Fantastic Step Mom 31 min read

A story about a boy’s first trampling by the bbw stepmom and her friends

written by Paul Race
original source of the story was Submitted by the author

How did it start?

To start with my name is Paul, and I guess it actually started when I was about 12 yrs old. One day a week I had to stay with one of the neighbors as my mom had to work a couple of hours past when I would get off the bus.

Her name was Mrs. Jones. She had 2 daughters one was 8 yrs old. She walked on me but I could hardly feel her. She was well under 50 pounds. But her sister was 15 yrs old and about 100 pounds. Every time I was at their house the younger girl always wanted to play house or have a tea party.

One day I talked her into playing cowboys. She said ok I’m the sheriff then. She tied my hands to the leg of the bed cause she didn’t have a jail to put me in. So there I was laying on the floor tied to the leg of the bed when her sister walked in and said: “What are you doing laying on the floor?” I told her that I was in jail but she said: “You look like a rug to me,” then she walked on my stomach up to my chest and then right on my face. I think I might have been in shock. I remember her feet were warm and soft but that’s about all I remember. Then as she was leaving the room she looked down at me and said: “You still look like a rug,” then she walked on my face, then on my chest and finally my stomach.

Then came vacation time. The school was over. I spent the first night over at my buddies house and my dad was to pick me up when he was done work. It should have been a good time but not this year. Mom packed her clothes and left. We walked into the house. There was a note on the kitchen table. When dad read it he almost missed setting on the chair. When I asked him what’s the matter he just said: “Your mom left.” I didn’t know till some time later that it was forever.

Dad made arrangements for me to stay with my grandparents, but things didn’t get any better as dad lost his job.

After a few months dad picked me up and took me back home. On the drive home, dad told me that he met a wonderful lady and she would be staying with us as they were getting married.

Dad had a friend that drove truck Coast to Coast and offered dad a job helping him load and unload his truck, the only bad part was each trip took somewhere around 3 weeks. But he said he had somebody to take care of things.

When we got home he introduced me to her and said her name was Joann. She was 27 yrs old, oh and tall, very tall. She was really beautiful, long black hair down below her shoulders, really dark brown eyes, and very friendly.
But I was not interested in being friendly with her or any woman for that matter. My mom was a woman and she abandoned me. Guess I figured all women were the same. But she never gave up on me. She always had something nice to say even thou I would not answer her.

She started getting to me, making pies, cookies, and cakes she would even ask me what I would like, then she would make it. Finally, he got to me and I started talking to her. I think maybe we connected because she was not my real mom and like we could talk.

Then one day I was watching wrestling on TV and there were two women wrestling and the one girl knocked the other girl down and walked right on her. That started me wondering what it would be like to have a full grown woman trample me. The thought quickly passed as I knew it would never happen. When the wrestling was over with I went downstairs and saw Joann in the kitchen making a cake. Suddenly something hit me. I don’t know what, but if I had to describe it I would say it was something like a shock wave or tempory insanity.

Before I knew it I asked Joann to walk on me. I could not believe I just said that. I started feeling stupid really stupid. Joann chuckled and said: “I would squish you like a grape, you would be a pancake.” I opened my mouth again and said: “Maybe not.” Then she asked me if I knew how big she was? I was stuck for an answer. She said: “I’m 6feet 4 inches and I weigh 198 pounds and not that it matters but I wear a size 14 shoe.”

Then she turned around and opened the fridge door and pulled out a grape off the cluster, threw it on the floor and stepped on it. She looked at me and said: “Well…” I didn’t know what to say. Then she went to the fridge and pulled out a left over pancake threw it on the floor and stepped on it. It was like totally squished. It was about as thick as paper. She looked at me and said: “Do you still want me to walk on you?” I looked at her and said: “Yes.” She said it ain’t going to happen: “I have to change and run into work for about an hour.”

As she was getting dressed my mind came up with a dumb plan. I would lay in front of the door and she would have to walk on me to go to work. When she came down to leave she saw me laying in front of the door. She walked up to me and said: “You really want me to walk on you???” As she was standing beside me I looked up, and in horror, I saw just how big she was. I was beginning to feel like a pissy ant, but my mouth opened and said: “Yes.” What did I just say, OMG? She looked down at me and said: “We will discuss this when I come back. I’ll only be gone for about an hour.”

