Careless Girlfriend 2 min read

written by Steel Etto
original source of the story was Unknown source


I had a girlfriend back then who didn’t much care what she was walking on, as long is it wasn’t hers. I remember her one time walking across a room to shoo a cat out of it and treading all over my college work in the process. She had low heels on, and they left really obvious (perfectly formed) marks where they’d sunk into the papers because of the carpet underneath.

Not a one off. At a party once she stepped on the records on the floor in order to take one off the turntable, wearing quite savage stilettos. One of the singles just kind of ‘exploded’ under her heel and she knew she’d done it.

Maddest place was in the car. Anything on the floor of that car and she didn’t give a fuck. Wet thickly treaded boots, heels, sandals, whatever – pick her up and she’d just get right on in. At one time I used to have a lot of old radios to take to repair shops. If one was on that floor, she’d just stick her feet on it. God, it used to turn me on. But it wasn’t just her. Pretty much all her friends were the same. Two occasions I remember really well. ‘Shit ‘tammy’. You just trod right on a fucking donut!’ (or something like that, she said.) Laughs, they all laugh, girlfriend too. No one moves it. Kicked around and stepped on a bit more for half an hour once they forget it’s there. OMG. And another one, a different time ‘Shit, I just trod all over a bag – anything in it?’ Carries on and gets out, doesn’t bother actually looking.

I can’t look back at her but I never forgot. And then there were the times it was just us.

One night, remember especially. We drove off to this field, me and the girlfriend, and it’s a bit wet and it’s as much clammy half firm mud as grass and she gets out of the car for a bit and then back in after walking round in all that shit, no attempt to wipe it off, and we’re fondling and all that, and my college work (which she’s already treated to a fair old preview) is on the floor under her damp, dirty shoes where she has these really nice sexy shiny black kitten heels on over bare feet. Every time she moves there’s papery-crumpling sounds from down in the well in front of her seat where shes treading all over it, rucking it up, grinding dirt into it…. Fucking hell – a hand job while she’s doing it… and me getting her off, too, and all the time!!!

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