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My colleague Lynn is beautiful and in her mid-twenties. She’s a woman who is very sweet and gentle but she doesn’t like insects at all. It’s the perfect combination!

Although I have often seen her at work in very nice boots and flat shoes, it has always been a wish of mine to see her in pumps. She has at least one pair, for I saw her wearing them once at a party.

Well last weekend we had another party and yes, she was wearing those pumps again!! High, slender heel of 3 or 4 inches (7.5 to 10 cm), pointed toe, dark brown in color with a leather sole.  Sexy and stylish.  She was wearing them with jeans.  I thought a skirt/dress would have been a better combination but I’m not complaining!!

I didn’t catch a pillbug this time, which I often do for my setups, and I regretted it when I saw her at the party wearing her high heeled pumps. I thought the opportunity for a setup would be poor that evening for there were many people there. However toward the end of the party, when many of the guess had already left, I took a good look around the house & deck  when I came back from the toilet.   I was lucky to find a daddy-longlegs spider on an outside bench.

These spiders have super long, thin legs but the actual body was usually quite small. But this one had a fatter body. I took it with me over to where I knew Lynn was, YEP…she was still on her phone in the corner of the room. There was no one close to her and I walked casually in her direction, and dropped the spider. Great luck as the spider didn’t move and stayed close to Lynn, who was walking in circles now.  Maybe the spider was a bit stunned from being dropped ?

Like many people do when making a phone call, Lynn would look down at the floor every now and then. The moment she noticed the spider, it became pretty clear to me. She did not make any sudden movements but she began to very slowly and gracefully change her pose.  I soon recognized in her staring that she had noticed it on the floor. All the time she kept on talking normally as if nothing was wrong at all.

It was now just a few centimeters away from her. Lynn looked directly down at the spider and pivoted her foot on the spiked heel of her shoe while keeping up her conversation. She hovered the ball of her pump just above the little guy for a moment and, when he was directly under her pointy toe, she came down on him hard. It was a firm step that she leaned into with all of her weight onto the hardwood floor.  Then she twisted her shoe two or three times, making sure the spider was dead.  After a few seconds she raised her foot, pivoting on the heel again so she could examine her work.  All this time her phone conversation never missed a beat!

It was clear that the spider was now squashed completely flat as that fat mid section was mashed out on the floor in a small circle.  Lynn was totally  unphased by this and just put her shoe right back down on the floor, stepping on the spider’s remains while she continued her call, clearly showing that it meant absolutely nothing to her.

As the call went on Lynn kept standing on the crushed spider while moving about ever so slightly, no doubt slowly grinding the spider’s remains into the floor even more under her perfect shoes.  But it was all done without a care since Lynn never looked back to the floor again but concentrated on her call.  She absentmindedly glanced about the room, as if nothing was the least bit unusual.  It was as if she had already forgotten about the spider.

I was behind Lynn watching all of this with complete concentration.  At one point I could kind of see the smushed spider appear under the side of her shoe.  But Lynn moved her foot again and the remains disappeared under her toe.  She didn’t seem phased at all about stepping on the crushed spider with her beautiful pumps.  She was so careless at this point I think she could have even stepped on some part of the spider debris with her spike heel.  She was concentrating completely on her phone call and seemed oblivious to anything else.  When the call was finished, she just walked back to the party, leaving the spider remains as an unidentifiable spot on the floor.

It was an awesome experience for me since I saw Lynn crush an insect for the first time in high heeled pumps.  And the crush itself was so great because she did it so casually and with such negligence; the spider was just an another (unimportant) insect kill for her while she was passing time during her phone call.  Ho Hum.

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