The time flew by before I knew it. She was walking through the door. She looked at me and said: “I have to change my clothes quickly.” About five minutes passed and she called me to come upstairs. My heart was in my throat. Was she really going to walk on me? How could I get out of it? I told her I wanted her to even after she totally flattened the food, and then I even laid on the floor right in front of the door.

When I got upstairs Joann met me in the hallway and said: “Ok, are you ready?” I mumbled: “Yea…” She said that I have to prove I’m strong enough to support her weight. Then she said before she walks on me I would have to lift her up and hold her for a count of 3. I agreed she said that the hallway would be a good place in case I would lose my balance she could brace her hands on the wall rather than fall.

She stood in the middle of the hall barefooted and said: “Well, let’s go see if you can do it?” I walked up to her wrapped my arms around her and gave it everything I had, but to my surprise, she didn’t move a bit, not even a fraction of an inch. From straining when I loosened my grip I felt light headed and hit the floor. Looking up at her I figured maybe it was for the best, but still, there was that little voice inside me saying “Let her walk on you.” Joann helped me up and told me to lay down on the bed and rest for a few minutes. She left the room and as I was laying there I started to wonder what in the name of God was I thinking ?

She walked back into the room and asked if I was ok? I assured her I was fine. As she was leaving the room she turned and smiled and said maybe next time. Next time, did she just say Next time? Then she said: “Oh, one more thing. You can’t tell anybody about this or anything we talk about. NOBODY!” I promised .

A week after week month after month I failed at lifting Joann off the floor. I was so disappointed in myself. Then one day just before I was ready to try again, Joann said bend your legs and lock your hands together and keep your back straight when you try to lift me. I tried to remember what she told me, but something didn’t seem right. It sounded like she was trying to help me. But why would she do that? She was the one that said she would squish me if she walked on me.
Well, as usual, I failed again. As I was laying on the floor she walked up to me knelt down beside me and started giving me a rub down and said: “Don’t give up. Maybe if you started doing some exercises and some weight lifting.” She told me she would help.

First, she told me to do some push-ups and don’t cheat she said that she didn’t want to see any worm push up, straight line from my feet to my head. Then she said that some sit-ups would be good also, but again no cheating head all the way up to my knees. Then she reminded me if I cheated I would only be delaying my goal.

On my next attempt at lifting her I felt really good I went from 5 push-ups at one time up to 25 and the sit-ups I went from 25 at one time up to 200.
Joann walked into the hallway and asked if I was ready and I said: “Oh yes.” I bent my legs, locked my hands, kept my back straight, and gave it a mighty heave hoe. I pulled till my arms felt like they were stretching. My legs felt like they were on fire. Joann was saying: “Come on Paul. Don’t stop now. Keep going. Come on. You can do it.” As much as I strained I didn’t have anything left and fell to the floor. Joann helped me to my bed and said: “If you really want to do it I can help you a little.” I smiled at her and said: “Sure.”

Before I knew what was happening she turned around and sat on my stomach. Then she started bouncing up and down. As I was gasping for air she said that it would build up my lung capacity. Then she got up and said to take 10 deep breaths. Then she said that the next exercise will build up my ability to hold my breath. With that, she quickly turned around and dropped her butt on my face and again started bouncing up and down on my face with her butt. Then she said: “Now take in a deep breath as fast as you can.” Then she stopped bouncing and just sat on my face. The first few seconds felt wonderful feeling her warm soft ass on my face, but then I could feel all her weight. My face started stinging. My eyes started to burn, and I was slowly losing my ability to hold my breath. Little by little my breath oozed out of me. I started seeing stars and just as things started to go black she got off me. She said: “I almost forgot you were under me.” She said: “I’ll be right back.” The stinging started to go away and ever so slowly my blurred vision started to clear up. As I laid there I remembered feeling warm dampness as she was setting on me. Then Joann walked into the room with a warm cloth and wiped my face down, looked down at me and said you did wonderfully. We will do this a couple times a week and before you know it you will be lifting me like I only weigh 50 pounds.

For the next couple of weeks, I spent my days lifting anything I could find, cinder blocks, bricks, heavy steel pips anything. Then Joann said: “Well Paul its been 3 weeks are you ready to try it again?” I said sure: “I’ll meet you up in the hallway.” I walked up to her, wrapped my arms around her and locked them and remembered everything she told me. I started to lift. At first, she felt really light but as I continued lifting I could feel the weight increase more and more. I just could not lift anymore. That’s when she said: “Keep going,” but I was spent and started to lower her down. That’s when she started screaming: “Don’t stop. Keep going. You’re so close,” but I couldn’t lift anymore. She looked at me and said: “DAMN it. The only thing on the floor were my toes.” I was bent over huffing and puffing still wondering why is she helping me, urging me, even yelling at me to keep going. Then she said: “Ok, get on the bed and we will work on your breathing exercises more.”

