soon over as I heard what sounded like a huge horse gallop up behind me and stop. I was terrified, I could feel the horses breath on my naked back, I was expecting pain at any second.

There was a “click-click” and the horse seemed to move slowly away and started to walk around me. It was huge and I would never have thought a horse could look down on a human with contempt, but this one did. As it slowly walked into view the rider became visible and Sarah cheerfully chirped at me “hello honey!! What a lovely morning isn’t it? I just love the feeling first thing in the morning don’t you baby?” She looked so beautiful in a purple silk top and black leather jodhpurs, which were tucked into those cowgirl boots. There was something new, each boot now sported massive spurs with sharp rowels that were a good four inches across. They looked very sharp and nasty.

“Excellent” chirped Sarah (why the hell was she in such a good mood?). “Do you like my spurs? These are new special Mexican style and come with a skin ripping guarantee that I just can’t wait to try out”. Her eyes narrowed “are you thinking poor horse, you silly boy? No way will I use these on a horse, these are special for use on men. And you will have the honor of being my first man-horse to try them out!” I knew it.

“You know, our relationship started out with a game on a field, and now as you outlive your usefulness our games will end on a field. There is lovely symmetry in that isn’t there?” This woman was so definitely a psycho. At this, she dismounted and tied her massive horse to the same post I was tied to. She then untied me and put a bit and reins on my head.

She pushed me down on all fours and sat on my back, oh god she was heavy. “Come on horsey,” she said as the slapped my butt with her crop pulling on the reins and squeezing my sore ribs with her muscled legs. I started moving as fast as I could, I knew it was not going to be good enough for her. Small stones on the ground stabbed my hands and knees but I could not do anything about that.

My sides suddenly erupted in stabbing pain as she rammed the spurs in and rolled them around, I thought she was ripping me apart. But it was mercifully quick. That was only because she wanted to survey her accomplishment. “Wow, you should see this,” she said in such a sweet cute voice. “One application and these spurs have penetrated and just ripped your skin apart!! They are amazing”. I was so glad she was happy until she started kicking them back into my ribs and thighs. She raked her spurs hard up and down my thighs so hard I thought she had cut through to the bone.

She swung her leg off me and pulled me upright, dragging me over to the rails at the edge of the field. I could hardly walk my legs were in so much pain. She climbed the rail and sitting on the top she pulled me between her legs and spun me around. She was so strong and I was so weak, I was such a goner. As she pulled my head into her tight flat stomach, she wrapped her amazing legs around me and dug the spurs into my groin. I was shaking and sobbing with pain as her leather riding gloves cradled my head. Her gloves had small spikes of course so it hurt, but nothing like the stabbing pain from the steel spikes impaling my groin.

“I can do this” she whispered simply and slowly flexed her ankles, which of course caused the spurs to rip my groin to bits. She was so slow and gentle, and so vicious. I was writhing in agony but could not escape her assault. She then lifted her legs and I had a magnificent view of them and the blood-encrusted spurs, then she slammed her heels and spurs into my stomach and chest. She gently rested a spur on each of my recently healed nipples and I started sobbing again. “Poor baby” she crooned then slowly drove the spur spikes into the nipples, then as they penetrated my chest she again flexed her ankles and ripped my chest apart.

As the red fog of pain subsided, I could see another horse and rider approach. It was a brunette. She slowed to a halt in front of us, looked me up and down, and said “oh yech, what a mess you’ve made. Are those the new spurs?” “Of course!” Sarah replied, “aren’t they just wicked?”

“Yes, wicked. But are you done here, can we get on with it?” quipped the brunette. “Ok” sighed Sarah and pushed me forwards into the brunette’s horse. The brunette responded by spurring her horse forward and riding into me then over me. I was knocked over onto the ground and as she rode past she gave me a sharp kick in the face with her spiked boots. Her steel spiked toe ripped my cheek wide open. My god she could kick. As I fell over on my back her horse trampled my arm and I felt it break. The horseshoe was sharp and cut my skin open, and I knew with all certainty that I was not going to survive this day.

