Careless Girlfriend 2.4 (7)

she doesn’t notice what’s under her shoes – or does she ??

written by Steel Etto
original source of the story was Unknown source

I had a girlfriend back then who didn’t much care what she was walking on, as long is it wasn’t hers. I remember her one time walking across a room to shoo a cat out of it and treading all over my college work in the process. She had low heels on, and they left really obvious (perfectly formed) marks where they’d sunk into the papers because of the carpet underneath.

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Back to work Gora ! 4.4 (16)

A celebrity appearance accidentally results in a multi-girl hand trample

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I started a new position at a South Asian import/export company in an industrial park about 40 km outside of London.  The first day I noticed that I was the only man and only white person who worked there.  On my floor there were 20 other people, all Indian women and most of them fairly young.  But this definitely wasn’t a problem for me as I had always admired South Asian women for their beauty.  However, things did get somewhat tedious as little English was spoken during the workday.  Now this wasn’t because the women were straight from India.  On the contrary, almost all were UK born and quite western in appearance, usually wearing stylish business attire with court shoes or boots.   I just assumed the widespread use of Hindi was due to the nature of the work and the frequent dealings with the subcontinent.  But at times I definitely felt like a second class citizen in this office.

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