Well, another failed attempt, back to working out and lifting. By now I was ready to call it quits but Joann kept urging me on telling me that she can see the progress I’ve made, so after another 3 weeks she says: “Well, today is the day you will lift me off the floor.” I walked to the hall and she was already standing there waiting for me. God she looked so good, perfect curves everywhere, her long black shining hair, the only thing that was intimidating was her size, weight, and her size 14 feet. Ok, well, 3 things.

As I walked up to her she said: “Look straight ahead. Don’t look up and don’t look down.” I wrapped my arms around her and asked if she was ready? She said: “Yes,” and, “just remember your reward. Now, lift me!” I tightened my grip even more and started to lift, pulling for all I was worth, trying to lift with my legs, remembering to keep my back straight, then I felt her moving. Not much, but she diffidently came off the floor even if it was not much. Once again I was at my limit, then Joann whispered: “Come on honey, you can lift little old me, listen to me. DO NOT PUT ME DOWN. Just keep a tight hold on me. Take a couple of deep breaths. Hold the last one and get me off the floor.”

She called me honey. I did as she said and gave it every last bit of energy I had. She yelled: “Yes! Yes! Just hold me for a count of 3 honey.” It seemed like an eternity but finally, she broke into cheering, clapping laughter and yelled: “YOU DID IT, HONEY!” I left her down and she wrapped her arms around me and started kissing me. A few seconds later everything started spinning and I passed out.

When I came to Joann was sitting beside me caressing my face and had a wet towel on my forehead. With sparkles in her eyes and a beautiful smile on her face, she said: “How can I trample you if you’re not awake to enjoy it?” Then she said: “Now that the hardest part is over the next two will be a breeze.” Next two, what was she talking about!? I thought I was done, but with my head still spinning and every muscle aching I was not about to ask her what she meant. Then she said let’s get you up to bed and get you rested up.

The next day I heard Joann running the sweeper in the hallway and got up. She saw me and said: “Go back to bed, honey. I’ll get you up shortly. I need to run somewhere I’ll be back shortly.”

I went back to bed and fell back to sleep. It seemed like only a few minutes but it was actually 3 hours, it was 10:00 AM. I got up and started to get dressed when I heard the front door close. A minute later Joann yelled up: “Paul come on down I want you to meet somebody.” I went down and there were Joann and another lady standing in the living room. Joann called me over and said: “Paul I would like you to meet Alice.” I said: “Hello, but she just looked at me for a minute.” She was an older lady, well older than Joann. Then Alice said to Joann: “This boy can’t be the one you told me about?” Joann said: “Yes, it is. You would not believe how strong he is.” Then she said: “Go ahead, Paul. Show her how strong you are. Pick her up.”

Alice got a bewildered look on her face. I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her and asked: “Are you ready?” Alice said: “You’re wasting your time.” I tightened my grip, bent my legs and gave it a might heave hoe. I think Alice came off the floor by a foot or more. Alice was in shock. She said: “I can’t believe it.” Then Joann said: “Paul go over by that chair and lay down on your back,” then she said to Alice: “Well go ahead here’s your chance.” She looked at Joann and asked: “Are you sure?” Joann nodded and Alice walked over to me and straddled my stomach. She looked down at me and asked: “Are you ok with this?” I didn’t have any idea what she was talking about but I trusted Joann and I said: “Yes I’m sure.”

Alice looked at Joann and said: “I can’t believe I’m going to do this to this boy. I’m 56 yrs old and 109 pounds and I’m going to trample him.” Joann said: “It’s ok. It’s something you’ve always wanted to do.”

