Caught out at the Movies part 2 11 min read

The second part of the story about the consequences of the thief being caught by his prey

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Publisher note: Part 1 you can read here 

John made his way outside and turned to walk up a nearby alleyway when a voice behind him startled him. “Are you alright?” a female voice said. “you look like you’ve gone ten rounds with Ali,” she said. John turned and was confronted by three girls who grabbed him and pushed him into a car. John struggled but two were sitting on him in the back seat while the other one drove. The driver spoke, “Two weeks ago some asshole stole my purse while I was watching a film and I couldn’t figure out how until we saw you disappear under the seats tonight. We were the right opposite when you stopped and decided to move seats right on top of you.”

“Shit,” thought John “they weren’t late in,” John spoke out loud for the first time. “You knew I was there and you deliberately stood on my face, what sort of bitch are you.”

“We haven’t started yet,” said the girl sitting on John’s chest, “before the nights out you’ll wish you were never born”.

She punched John in the face over and over again until he lost consciousness.

When John woke he found he was lying on his back on a hard floor staring up at a bright light. What was worse was the fact that he couldn’t move and he was naked, he turned his head to the side and saw his wrists were tied and attached to the wooden floor as were his ankles. John shouted as loud as he could and heard the sound of footsteps coming towards him. The three women came into view and smiled down at him. “Glad to see you could join us,” said the blonde who had tortured him earlier, “allow me to introduce your hosts for the evening, my name is Susan and my friends are Julie and Alison.”

John stared up at them in fear, Susan was tall, blonde and attractive wearing a leather dress and those boots he knew so well. Julie was a redhead, not as tall but visibly bigger built, she was wearing jeans, jumper and black suede boots with a 4-inch stiletto heel. Alison had black hair, was tall and attractive wearing leather trousers and vest and sporting a strappy pair of platform shoes with a high heel coming to a tip about 1-inch square.
“Look I’m just a kid,” said John. “Please don’t hit me anymore and I swear I’ll never steal again.” He started crying then shouting at the top of his voice for help.

“No one can hear you,” said Susan “we’re at my farmhouse miles away from anywhere so no one will hear you.”

John stared back in fear “What are you going to do to me?” he said looking up at Alison from the floor.

She smiled and said: “Have you ever made love to a woman before?” John looked up and said, “Why?” Alison walked over and stood on John’s fingers. John screamed but she didn’t move, she looked down at him and said “It will be a lot less painful if you learn not to ask questions just answer them, now answer!” she emphasized her point by twisting her foot on his fingers causing more howls of pain.

“No no no no,” screamed John “I haven’t”. Alison removed her foot, Susan smiled and Julie straddled him.

“No time like the present to start then is there,” said Julie. With that she squatted down and held his tool, gently stroking it until it grew. John felt sick but strangely excited. Then he saw Julie stand up and move away as Alison took up her position over him and squatted over him. She made John enter her and started moving up and down. “Not bad for a kid,” she said to him “Let’s see if you can last.” It was no use. John came almost instantly and had never felt like this before. It was more powerful than tossing off in the bathroom. John’s tool hurt now but Susan kept going faster and faster. “Stop!” screamed John, “It hurts.” Susan totally ignored him and reached behind her ’till she held his nuts firmly in her hand all the time pounding away on top of John. John came again and started struggling frantically shouting at her to stop. It was really hurting John by now, it was his first time and his cock was hurting like hell from the pounding. At that point, Susan orgasmed and gripped John’s balls really tightly as she spasmed.

John was screaming at the top of his voice and threw up. She let go and stood up, she winked at John and said: “One down.” He looked puzzled ’till he saw Alison straddle him then she forced his cock inside her. Alison started to ride John and John was in agony. He was unable to come and could feel himself going limp inside her. Alison climaxed and stood up. She looked down at his limp cock and said: “Not good enough for you am I? You little shit.” “Please,” sobbed John, “no more, I want to go home now.”

Alison looked at him and smiled as she raised her foot and stamped on his balls. “Stop whining,” she said and twisted her foot from side to side. Johns screams were incredible, they pierced the walls and eventually tailed off to uncontrollable sobbing when she released her foot.

Susan looked down at him and said: “We’ve allowed you to make love to us and you want to leave, that’s not very fair now. Is it? You’ve stolen money from lots of women just like us and we’re going to make sure You never do it again.”

“I won’t,” said John thinking that it was all over. “Please just let me go and I swear I won’t steal again.”

Susan turned to Alison and said, “How do we stop someone from being light-fingered Ali?” Alison replied, “Remove the fingers I guess.” “Excellent idea,” said Susan and walked over to Johns outstretched hand. She stopped and looked at John and asked: “Fast or slow darling?”

John’s eyes were wide with fear as he looked at her “No Miss, please, no.”

“Wrong answer,” said Susan, “I didn’t ask you to comment on this did I?”
Susan looked at John and said: “I’ll do one slow and one fast and you can tell me which you prefer afterward. OK, sweetie?”