I rolled over and tried to get on my feet but lacked the energy and working limbs. I was suddenly lifted off the ground by a cold leather rope around my neck. I struggled uselessly against the rope as I was hanging the side of a horse. As I was tossed into the post again a large guy in a loincloth was there waiting to tie me up. Our eyes met and he shook his head. He quickly secured my arms and what remained of my legs to the post and frame, then bowed to the ladies on horseback behind me.

The ladies trotted into view on their large steeds, and they looked fantastic. In the brunette’s hand was the “rope” that had clearly been holding me, only it was not a rope it was a long evil-looking bullwhip. The first time I had seen the brunette with a full-on smile on her face, I knew it was not a good sign and started crying again.

They both pulled their horses away and out of sight. I waited for it, I did not have to wait long before the whistle of a whip through the air alerted me to the new incoming threat. She hit me hard, I was surprised by the strength of the impact from the whip, and the sharp sting as the tip slashed around me. I listened to the hoofs pounding behind me as Sarah trolled gently in front of me. Another swoosh through the air, the pounding, and the slashing from the impact. Thinking about it, these women were so impressive in every way. The brunette was whipping me from horseback while galloping her horse. I knew that it took serious talent. For a few seconds, I fantasized about meeting these women in a normal setting, one that had a less violent and painful outcome for me. Then the bullwhip hit again and I passed out.

I came around as a bucket of water hit me in the face. The big fella with the loincloth was standing over me, it was not a good look. He moved away and Sarah loomed over me on her horse and I started shaking uncontrollably.

“Oh what a mess you are, I must say you have not survived our testing procedure very well at all”. I was dumbfounded, but could not speak. She sighed deeply, and said “last chance little man, Angela and I are going to ride over to the top of that hill over there” and she pointed someplace I could not see. “Then we are going to gallop back here and up the hill to the treeline.” Again pointing to where I could not see. “If you are still here we are going to gallop over you until you’re a mush, and if you make it to the tree line then you’re free to go on with your life”. She gave me a big smile and said “I don’t fancy your chances little man!!”, then turned her horse and rode off.

What was left of my wits was screaming at my broken body. I rolled over and looked at the two ladies riding off into the distance with their hair streaming in the wind behind them, I cried. I looked back to the forest and the tree line and it looked so far away. I tried to get up, stumbled, and fell face first. Not a good start. I started crawling, anything to get me moving. The treeline was so far, my legs in particular hurt so bad. I stumbled and stood and stumbled and stood for what seemed like an eternity. I looked back and there on the hill were my pursuers. They waved at me, then grabbed their reins, stood high in their saddles, and started to charge. I cried out in fear and redoubled my pitiful efforts. I was weak, partly from being malnourished and probably from blood loss. Tears streaming out of my eyes, stumbling in agony, I could now hear the thunder of approaching hooves.

I was not going to make it. But I was not going to give up as the sound of the approaching horses grew louder in my ears until I was hit so hard I flew through the air several meters. I hit the ground and rolled on my back as Angela rode over me. She looked happy as her horse kicked me in the side and sent me sprawling. Then Sarah rode over me from the other direction and her horse trampled my stomach with its nasty steel-shod hoof. Then Angela rode over me from the other direction and her horse stomped a hoof onto my shoulder which made a nasty crunching sound. Sarah rode over my groin and her horse scored a direct hit on what remained of my manhood, smashing my pelvis.

I drifted off into the familiar red haze of pain until I looked up and saw Sarah’s grinning face just before her massive steeds steel hoof descended on my face and my lights went out for good ….

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  1. Great story.
    I love the cruelty of the ladies as they ride their human pony and spur it without mercy.
    A fitting way for him to die under the massive hoof with his beautiful Mistress astride it.
    Thanks for the story.

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