The Escort 4.8 (41)

To get trampled, a man hires a prostitute.

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I had thought for several years of hiring an escort to come out to my place and walk on me for an hour. Well that fantasy finally came to reality last week. I called up a service and explained to the female dispatcher what I was looking for. I hoped that she wouldn’t think wanting to be stepped on made me a freak or anything. Before I called, I had the fear she might even hang up on me !

But she said it was fine and that a lot of guys had asked for much more unusual things, which totally put me at ease.

In fact she said that it sounded interesting and she knew one of the girls might be into it ! Which was probably a lie but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The dispatcher would give her my number and she would call me to schedule a time to get together. So at least I got things going (maybe).

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Cigarette crush 3.9 (16)

woman grinds out cigarettes on her boyfriend

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

One night we were laying in bed and my girlfriend Heather told me of an article she read in a woman’s lib magazine. It was a short story about a woman who was smoking and used a man as her ashtray. When she said that she pulled me close to her and had a excited look on her face. In this moment of intimacy I decided to tell her of my ultimate fantasy. I have always been turned on watching women grind out cigarettes under their high heel shoes. I said I always dreamed about a woman crushing out her cigarette on my stomach. Then she would light another one and put it out on my cock. Heather said “That’s kinky” with a gleam in her eye.

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Human smoke break area 4.7 (37)

Man begs his girlfriend to step on him while she smokes. Unfortunately for him, he gets his wish.

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I dated a woman, Debbie, who was a smoker and liked wearing high heels. She was a legal secretary and often wore high heel boots to work during the fall and winter.

Well one chilly day in November I took her out for a nice lunch. We had a quick meal at a posh restaurant and I got her back to work with some time to spare in her lunch hour. So she called her best friend at the firm, another secretary named Heather, and asked if she wanted to go meet her in the parking lot for a cigarette. That’s where the two women always took their smoke breaks.

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