Trampled at the bank (fiction) – Part 2 10 min read

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source


Part 4

It became lunch time at the bank and most of the ladies were going out to eat. Janet was coming back around and said she wanted to take a break while they were gone. All of the girls agreed as they wanted her to feel refreshed for more trampling and foot worship. A storm was blowing in as they were leaving the bank and Susan told Janet to be ready when they got back as their heels would surely be wet and muddy with the new construction outside the bank.

Janet waited with anticipation as all the ladies were gone out for a bite. As an hour had gone by, she saw the ladies getting out of a mini van in the parking lot as rain was pouring and lightning was flashing the lights. Susan told all the ladies not to worry about getting their shoes dirty as they had Janet to clean them. The ladies walked through the construction debris sinking their heels into the grassy, muddy pavement.

Janet heard the door open as Angel shouted where is our shoe cleaner ?! Janet immediately ran behind the counter and took her position. Kim was the first to reach her and placed her spike heel on Janet’s breast pulling herself up planting both heels in her chest. ” My you are going to get dirty” exclaimed Susan placing her muddy spike on Janets throat, lifting herself up shoving her other heel into Janet’s mouth. Angel started laughing as she jumped high in the air landing on Janets abs shoving the wind out of her lungs. All three ladies wiped and ground their heels all over Janet as she groaned and moaned. ”

Hey, no noises from you !” said Susan as she told Kim to get on her piggy back style. Kim hopped off little Janet and jumped on the back of Susan. Susan slid her spikes off and placed her foot back across Janet’s windpipe. She slowly lifted herself up placing her other foot across Janet’s eyes, nose and mouth. ” No more noises now !” said Susan who started to bounce up and down on Janet’s wind pipe. Angel laughing, walked up and down Janet’s torso leaning back on her heels with all of her weight, leaving muddy shoe prints all over Janet’s blouse. ”

I think Janet is taking another nap as I don’t feel her moving anymore ” said Susan stepping off of her. ” Damn you are heavy Kim ” As she started to dismount. ” Think how Janet feels ” said Kim. Angel replied with how much different it is with Janet because she loves the abuse and her adrenaline keeps her going.

Part 5

As the three girls stood back looking at Janet wondering how much more she could take. The answer came quick enough as another customer came to the counter. Susan stepped up onto Janet’s torso, pushing the wind completely out. A some what loud moan could be heard causing Kim to shove her heel deep into Janet’s mouth to shut her up.

Janet began thrashing a bit but soon passed out.

The rest of the afternoon went like this. Different girls coming to the window just to trample Janet. It seemed most of the woman had made it a point to were high heels on this day as they knew Janet would be at the tellers window under Susan. One woman, Joan, had returned from vacation and had heard the scuttle about Janet being used as a floor mat. She finally had to go see for herself. When she got there she could not believe what she was seeing. There laid Janet, just as the girls had told her, her blouse all muddy from the shoes, her legs and arms full of bruises and heel marks. Some places there were blood blisters were her skin had gotten pinched between the floor and heels of the woman. “Would you like to use her” asked Susan. “every one else has”.

“I, I don’t know, she looks pretty bad already, I would really to hate make her suffer any more”

“Oh don’t worry about it, if she expires under your shoes we have a plan to dispose of her” Kim said, as she pulled her heel from Janet’s mouth.
Susan stepped off Janet’s body, “go ahead Joan step up, I don’t think she will even know your on her, she is so out of it”.

Part 6

Joan walked up to Janet, her 5’9, 155 lb body towering over Janet. Joan looked young for her age of 61, no one would guess her for a day over 50, and she dressed to impress. A knee length navy skirt, dark nylons, and low navy pumps to match.

“Janet, it’s me Joan, would you like me to walk on you, if you don’t want me to I won’t” Joan asked with some what would seem as compassion.
Janet could just make out who it was and what she was saying. She had always enjoyed seeing Joan’s legs and heels around the office, and loved her taste in clothes. she always wondered what it would be like to be under her heels, serving her feet, now she had her chance.

Lifting her hand and placing it on Joan’s leg, she began to stroke her calf and ankle. “yes, please walk on me”.
Joan took a half step back, catching one of Janet’s fingers under her heel which broke with a loud snap. “Oh shit, I think I broke her finger”.
“I’m sorry, did that hurt honey” Joan looked down and saw the crooked finger and mangled manicured nail. Joan looked back at Janet and thought that if this is what she wants, why not give it to her. Joan planted her shoe on Janet’s gut then began to apply pressure. She could feel Janet’s gut give under her weight. She placed her other foot on Janet’s chest, right across her tits.