John stared at his hand as Susan slowly positioned her right heel over his right little finger. He started to cry as she slowly increased the pressure ’till she was full weight on his finger. She placed all of her weight through the heel on John’s finger and started twisting her foot. John was screaming like a stuck pig but she didn’t stop. Eventually, blood could be seen where her heel was twisting then John felt his finger tear away from his hand. John passed out.

He was woken by water being flung over him, shocking him back into reality. “Awake now dear,” said Susan, “back to the game then, that was slow so we’ll do fast next.”

“Please,” said John “No more. I beg you.” Susan ignored him and placed her heel on his ring finger, she concentrated as she raised her foot then drove the heel down with every ounce of strength she possessed. The heel caught Johns finger square on the middle knuckle and the force severed his finger.
John screamed again but did not black out this time. He stared at his hand and could see his two severed fingers lying next to his bleeding hand. He was crying uncontrollably now and was in his own personal hell.

“I’ll give you a minute or two to think darling, but I do need an answer soon,” said Susan and walked away.

Alison walked over to John’s hand and looked down at his severed fingers. “I’m sure the hospital will be able to stitch them back on for you but I doubt you’ll be able to use them again.” She looked at John and said: “Still we can’t take risks with a thief can we” at this she stood on his severed fingers and started twisting and grinding them till they were just mush on the floor.
Susan walked back to John: “Well, you made your mind up darling?”

John just looked at her, sobbing like a baby. “Do I presume you want it slow then?” said Susan. “No – fast,” sobbed John. He clenched his teeth and screwed his eyes shut. Pain shot through his body as he felt another finger being ripped from him, then blessed darkness as he blacked out again.
He awoke in agony and looked at his right hand, all of his fingers had been severed and lay mashed next to his hand. Alison must have been at work as well. He turned to his left hand and found the same. He sobbed uncontrollably.

A voice brought him back to reality. It was Julie. She stood next to his face and he turned to face her suede boots as she said: “We’ve been talking and we’ve decided that you need one last kicking then we’ll let you go.” John looked at her with fear in his eyes. “It won’t be too bad, we each have five kicks then we leave ok.” John looked down and nodded, he could no longer speak he was so frightened.

Julie was first, her first kick landed hard in his ribs and he felt one crack. He started to cry again as the second kick found exactly the same spot if his ribs weren’t broken before they were now. She walked round to the other side and delivered two kicks to the other ribs. Again he felt them go. Julie then stood up on his chest and her heels bit deep into each nipple she squatted down, increasing the weight on her heels and whispered: “Last one darling.” She stood up and stamped hard on his chest then stepped down.

Alison was next. She walked over to his right leg and kicked hard into his knee. She did this four times till she was sure it was broken then walked to the side of his head. She looked and said to him: “Think you can last another five sweetie?” She lifted her foot and stamped down hard on John’s nose. Blood splattered from either side of her sole as it landed and John screamed in absolute agony.

He was nearly out cold again so Susan decided to rouse him with water and stood over him. “I know who you are John, I know where you live and I know you have two brothers a lot younger than you.”

“Once we go you will tell police that two men did this with a hammer before they were frightened off by something.” “If you don’t I will quite happily let Alison find your brothers and jump up and down on them ’till they look like your fingers is that clear?”

“Yes,” said John, deep down he knew Alison liked this game and would enjoy killing his brothers.

Susan stepped back and kicked him hard in the stomach three times till he was sick. She walked around and told Julie to pin his head down to the side for her. Julie put her foot on John’s head and forced it to one side, her heel was biting on his ear and he felt it bleeding. Susan coldly walked over to him and drove her foot into his mouth breaking his two front teeth and making blood spurt then she turned around and swung her heel at his mouth smashing another four teeth.

“Goodbye darling,” she said, “next time just watch the films like a good boy, ok?”

John watched them leave, sobbing uncontrollably. Soon he heard footsteps. He started crying knowing it was the three returning.

It was just Alison, she walked to him and said. “We forgot to untie you so I said I’d come back.”

“There is one thing though, no one has ever gone limp on me before and I don’t think I like it so I’m going to make sure no one else has you after me.” She walked down to the top of his legs and turned to face him. “Those two are too soft but I really enjoy this, I’m going to crush your little dick and balls so you will remember me as your last woman.”

Alison placed her platform soles over his balls and slowly rocked onto her toes. John screamed as the pressure increased. She started twisting and grinding like she did on his fingers and John felt his nuts pop. Alison turned away from John and started stamping on his cock and balls with her heels. John screamed and screamed then eventually she stopped. She walked up to John and stood on his chest. “We lied, by the way, the girls have gone to fetch your brothers but you won’t see them.” With this, she turned around and stood on John’s face.

He was barely conscious and unable to scream but he felt his head crushing beneath her feet. She placed her heels just over John’s eyes and looked down. It was funny but just at the exact time she rocked back and put all her weight on her heels. Everything went black for John. Forever.

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