China Town 8 min read

written by Monalisa
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums


So this was it!

The day had finally come.

Since booking the appointment he had thought of little else. He always wanted to go before, but just never had the guts. Until he saw the advert in the newspaper and on impulse picked up the phone, he was glad he did.

So finally, his fantasy was going to come true.

As fantasies go, it wasn’t a particularly complicated one, he just always got hard, OK real hard whenever he thought of a petite Chinese girl walking on his back, needless to say, trips to China Town were always a little uncomfortable.

He knew where it had started from.

As a young teenager, he had a Chinese friend who had the prettiest older sister out of all the friends with sisters he knew. Her name was Sally Li. He had always been entranced with her feet. Especially when once, his friend and he were watching a film that had a scene of a man getting a Chinese back massage. He couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like if it were his back that the girl in the movie was walking on when the friend’s sister walked in, then all he could think of were her beautiful tiny feet walking on his back. From then on it became his main fantasy to jack himself off to from then on.

Now it was really going to happen, after all those years of imagining how good it was going to feel, the weight of the girl as she worked his muscles with her bare feet always made him hard. Only two things marred the occasion.

1. It was strictly only a Chinese back massage, no extras (he had got brave, but not quite enough);

2. It wouldn’t be the girl he had dreamed of for so many years.

As he entered the massage parlor, he felt a trickle of sweat run from his temples, not because it was hot, but from excitement!

He was led to a small room, where he was told to remove all his clothes and place a very small towel around his waist and lie face down. He lay there for what felt like an eternity until he heard the door quietly close then the shuffling of footsteps and then the girl taking her shoes off. From the position, he was laying he could see her shoes, and a smile spread on his face, they were tiny, just like Sally Li’s had been.

Then he felt her, at first the gentle weight of her getting into position, there were bars on the ceiling he assumed for her to hold on to, the softness of her feet as she gently spread her weight over him, he never realized it would be so good, she hadn’t even started working his muscles yet, but already he was in a state of ecstasy. If he had been on his back the towel would now resemble a Tepee.

When she spoke, his heart stopped, he knew that voice, how could he not, he had been imagining it for years.

“Sally Li?”

The gentle movement on his back stopped abruptly. How do you know my name? She asked, then he felt her weight suddenly dismount him.

His face was peering through the hole in the table when Sally Li’s face appeared below him. He expected the look on her face to be one of disgust when she realized that the man who’s back she had just been on was her little brother’s old school friend. Recognition flashed immediately on her face but instead of being disgusted, she smiled that beautiful smile, then something he had never seen before, a look so mischievous that his dick went rock solid and he knew that his dream was about to come true.

Without speaking she mounted his back again, this time not so gently, she dug her feet in massaging the muscles, he wished there was a hole for his cock too, being trapped was not doing him any favors.

“ I wondered when you and I were going get together”, she said.

He could barely speak, this was it!

“You wondered?”, he asked.

“Do you think I never saw the way you used to look at my feet? You’re the reason I never wore shoes in the house, I loved the way your trousers would rise as soon as I walked in a room!”

“Now finally I have you beneath me, I’ve spent years thinking of you, you’re the reason I got into this. Nothing compares to the power I feel when I’m walking on a man’s back!”

She got off his back and told him to turn over.

She mounted him again, he thought he was going to faint when all the blood had rushed to his fully erect cock, he could feel it pulsating, he knew he wouldn’t be able to last long if she touched his cock with her feet.

He could see her towering above him, her hands were crisscrossed holding onto the handles above her. She was wearing what resembled a short nurse’s uniform. His dick informed him of his surprise at her not wearing any panties, her beautiful pussy was right there to look at, it was better than anything he had ever imagined.

She was looking down at him, with a look of superiority on her face, she lifted one foot and slowly dragged it along his chest up to his face.

“Lick my sole”, she said, how could he refuse?

He felt as if he would explode but he wanted this to last as long as it could.

He could smell the aromas that her shoes had left on her feet, they still smelt the same as when he had once dared to sneak a sniff of one her sneakers all those years ago.

He obligingly licked, how could he stop himself cumming when she was making him do this!

She moved her foot all over his face, spreading the spittle he had just deposited on her foot, she changed feet and did the same.

She put one foot either side of his head so he could see her gaping pussy perfectly, “let me smell it he gasped”.

She stepped back on his chest, looked at him with what looked like close to anger, and repeated, “let you smell it?”

“You’re going to do more than smell it, your going to eat it! But only when I am ready to give it to you!”

She turned away from him, he knew she was looking at his already exposed crotch, the feel of her weight as she moved slowly towards it, turning up her feet so he could see her soles as she walked towards his near busting balls.

Please don’t let me spunk if she touches me!

She placed her foot on the upside of his dick, and pressed it down to his belly, enjoying the look of a tiny dribble of spunk catch on to his belly hair.

He felt her toes curl around his length and start to stroke his veiny erection, the friction was too much, he couldn’t hold back, he exploded his hot sticky cum all over himself, but she didn’t stop. She continued to stroke his still hard cock against his stomach, he could feel his spunk dribbling all over him and sliding his dick against himself, his body was jerking, he moaned loudly.

She dug her heels into him and hissed for him to keep quiet. In the midst of his orgasm that he was still rolling in, the next thing he knew, was a hot musty smell and darkness, then warmth and moisture that could only belong to this beautiful woman. She pressed her swollen wet lips hard against his mouth, his tongue darted straight out to catch her juices she, she began to rock hard over his face. He could feel her thighs tightening on his head if only she knew how good she tasted!

She moved forward, releasing his head from her grip, he had to sit up slightly, in order to keep eating her. She brought her pretty little feet to either side of his head, then her tongue was around his cock. She had her hand wrapped around the base of his dick, slowly but hard-working it harder, greedily lapping on his swollen still cum soaked head.

Her feet were gripping his cheeks, he could feel her cum running down his face, the smell of the feet and the feel of her tongue lapping him up, his balls had never felt so tight. She sat up, covering him in the darkness of her soaking wet crevice, the lack of oxygen making him feel light-headed as she fucked his face hard and deep. Moaning as she came all over him.

She moved off his face and sat on his stomach brought her feet up to and around his still wet cock, trapping him between her arches and started to expertly foot fuck him. He couldn’t see what she was doing, he could feel her weight on his torso, but the feeling of her feet rubbing him all over, with a rhythm only a lover of foot jobs could give, was better than her lips or tongue. It made the spunk fly out of his cock so hard, he almost passed out.

His orgasm lasted far longer than he had ever experienced before, his cock still jerked and pumped cum long after the initial intensity of spunking.

He was so glad he had made that call.

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