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A friend of mine had a bf who she dated few years back  But she eventually found out he’s cheating on her. So I told her to take revenge on him and kick him where it’s hurts the most.

He bought an iphone with all of his savings and was flaunting it to everyone.  Once he left it on his desk and go for a break, she sneaked in and stole the iphone.  When he came back he was freaking because his new iphone was not there  He tried everything but couldn’t find it

After few days I was in her house i asked her what she will do to his expensive phone and she said she’ll destroy it.  I brought a hammer but she denied and said if she’s gonna destroy his expensive phone she gonna do it in style and opened a box and reveal high pencil stilettos with a 6 inch sharp heel.  She wore the heels and was looking super sexy I looked her face and could see the excitement level to test the strength of his phone and her heels.

I video called her bf with a fake number in his old cell phone.  Eventually he picked it up.  But what he saw was just his iphone and two female feet cladded with red nail paint wearing 6 inch pencil stilettos walking towards his phone.

He begged in front of usHe couldn’t see her as the camera was showing only her feet.  He starting to cry that’s when she started.

She walked on the phone like a ramp and used her heel on the display to create marks. Then she stepped on the phone display with only her 6 inch heels , I could see the phone holding her all weight on. The iPhone was fighting for it’s life but it can’t win.

The display started to gave up and crack beneath her heel, another loud crack and the display started to break. Then she lifted her other foot in the air and the phone was under single heel, all of her body weight was on that tiny heel on the phone screen. A loud crack and the phone display was crunched like a bug! She flipped the phone with her feet and now it was time for camera.

The phone has three cameras.  She placed her heel on the first camera and lifted her other foot in air to cause maximum pressure on the phone camera, the heel pierced into the camera and crushed it.  That’s also how she crushed the second and the third cameras of his phone.

We could see his face as he saw his most precious thing under a female feet in heels crushing it without mercy.  She was smiling seeing him in tears and then stomped her foot and started to dance on it.  The phone breaks into different pieces , she kept laughing and danced on the iphone.

I couldn’t believe how those killer heels could do this amount of damage.  I am sure his heart under crushed like the phone under those heels.

In the end she kicked his phone and the call ended.  She thanked me for the support and laughed.  I couldn’t believe she was soo happy.  I picked up the pieces of the phone and there were holes of her heels in it

The next day we saw him gloomy and she laughed finally that’s what she wanted.  She placed a box in this bag.  He opened it to find the pieces of his beloved possession piece of paper with lipstick stained kiss

(True story)

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