Alice placed one foot on my stomach and started applying her weight. Then she raised her other foot and placed it on my stomach. She walked up onto my chest and stopped and said: “Oh God forgive me,” then she stepped on my face. She only stood on my face for a few seconds and then stepped off. Then she exclaimed: “Oh my God I did it,” then she told Joann she thought she had some sort of a fetish but her husband would never allow her to try anything. Then she asked Joann if she could do it again and Joann said: “Sure, I’m sure he’s enjoying it,” then Alice said, “Maybe you could lay on the sofa this time?” I got up, laid on the soft and Alice came over and without any hesitation, she stepped right up on me and started trampling me. Then she said: “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to trample a little boy.” Joann asked: “Well, are you enjoying it?” Alice replied: “It’s wonderful,” then she looked down at me and asked: “Would it be ok if I kind of bounced on you a little?” She was so light so I said: “Yes, please do.” She started bouncing on my stomach and my chest then she even started bouncing on my face. Then she took it up a notch and started jumping on me like I was a trampoline. It didn’t hurt but it was a weird feeling seeing her jumping on me, of course, I could not see her when she jumped on my face but I could feel when her feet made contact with my face and the pressure increased as my face was smashed down into the sofa.

After a while she was exhausted and stopped, then Joann asked: “Are you ready for the rest of it?” as she smiled. Alice asked her if she was sure it was ok? Joann said: “Yea I’m sure.” Joann told me to lay on the floor in front of the sofa. Alice stepped on my face, turned around and sat on the sofa, then Joann told me to smell Alice’s beautiful feet and then to lick her soles and to finish by sucking her toes working my tongue between her toes. I was not sure why Joann was telling me to do all this for Alice but I didn’t ask any questions. I sniffed her feet as she rubbed them on my face, then I started licking her soles. I thought I heard her moaning but why would she moan I was not biting her just licking her feet. When I started sucking on her toes I heard her moan again. I was sure this time. Joann came over bent down and whispered in my ear: “You’re doing a wonderful job honey keep going.” I kept sucking and in a few minutes she started kicking my face and she started shaking uncontrollably. Finally, she stopped but she was breathing very heavy, then she asked Joann if she could use her bathroom. “Sure it’s at the top of the steps.”

After she was out of sight I asked Joann what was going on? She said that she will explain it in a couple days. Then I asked what has happened to Alice again she said: “All in good time.” As Alice was leaving she walked up to me and said: “You’re the sweetest boy I’ve ever met.” Then she gave me a big hug and kiss. I didn’t know what to say so I said: “It was my pleasure.” She said that she hoped I enjoyed it as much as she did, another kiss and out the door, she went. Joann looked at me and said: “Thank you! Now you better get to bed. It’s going to be a bigger day tomorrow.”

As I was laying in bed I could not help but wonder what she meant? Was tomorrow going to be the day she would trample me? My heart started racing half from the excitement and half from the thought of Joann smashing the food in the kitchen.

I had a lump in my throat thinking what the hell did I do, letting my mouth run off like I did, I guess I could always tell her I was joking or I changed my mind, or after what you did to that poor pancake you changed my mind. Hell, that would only make me look like a wimp to her, I would never be able to live that down.

The next morning I woke up got dressed and went down stairs. Joann was making breakfast, when she saw me she asked: “How are you feeling? I hope Alice was not to much for you.” I opened my mouth again and said: “Oh, no,  I could handle three or four of her.”

Damn, I did it again insinuating I could handle 300 to 400 pounds with no problem, I grabbed a glass of milk and headed out the door to do my chores.
When I finished Joann said: “You better take a shower. We’re getting company later.” I got my shower and laid in bed, day dreaming about everything and anything but mostly Joann.

Suddenly I was brought back to reality as Joann called to me: “Paul come down here, we have company.” I went down the stairs and into the living room. Joann said: “Paul, this is Mary.” I looked over at her and said: “Hello, glad to meet you.” She seamed like a nice lady I would guess about 40 yrs old, maybe 155 pounds, brown hair, short, but really curly.

Mary looked at Joann and asked: “So, where is this super man?” Joann replied: “You’re looking at him.” Mary replied: “No way. He’s a boy.” Joann said: “Paul, show her how strong you are. She doesn’t believe me.” I walked over to Mary wrapped my arms around her and asked if she was ready. She said: “Go ahead.” I started to lift her. I did feel some more weight than Alice but less than Joann. I lifted her off her feet and held her for about 3 seconds.
She looked at me and said: “I can’t believe that. I weigh 159 pounds.” Then Joann looked at Mary and asked: “Shall we continue with what we agreed on?” Mary said: “I guess so, but I still can’t believe it.” Joann told me to take my place and lay down on my back. Mary walked over and stood beside me and asked: “Are you ok with this? I mean I don’t want to force you and I sure don’t want to hurt you?” Again not knowing what Joann and Mary talked about I smiled and told her: “I’m fine with it.”

