Lindsay’s Toy 19 min read

The author wrote a fantasy about a dominant girl who realized and tested her influence over a younger boy

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Part I

On his way home from skateboarding at the park, Bobby took his usual route. He always detoured a couple of blocks out of his way so he would pass by Lindsay’s’ house. After all, there was always a chance he would catch a glimpse of her. He would do almost anything to see her shapely muscular legs and curvy young figure. Her smooth tanned skin, soft black hair and lovely green eyes filled his thoughts as he walked slowly along.

As he rounded the corner and headed up her street it was obvious today was his lucky day! There she was on the front porch painting her fingernails. His heart began to beat faster as he drew nearer to her house. Would she talk to him, or even notice him? Should he say something to her?

Out of the corner of her eye, Lindsay saw him coming down the street. She noticed how he seemed nervous, trying not to look like he was staring. She was amused because she knew what a huge crush he had on her. She felt little for the 14-year, other than that it was fun to torment him. The things she could make him do with just a wink and a smile amazed her. The power she had over him was intoxicating and she couldn’t help herself. If he was willing to offer himself up for her abuse that was his problem. She smiled to herself as he made his way past her. A cruel idea popped into her pretty head. Today she could have some fun with him!

“Hi Bobby,” she called without looking up from her nails. The nervous youth was startled by her greeting.
“Oh, hi Lindsay,” he replied.
“Been to the park, huh?” she asked innocently.
“Uh…yeah,” he answered.
“It’s kind of out of your way for you to be on my street, isn’t it?” she asked finally looking up at him.
“Well no, uh, … I don’t know, I guess, maybe,” he stammered.
“Oh come on! I know why you come by here. I see you all the time! Admit it, you want to see me, don’t you sweaty?” she gave him a sly smile. Bobby just swallowed hard. He didn’t know what to say. “Well don’t just stand there come up here!” Lindsay said as she inspected her nails. Bobby cautiously approached the steps.
“I don’t mind Bobby, really. I mean how you can help it. I am a beautiful goddess, right?” she asked him in mock seriousness.

Bobby just stared.

“Well, am I right?” she glared at him now.
“Oh yes Lindsay!” he answered snapping out of his trance.
“Goddess Lindsay to you!” she ordered.
“Yes Goddess Lindsay,” he stuttered “You are beautiful!”
“Well then you should be on your knees when I talk to you don’t you think?” she said. Bobby’s eyes grew wider. Did she want to humiliate him right here in the street?

“How about it Bobby? Wouldn’t you like to get on your knees and paint my toenails for me?” she asked grinning sweetly at him.
Bobby felt his knees go weak and suddenly he was crawling up the porch steps toward the teenage beauty sitting on the chair above him. “That’s a good boy,” she giggled as he knelt before her his face inches from her bare feet. “Kiss my feet and tell me how gorgeous I am!” she laughed as she wiggled her toes in his face. He obediently placed several quick kisses on the top of her foot and mumbled “You are beautiful my Goddess!”
“Oh come on you can do better than that slave! You’d like to be my slave, wouldn’t you Bobby honey?”
“Oh yes Goddess Lindsay! I’d do anything for you!” he answered.
“Good, here start by sucking my toes clean before you paint my nails.” She told him.

The squirming teen began to lick and suck the sour grit from her toes. Lindsay just giggled to herself as she watched in amusement. Her mind was teaming with cruel ways to exploit this situation. Her Dad was at work and here Mom was shopping so they would be alone until she had to leave for a party later.

“Here, that’s enough of that. Paint my toenails and make sure you do a good job!” she said as she handed him the bottle of polish. Bobby’s hands were shaking as he took out the small brush and began applying it to her nails. He struggled to make sure he didn’t get it all over as he painted each toe.

Lindsay relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of power as her slave worked below her. After she made him apply a second coat, she inspected his work. “OK, now blow on them until they’re dry.” Bobby lowered his head and blew gently on her toes. Lindsay sat with her tanned legs crossed and bobbed her foot up and down just to make it a little more difficult for him.

“I have to get ready for a party tonight, slave. Would you like to stay and help me choose an outfit and get dressed?” she asked nonchalantly. Bobby couldn’t believe his ears! Help her get dressed! Was she kidding!
“Oh yes Goddess!” he blurted.

