Private School 7 min read

A story about a fictional private school governed by women where male students are disciplined by the means of trampling

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

The Hancock school was a private institution renowned for turning troublesome students into high achievers. Run by a faculty made up entirely of women, it was set on the grounds of the former estate of the late Miriam Hancock, who had founded the school many years before. The school carried grades one thru eight, tuition was expensive and rules were strict. The faculty demanded complete disciplinary autonomy from students parents. This meant teachers could use whatever means necessary to achieve the desired results.

The fourth-grade teacher, Janet Grayson was known as being able to handle the most problematic of studentswith amazing results. Due to her high degree of success, the administration never questioned her methods. Miss Grayson was a tall voluptuos women of 29 with long blonde hair, usually worn pulled up on the sides and cascading down her back with bangs covering her forehead. At 5 foot 11 and about 175 pounds ahe had long full shapely legs and a firm curvaceous figure which she usually accented with short snug fitting dresses or skirts and very high heel shoes. This appearance caused all the boys in her class to have a hopeless crush on her and the girls to idolize her. This enabled her to envoke her own “special” kind of discipline. But there was definately a double standard in her class. While the girls were ruled strictly, their punishments were usually extra studies or helping Miss Grayson with special projects. While the boys usually endured much different forms of disciplinary action.

One particular day as she sat grading papers at her desk, the students were hard at work on a math workbook. All except for one boy. Due to being caught passing a note to a girl, he was ordered to clean the baseboard all around the room with a toothbrush. The girl invovled merely received a short lecture from Miss Grayson while Cecil was made to crawl around the room scrubbing. He was at this time along the side of the room near the children. Johnny, one of his best friends was whispering comments to Cecil, trying to make him laugh. After one remark, Cecil let out an overly loud snicker that caught the attention of Miss Grayson.

“Johnny, have you something to say?” she asked looking up from her work and fixing Johnny with a cold star from her gorgeous blue eyes.

“Uh, uh, no Mam.” Johnny stammered hiding a smirk.

“Come up here right now! she ordered sternly. The slight smile disappeared from his face as he approached her desk. She rose from her chair and walked around the desk, the 4-inch heels on her black patent leather pumps clicking loudly on the bare floor. She came and stood close to Johnny, towering over the 11-year-old. His face was even with the large buckle of the wide patent leather belt that encircled her narrow waist. As he looked up she glared down at him past the large breasts straining against the royal blue knit dress she wore.

“You’ve been making quite a habit of causing trouble lately haven’t you Mr. Morris?” she said with a cruel smile.

“I’m sorry Miss Grayson,” he said meekly, his eyes falling to the shiny toes of her shoes.

“It’s much too late to be sorry Johnny. I’m afraid it’s time for punishment. Since it’s time for our history lesson, I think a little podium duty would be in order.” she said.

Johnny’s eyes grew wide as he stuttered “But Miss Grayson I..”

“Now Johnny! The podium!” she ordered.

Johnny knew what to do. He quickly moved behind the podium at the front of the class and laid down on his stomach. Miss Grayson walked slowly around, her shoes passing within inches of his face as she retrieved a book from her desk, then came back to stand over Johnny.

“Turn over on your back Johnny,” she said as she thumbed thru the pages of the book. Johnny was startled. This was her most serious punishment. But the two previous times he was forced to endure it, he had lain face down. He hesitantly rolled over. Miss Grayson raised her leg and placed her high heel shoe on his upper chest.

Stunned, Johnny grabbed her ankle and called out, “Miss Grayson, you forgot to take your shoes off!”

She gave him a puzzled look and then explained. “This is your third time at podium duty, is it not Mr. Morris?”

“Yes Mam,” he answered.

“The rules are the first two times are done face down and barefoot. But by the third time, if you have not learned your lesson, sterner measures are required.” As Johnny stared up her long shapely leg, he could see the knit dress stretch and ride up her round thigh almost revealing her panties. As her leg muscles suddenly flexed he felt the crushing pressure as she stepped up onto him and brought her other foot onto his upper abdomen. Her 175 pounds drove the sharp heels of her shoes into his chest expelling most of his air. At size 10, her feet covered his entire torso.

Without any concern for him at all Miss Grayson told the class to open their books and she began her lecture. She casually talked as the boy struggled for each breath beneath her. While she talked she shuffled her feet slightly until she was comfortable. Her right shoe was nearly crushing his collarbone. His head was pulled up from her weight on him so that his face was nearly against the side of her shoe, his shallow breaths fogging the shiny leather. When she placed all her weight on that foot and leaned on the podium with her elbows to answer a question, her left foot rocked back on the heel and twisted in his shirt, her leg bent at the knee. Johnny looked up her enormous leg past the hem of the royal blue dress clinging snugly to her hip and her arm resting on the podium above.

After she answered the question she stood up straight again spreading her weight evenly between both feet. Then with small but careless steps she turned and scooted back so both her heels were close together on his lower abdomen and bent over to get her assignment book from the shelf under the podium. Johnnys’ face was red and sweating as he looked up to see her beautiful face and lovely cleavage. But she didn’t even give him a glance. She acted as if he were just a part of the floor!

She stood up straight again and moved over so both her feet were close together on his upper chest. Breathing was almost impossible but Johnny continued to struggle while Miss Grayson continued thru the lesson.

Finally, after about a half hour the bell rang for lunch and she dismissed the class. She closed her book and turned slightly towards Johnny so her heels were close together on his sternum and the toes of her shiny pumps nearly touched his chin.

She looked down with a smile, shifted all her weight to her right foot placed her left elbow on the podium and her right hand on her hip.

“Well Mr. Morris, have we learned our lesson.”

“Yes, Mam!” Johnny struggled to answer breathlessly.

“Let’s hope so!” she said. Then she held her left foot out momentarily above his face and said, “Because next time it won’t be your chest I’ll be standing on!”

Then she brought it over to the right side of his head and stepped down bringing her other foot to the other side of his head. As she stood with one foot on either side of his head and pulled her snug dress back down around her thighs, Johnny caught his breath and stared up at her black panties far above him. Then Miss Grayson stepped away and turned around and said: “You may go to lunch now Johnny.”

Johnny struggled to his feet and said “Thank you, Miss Grayson,” as he stumbled off holding his sore chest.

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