My girlfriend is a SADIST 5 min read

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When I first met my girlfriend, she did not know anything about trampling or foot/shoe worship. But I was able to talk her into trying it.  Now she has became a sadistic trampler. Sadistic.  Be careful what you wish for . . .

As soon as we would get alone, she was in control.  One time she forced me to become all naked and asked me to lay on my back and of course I did.  If I don’t i would be seriously punished. She was wearing Platform shoes and she immediately stood on my penis w/ both feet.

I weigh 136 and she weighs 120. It hurt a lot. The thick soles did not show any form of mercy, instead those shoes treated me as if I am nothing but the ground. She walked all over me concentrating on crushing my genitals w/o any concern of what I was going through. She stepped on my penis and ground it like a cigarette butt and I screamed in pain asking for mercy.

But she just smiles down at me in such a innocent manner and told me that the more I cried the more she wanted to inflict pain on me with her feet. she walked up my body length and w/ one foot, she stepped on my face. The thick and flat bottom of her shoe mashed my face flat. I mean flat. I even heard a little sound coming from my flattened nose. She put all her weight on that foot and the heel part was on my chin and the rest covered my nose,and forehead. It hurt so much. I held her foot but there wasn’t much I could do to stop her.

Suddenly she stepped on my face w/ both feet and started to walk in place. My lips were busted and was bleeding and my nose turned purple and it bled a little as well. She did not mind that. How kind of her !!  She is one natural trampler and she gets wet from doing it.  The sounds of groan is music to her ears and the pleading face of the victim makes her become more and more cruel.

She wiped the soles of her shoes on my face and got off of my bruised face. She kicked me in the ribs and told me to get on my tummy. She went in between my legs and kicked them apart. She bent down to pull my cock and balls from under my stomach and put them on the floor. Next thing I felt was an enormous pain that made me sweat all over.  She stepped on my cock and crushed it with all her weight. She ground it and ground it and stood on it for long periods of time. Its as like years of pain that I felt.

She then used her heel to step on my shaft and again smashed it into the floor. She walked up my hip, waist, and back, and she stomped on the back of my head crushing my poor face that was already bruised well into the floor. She ran the bottoms of her shoe up and down on the back of my head.

She made me turn my head to the side and stepped on my face w/o any concern.  She mashed my cheek w/ her right foot. she removed her
foot and spat on my face and again she ground it till the spit dried. My face was not only bruised but also covered w/dirt.

She instructed me to sit and spread my legs. This time she came around me and put my cock on the floor and stepped on it w/ her right foot and tiptoed. I was begging like hell for her to show some mercy but I knew it was not going to work but worsen the situation. She turned 180 degrees while on my cock and it brought tears to my eyes.

She got off of my cock and kicked me in the face w/ her shoe sending my back on my back. She stomped on my penis and walked all over me from face to genitals. She trampled me so naturally and with delight. She got off of me and went in between my legs and held my ankles w/both of her hands and spread it. With a large smile she stomped down on my genitals, and ground it carelessly. She loves grindings …

She stomped down on my cock and balls five more times and let my legs go. I curled up like a ball in pain and she started to kick and stomp all over me telling me to lay still. I have received so many kicks and stomping and I laid  still not because I wanted to but I did not have anymore strength left.

She told me to get on all fours like a dog. So I did. she went around me and had me spread my legs, all of a sudden she kicked my balls and there I went again became a curled human ball. She kicked and kicked to her heart’s content and she was laughing and laughing.

She sat on the bed and made me kneel in front of her and told me to lick the filthy bottoms of her shoes clean. I held her feet one my one with both hands and licked them. I licked all the dirt like that was the water in the Oasis. she told me to show her my tongue and i did. it was all black from the dirt and grime. She happily told me to swallow every bit of them.

I swallowed all and continued to lick the other shoe. while licking she wiped, ground, kicked and slapped me in the face with her shoe in a extremely humiliating way. After the session was over I took a shower and I saw  bruises all over my cock, especially on the shaft.

Who could be a better girlfriend than her?

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3 thoughts on “My girlfriend is a SADIST 5 min read

  1. That part where she sinks her foot deep into your relaxed belly is really sexy. No man can take that treatment for long.

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