Part II

“Alright slave, let’s go get started “she said as she stood up and looked down at the boy kneeling at her feet. She stepped past him and said over her shoulder “Follow me on your knees like a good slave!” Bobby crawled into the house after her. He could barely keep up as she made her way into the kitchen stopping at the fridge for a can of soda. Bobby knelt in front of her as she took a long drink. Looking down she smiled at him “Oh how rude of me! Would you like a drink too?”

“Yes please,” Bobby nodded.
“Beg for it then.” she grinned.

Bobby bowed his head to her feet and began to grovel,” Please Goddess would you be so kind as to share your soda with me?”

Lindsay laughed and said that’s pretty good! You’re a natural at this! Here have a little bit!” With that she spilled a small amount on the floor at her feet. As Bobby stared at the puddle of soda she scolded him. “Well get busy and clean that up! I’m nice enough to share with you and now you act like you don’t want it!”

He quickly began to lick the soda from the tile floor as Lindsay watched with a smirk on her face. When he finished he raised his head to look at her. She started forwarded stopping abruptly her thighs inches from his face.
“Well get out of my way! I’ve got to get going!” she ordered.

Bobby scooted aside and turned to follow her as she walked past. He crawled after her as she went upstairs. He stopped in the hall outside her bedroom, not sure if he should enter. She turned to him and said sarcastically “You won’t be much help to me out there! Come in here, I have a job for you!” She led him over to the closet and pulled back the sliding door to reveal a jumbled pile of shoes covering the floor.

“I want these all sorted and arranged so I can choose which ones to wear tonight. I’m gonna take a shower and I want this finished when I come out. Understand?”
“Yes Goddess!” Bobby replied.

Lindsay grabbed her robe and headed for the bath as Bobby began sorting the shoes. He couldn’t believe how many pairs she had. Everything from Doc Martins to boots, Trainers to sandals. There were at least thirty pairs, a dozen or so of which were high heeled dress shoes of every type and color. Lindsay was an only child so she got pretty much anything she wanted including clothes and a new Jeep Wrangler in the driveway!

By the time Lindsay emerged from the bathroom in her robe with her hair wrapped in a towel Bobby had finished organizing her shoes into neat rows on the floor of her closet.

“Very nice shoe slave!” she said as she admired his work. “That deserves a reward! Come with me!” She turned and he followed her into the bathroom. She stooped and pointed to the floor in front of the sink. “Lay down right here face up.” Bobby quickly did as she told him to and she stepped up onto his chest, her bare feet still warm from her shower. Handing him down a bottle of lotion she said “Put some of this on my legs while I dry my hair.”

Bobby massaged the lotion into her legs as she stood on him drying her dark hair. She paid no attention to him as she shifted her weight back and forth while she watched herself in the mirror. An erection quickly formed in his jeans as he massaged the lotion into her legs. The weight of her on his chest was almost unnoticeable as he enjoyed the view. Her robe was short and just covered the tops of her thighs. After about ten minutes of drying, curling and combing, she finally turned her attention to the young man under feet and said” All done slave?”

“Yes Goddess Lindsay” he answered.

“Good, let’s go pick an out fit for me.” she said as she carefully placed one barefoot on his face and walked across. His nose was smashed into the soft sole of her foot as her weight passed slowly over him and she stepped off and headed back to the bedroom. He quickly got up and crawled after her.

Part III

Bobby followed Lindsay into the bedroom on his hands and knees. She went over to the dresser, opened a drawer and pulled out a pair of black silk panties and a pair of suntan shad nylons with lace at the tops. She handed the stockings to Bobby as he knelt beside her. She put on the panties then stretched out her leg and said “Now put my stockings on slave.” Bobby eagerly slid the stocking up over her smooth leg, first one than the other. He thought he would explode as he ran his hands up and down her shapely legs. Lindsay then opened another drawer and pulled out a black spandex body slip.

“OK turn around.” she told Bobby. He turned his back and she removed her robe and draped it over his head. The smell of her body was strong and exciting. Lindsay put on the slip and snatched the robe off Bobby’s head. He turned around to see her standing over him. She was a breathtaking site. The slip hugged her curves tightly showing of her figure. He thought for a moment he may lose control of himself. Lindsay tossed the robe aside and walked over to the closet.

“Hmmm… let’s see, what should I wear tonight?” sheer said as she crossed her arms in front of her and stared into her closet at all the dresses. “How about this red one!” she said holding up a red silk mini dress with a halter style top. “Or maybe this navy blue one,” she added as she displayed a navy blue strapless with sequins. “What do you think slave?”