Then as if there was nothing strange about the situation Mary kicked off her shoes and stepped on me and started trampling me like I was nothing but a rug. I could not believe the change in her attitude. Joann walked over and said to Mary: “That’s better.” Then she brought her over a chair and said: “This will help you keep your balance, so you can go all the way.” Mary looked at her and asked: “You’re serious?” Joann said: “A deal is a deal.” Mary looked down at me and said: “Just say the word and I won’t do it.” Joann said: “He wants you to do it.” Mary looked down at me and said: “Well?”

When I saw the chair I kind of knew what was coming and I said: “Oh, yes, please do.” She said: “My feet are pretty smelly,” then as she put one foot on my face for me to smell. Joann said: “Don’t tease him. Do it.” With that Mary stepped on my face with both her feet holding onto the chair and began wiping her feet on my face, then she stepped off me and Joann said: “See nothing to it. He’s fine.” Mary looked down at me and asked: “You’re ok with this?” I assured her that I was fine. Then she said: “Well then, in that case, I guess I’ll continue.” She started trampling me again, but this time she didn’t have any hesitation about trampling on my face.

After about 15 minutes she said: “I don’t know how he’s taking what I’m doing to him but I’m exhausted.” She stepped off me and Joann told me to lay on the sofa and catch my breath, while they went to get something to drink. When they returned Joann said: “Have a seat.” Mary seemed overly eager to sit on me. She sat on my stomach but Joann said: “No, move up. Sit right on his face.” Again Mary seemed hesitant to sit on my face but Joann again said: “A deal is a deal.” Mary moved up but very slowly sat down on my face. As she pulled her dress up as she lowered herself onto my face I got just a quick look and could see that she was wearing white panties. I could hear them talking but I could not tell what they were saying. Then Mary started bouncing up and down on my face. Again I heard them talking and soon it felt like Joann was partly stepping on my stomach. I could feel the air being driven out of my lungs as I was breathing very heavy through my mouth. Joann kept stepping on my stomach faster and faster then Mary started bouncing on my face. After a few minutes, Mary stopped bouncing but Joann kept stepping on my stomach. Then all of a sudden Mary started shaking like hell, and I felt warm moisture coming from Mary white panties.

After a couple minutes Mary got up and I just laid there catching my breath. Mary said: “When his warm breath started coming around my panties and through my legs I couldn’t stop it even if I wanted to.” Joann looked at her and said: “A deal is a deal.” Then Mary said: “That was the best I’ve ever had,” thanked Joann and left. Can you believe that she never once said a word to me?

After Mary left Joann asked me if I was ok. I told her that I was fine. She knelt down on the floor aside of me and said: “You did wonderfully. Now you’re ready. Go up to bed and get a couple hours rest. Tonight will be a night you will never forget. You’ll get everything you wanted and more.” My heart was racing with excitement as I went to take a nap.

When Joann woke me up she said: “There are a few things I need to tell you. From the day you asked me to walk on you I started doing research on why. The idea of having you lift me, well, I thought you would never be able to do it and you would forget about it. But, when I saw how hard you were working at it, well, I just wanted to give you what you wanted, but at the same time, I didn’t want to hurt you. Oh, and I did see you in my room one day smelling my shoes. So I looked up smelling feet fetish. I also saw you holding my shoes up to your face, so I looked up face trampling. Following what I read on the internet I followed their advice to start out light and work the weight up.”

“I knew Alice had a foot fetish but never could try it, so I told her if she would walk all over you AKA ‘trampling’ I would have you lick her feet and suck her toes, you have to admit at 109 pounds she was really light.”

“To take it up a little I knew Mary never had an orgasm from sitting on somebody’s face so I made a deal with her to make you smell her feet and trample you. She was a little heaver at 159 pounds. That’s only 39 pounds lighter than me. So you went from Alice at 109 to Mary at 159. That’s a increase of 50 pounds with no problem, so now I’m 100% sure you can take my weight. I’m only another 39 pounds heaver.”

Then Joann asked: “Are you ready?” I was feeling kind of guilty and told her that she didn’t have to trample me. She said: “Oh, but I do. I know its something you want and over the past couple month I’ve seen just how bad you want me to trample you and I really want to be the one to trample you and have you experience your wants and your desires.”