Susan, watching this, was getting wet. She was going to need it good tonight.

Joan could feel Janet’s labored breathing under her, she could see the strain in her face, but Joan could not bring self to step off just yet. It felt so good to be in full control of some one. She began to move back and forth. Up and down Janet’s torso, wiping her shoes off on her blouse. She could feel her breasts give way, and push off to the side as they flattened under her weight.

Just then Kay walked in and said the bank would be closing in few minutes and not to get Janet up until she had her way with her one more time before going home. Just then a last minute customer came up to the tellers window. “Oh I need to go anyway” said Joan stepping off Janet’s torso and on to her arm, leaving a nasty mark, walking away some what refreshed, some what guilty, thinking of the pain she caused with her heels, “but she asked for it” she reminded her self.

Part 7

Susan stepped up on to Janet very harshly. One heel pushing deep into her weakened stomach and the other just below her throat, Janet began gasping and wearing. Arms and legs started thrashing, causing Susan to bounce slightly.

“Is everything ok” asked the customer.

“Oh yes, just a little giddy to get out of here, you know end of a long day” Janet replied as she sank her heels in deeper.

” Oh yes totally understandable, This will only take a bit” Kay returned and started to talk with Kim. As she did she was looking at Janet’s body giving way under Susan’s weight. She could not imagine how anyone could take that and still survive. She wondered what Janet looked like under the clothes. She really wanted to see the marks and bruises being left.

“Thanks and have a nice day”. Susan said. With that she closed the window. Stepping off of Janet with a slight twist. ” All yours Kay”

Kay walked over, and squatted down to talk with Janet, “This night may turn out very bad for you if we keep going like this”. “Do you want to keep getting walked on and treated like a rug, or are you ready to give up”?
“No I want to keep going, I can take it”.  “Ok, It’s your funeral sweetheart”.

With that Kay stood up, walked around and straddled Janet with her feet on either side of her head.  From Janet’s view point she could not believe how tall Kay seemed. Looking up her long legs, up past her crotch, to her well portioned breasts and onto her well made up face. Every thing seemed perfect about her, of course she felt that way about anyone stood over her.

“Like what you see from there”, Kay then raised her foot, placing the 2 1/2″ heel of her black patent pump on to Janet’s collar and the sole squarely on the breast. “what do you think now” digging the heel in to make her point.
Janet turned her to see the well placed shoe, she could see tanned leg and smell the perfume that Kay must have spritzed on earlier. At that point Kay stepped up, her shoe on the breast began to slip and then there was a loud pop as Janet’s collar bone burst. The heel nearly going to the floor Janet giving a loud gasp, Kay caught her balance by stepping down on to Janet’s face, the heel going into Janet’s eye.

Susan could hardly believe what was happening. This were sure to end it all. She quickly walked over and stepped up on to Janet’s stomach, letting the heels go deep. Not to be out done, Kim walked over and placed her foot on Janet’s pelvis, one foot above each leg.

Janet was in so much pain, she could see Kay’s heel nearly stabbing her eye. Her one side was on fire and the rib cage felt like it was about to explode, then what felt like needles enter her gut. She tried to double over but another pair of stabbing heels drilled into her upper legs. All she could do is moan and bare the pain. Then all went black.

The girls started their pounding. Stomping and stabbing there heels in. “This is so hot” Susan said. “Ya I will need a good hard screw tonight, hope hubby’s ready for it” added Kay. After a bit they all got off, looking at the limp body. “Is she dead” Kim bet down and check for a pulse, “not yet”. “Wake up sweety” Kay started slapping Janet’s face with her shoe. As Janet began to stir, Susan thought this would be good time to see what was under the clothes. She straddled Janet standing on both her arms, bent over and opened Janet’s dirty blouse, the bruises and heel marks covered her body completely.

Her sides were all scratched and cut from were heels had slid down her side. This made Susan even wetter, she nearly had an orgasm right there. “So what do you think, are those real or is it a tit kit”. “Hand me those scissors”, Susan then cut the strap on the lacy bra to have Janet’s breasts bobble out. “Oh that’s a tit kit if I ever saw one”, Kay said as she stroked the breasts with the sole of her shoe. They were very firm yet with many heel marks on them. “Well should we end this” Susan asked.

“Several girls still want to walk on her again”. Kay spoke up ” I say we lay her in the hall and let the girls wipe their shoe’s off before they go out side”.
” Go let the girls know that we will be in the hall just before the entrance”. Kim told the others.

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