Bobby was speechless.

“Guess you can’t decide until you see them on me huh? OK go over and lay down in front of the mirror.” she said pointing to a large full length mirror on a swivel stand. As Bobby hurried to the mirror Lindsay slipped on the red dress and picked a pair of red platform heels out of the closet. As Bobby lay watching her walk toward him he was struck by her beauty but wary of the 5 inch heels on the shoes dangling from her finger. She stood over him and smiled, “You can help me put my shoes on now slave”

She reached down and placed the shoes side by side on his face.

“Hold them right there.” she said. Then he felt her warm stockinged foot on his chest as she stepped up and turned to face him. She moved to his upper chest and raised her right foot and placed it into the right shoe he was holding. As she pushed her foot into the shoe he felt the heel dig into his cheek. When her foot was in she pulled it back to his chest put al her weight on it and reached out her left foot for the remaining shoe, twisting her foot into it. Then she brought it back to his chest next to the first, looked down and said “Now fasten the straps for me slave.”

Bobby reached up and buckled the straps that went around her ankles as she stood admiring herself in the mirror. While he finished she turned and twisted back and forth still looking in the mirror.

“I don’t know if I feel like red tonight or not. How do I look slave?”

It was hard for Bobby to catch his breath as she continued stepping around on his chest, her heels digging into him.

“You…look…..marvelous……Goddess.” he managed to say.

“Thank you slave!” she said as she struck pose after pose. She reached out, adjusted the mirror a bit and stepped over onto his face with her left foot. Her heel was just below his right eye socket and the sole on his left cheek. She shifted her weight to that foot and stood with hand on hip her right foot cocked back on the heel digging into his chest.

“And do you like the shoes?” she asked without looking down.

The shiny red heel rising from his cheek looked like a three-story building and her muscular leg like a skyscraper. The pain in his head was intense as he struggled to speak.

“Yet Goddess, very much” he mumbled.

“I don’t know,” she said tapping her right foot on his chest as she stood on his face. “We better try the other one, don’t you think?” she asked glancing down over her shoulder at the bulging eyes staring up past her left shoe. “Unbuckle my shoes again, will you slave?” she said without moving.

Bobby reached up and struggled to unfasten the strap on the shoe that was crushing his face. When it was undone Lindsay stepped out of it and back onto his chest. He placed the empty shoe on the floor and undid the other and removed it as she stood on him. Then she turned and stepped down and walked back to the closet.

Quickly she changed into the blue sequined strapless dress and reached into the closet for a pair of silver pumps with 4 inch stiletto heels. Walking toward him, Lindsay could see Bobby’s eyes follow the dangerous looking heels as she swung them along. Once again she laughed as she placed the shoes on his face.

“Let’s try these on. Hold them just like last time honey. I bet your gonna love these!” she said with a giggle. Fearfully he held the sharp stilettos on his face as she stepped up on his chest again. He could just see past the side of the shoe as she reached out her leg and began to press her foot into the shoe. She wiggled and pushed until foot was comfortably seated in it. The sharp edges of the heel cut in his cheek more than the last pair. He saw Lindsay reach out to steady herself with the mirror. Then she looked down and said “Keep your head straight, I don’t want to fall off!” Before he could think he felt the pressure build as she moved forward onto his face!

She stood and began forcing her other foot into the remaining shoe. As she twisted and pressed her left foot into the shoe her right was drilling the stiletto heel into his face. He could feel her wobble and fight for balance until she finally had both shoes on and stood up straight. She looked to her right at her reflection in the mirror without a thought for Bobby’s face suffering under her heels.

“Hey I look pretty good up here!” she joked “Don’t you think?” she asked him giving her toe a little tap. Steadying herself with a hand on the mirror, she began to turn to face the mirror. It was difficult to balance on Bobby’s small face but using small steps she was able to manage. Each step and twist ground her heels more and more into his face. Then she stood hands on hips, shifting her weight from one foot to the other studying herself in the mirror.

“This outfit is great, but it still needs something.” she thought for a moment as Bobby suffered under her. He reached up to try to ease some of the pressure on her heels, but she scolded him, “Keep your hands down! I can’t see myself with them in the way!” Finally she stepped down to the floor. She looked down and said I know what I need! I’ll be right back. Don’t move!”