Then she grabbed my mattress and put it in the hall way, and took my hand and lead me to the mattress. I laid down on the mattress looking at her. She laid down beside me stroking my hair, caressing my face and kissing me and telling me how much I was going to enjoy it, and that I should just relax don’t tense up. By this time my heart was racing.

She stood up and started caressing my face with her one foot then putting her toes right under my nose for me smell all her sex-e-ness. After a while, she moved down beside me and placed one of her feet on my stomach and started rubbing my chest and stomach. I started to moan lightly and so did she. Then she said: “Now, what you’ve been waiting for.” She slowly and gently started applying more and more weight to my stomach. Just when I thought she had maybe a half of her weight on me I felt her other foot on my stomach. Slowly she walked up onto my chest, she moaned, looked down at me and smiled. She continued trampling me. As I looked up into her eyes I could see the love. She still looked like a giant but she was my beautiful giant.

She walked up my chest looked down and said: “And now hon I’m going to give you the best experience you’ve been yearning for.” Then she took her one foot and pushed my face to the side and placed one foot on my face then she placed her other foot on my face. OMG, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much pleasure in my life. She wiped her feet on my face, pushed her toes up to my nose and put her toes in my mouth. She continued with trampling all over me over and over. Then one time when she was on my stomach she took one foot and stepped on my erection. Until then I didn’t even realize I had an erection.  I moaned again and she said: “MMMMMM get ready to blast off honey,” then she placed one foot on my face and the other one on my erection and started alternately stepping on both.

Something started to happen I didn’t know what. It felt like my legs started getting numb from my feet racing up my legs, then up my erection. It felt like the tip of my erection erupted. I was afraid to look down. I thought for sure I was a bloody mess. Then Joann got down grabbed a wet towel and started whipping me down there. Then she laid down with me nibbling my ear, caressing my face etc telling me I was wonderful and hopped it was everything I was expecting. Before I knew it Joann was waking me up telling me it was time for us to get up, it was 9:00AM the next morning.

That night I was laying in bed when Joann walked in I so wanted to please her: “I asked her how I could make her feel as good as she made me feel?” She said it was not necessary, but I insisted, I said that I wanted to make her feel as good as she made me feel.

She asked me if it would be ok if she sat on my face? I said: “Sure, I would love that.” She told me to lay with my head at the foot of the bed, then she positioned me to her liking and turned out the lights. I could see her taking off her shorts and her panties from the light coming through the window from the moon. She walked over to the foot of the bed turned around and slowly lowered herself onto my face, I could feel her hair and her warm moist skin on my face. Then she started wiggling around moving back and fourth, left and right. After a few minutes she grabbed my head (for lack of a better word), she started pounding my face into her, after that she started bouncing on my face harder and harder, then she went into a grinding on my face after a few minutes she squeezed her legs tightly around my face grabbed my hair and started moaning. That’s when I felt something warm and wet starting to cover my face. When it was over and she went to get up she almost passed out. She sat back down and said: “Give me just minute honey,” then she said, “don’t move.”

She went and got a warm towel. When she walked back into the room she turned on a small light. She looked at my face and said: “OMG I made a mess of your poor face.” After she was done I asked her if she enjoyed it and she said: “You would not believe how much.” I said: “That’s all that matters.” She grabbed me and started telling me that I was more of a man than any of the guys she’s ever been with.

When I asked her what she ment she said that none of them would even try and lift her up, none of them would let her sit on their face, and for damn sure none of then would ever let her trample the hell out of them.

We continued having fun making each other happy two to three times a week, but when I turned 18 I really started feeling guilty. I wanted her I wanted to go all the way with her, but I had to face the facts. She was still my dad’s wife or going to be. I had to leave and only come back if my dad was there, otherwise, I really don’t think I could control my animal instincts.

She never told him what we had together. The first time dad was home and I went over to his house. Dad asked me why I moved out? I told him I was 18 and it was time for me to get out on my own and make my own life. He said: “Well its up to you, son.” And Joann said: “Yes, you can come here any time.”

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      1. I found my collection of quite a few stories I’ve read over the years if you will tell me where to send them to I’ll gladly send them as soon as possible

  1. Omg!!! I’ve ALWAYS fantasized about a step mom, or neighbor lady,or teacher, nurse, babysitter to which i could be “shown the ropes”. To me that would be like winning the lottery and then some. Please, print more, a continuance, sequel, please. I know that you mentioned that this is the only one the author wrote…anything similar would be just as awesome.

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