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Later that week Lieke came by my cubicle wearing a gorgeous pair of white stilettos. I guess Europeans never got the memo “no white after Labor Day”. Anyway there are a lot of people around so I know she wouldn’t try anything.

Lieke said “Hey where’s that journal article you’re always bragging about?” I reach up to my shelf and reverently hand it to her like a proud papa. It was my 1973 copy of the Journal of Political Economy which had the famous “The Pricing of Options and Corporate Liabilities” paper. That’s the article which laid out the Black-Scholes model, the mathematical calculations which dominated all option pricing. It was the very foundation of my industry. Fisher Black had signed it for me when I attended one of his lectures. I’d show it off to other finance nerds to prove how cool I was.

Lieke leafed through it for about 5 seconds and then dropped it on the floor. “Oops, I’ll get that” she said as everything went into slow motion for me. I started to dive down from my chair to grab the journal off of the floor right as Lieke strode forward and stepped on it with her stiletto heel. She walked over it with all her weight as I gasped in horror. Her spike heel left a deep gouge in the cover of the journal. “Oh no” Lieke said “it seems that I stepped on it.” She made a frowny face at me. “Sorry” Then she handed the journal back to me and walked away.

I was both incredibly mad and incredibly turned on at the same time

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