Part IV

Bobby’s face was on fire with pain as he watched Lindsay walk over to the jewelry box. She took out a few things and came back over to him. Without any hesitation she stepped back up onto his chest. She looked down and held out her hand and said “Put this on for me slave.” Dangling above him was a small silver ankle bracelet. He reached up, took the chain and clasped it around her left ankle. Meanwhile had put on a bracelet and was now busily putting on earrings. She looked in the mirror, straightened her tight dress around her hips and again began twisting and turning, checking her look. Her heels were now tearing into his chest as she moved about. Bobby was mesmerized by the sexy beauty standing on him, her shapely legs moving back and forth.

“I’m not sure I want my bracelet on that ankle. Try it on the other one Bobby.” she said as she gazed at her reflection.

She was now standing facing away from him, so his view was up the back of her legs past her shapely butt as he carefully removed the bracelet from her left ankle and placed it on her right. Again she turned around and back, bringing her right foot onto his face so she stood facing away from the mirror and looked back over her shoulder at herself. As her right heel again dug into his ravaged cheek she asked him, “Where do you like it best honey, left or right?”

“It’s beautiful on either side Goddess.” he said as he struggled to keep his head still.

“Well you’re no help at all!” she said looking down at him suffering under her. She turned and stepped back onto his chest.

“I think I liked it better on the left after all. It is ladies prerogatives to change her mind you know. Be a dear and switch it back for me would you slave?” she said sweetly.

Bobby was running out of energy and his hands were shaking as he fumbled trying to undo the small clasp. He accidentally dropped and Lindsay crossed her arms as she watched him in the mirror and said sternly “Come on don’t take all night!”

As she stood twisting the heel of her right shoe into his chest impatiently, he managed to fasten it on her left ankle.

“It’s about time! I guess we’ll go with that. It’s getting late.” she said as she stepped down and went off toward the bathroom.

“Come slave there’s one more thing you can help me with.” He followed slowly as his chest was really sore now.

“Lay down here in front of the sink like before.” she said.

She then stepped up onto him again one foot on his chest the other on his stomach. Leaning close to the mirror she applied her lipstick and eye make-up. After several minutes as Bobby struggled for each breath, she turned to him. Leaning on the vanity with one hand she placed the other on her hip, cocked one knee and smiled down at his red face.

“Now wasn’t that fun? You were a big help, Bobby. Thank you! I wish you could be here to help me more often.” she tossed her hair back and grinned.

“Now is there anything I can do for you?” she asked then glanced back over her shoulder at the bulge in his jeans. “I bet there is!” She turned around on his chest, her heels scratching at his already tender skin. “Let’s see what you’ve got there.” she said tapping the bulge with her toe. “Open it up!”
He reached and fumbled to undo his jeans revealing the erection under his shorts.

“My, my looks like you’re having quite a time! Let’s take care of that shall we?” she laughed. She stepped forward and began twisting it under her sole like a cigarette butt. “That’s really hard! I’m impressed slave!” Then she started to rake it side to side with the sharp heel of her shoe. “What’s it gonna take to get rid of this!” she said playfully as she tortured his manhood with her heel. Bobby couldn’t take much and after five or six kicks he came in his shorts.

“There that didn’t take long now did it?” Lindsay joked as Bobby’s chest began to sag under her weight. She slowly turned and stepped down. “Better put yourself back together, hon. I’ve got to get going.” she said checking her watch.

Bobby gathered what was left of his composure and zipped himself up. He managed to stagger after Lindsay as she went downstairs and out the front door. She locked the house and walked over to her jeep. Bobby was about to leave when she called out “Oh Bobby honey, one more thing!” she smiled.
He went over and just looked at her. He was exhausted, but she was so beautiful he couldn’t resist.

“It’s awfully hard to get in with a tight dress on. Would you mind terribly?” she asked innocently as she pointed to the ground.

Bobby sighed and laid down at her feet by the jeep. Lindsay opened the door and stepped up onto Bobby one more time.

Smiling down as she picked thru her keys she said “Thanks. You’re such a little gentleman. Have a nice evening.” She blew him a kiss as she climbed into the driver’s seat. “See you next time!” she smiled as she started the jeep and drove away.


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  1. Oh mercy, no mercy….i got a stiffy just from reading this. That would be a dream cum true for me as i had a smoking hot neighbor girl. She was about 10 years older than me, naturally tan olive complextion, i would ALWAYS rub one out every time i saw her, dreaming something like this would happen to me…but to no avail. 😟

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