Neighbor’s Barefoot Trample 6 min read

written by Unknown author
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My first trample experience happened when I was 16 years old. One day my parent were out for shopping and I was alone at my home to make homework and someone knocked my door. I opened the door and saw my neighbouring Angela. She was a beautiful woman in age about 37, divorced with a son that I often played with. She was 5.5 feet tall (170 cm) with black hair and natural tan skin. Angela asked me if I could go into her home for help her and I said yes.

We went in front of a empty bookshelf and she said: ” You see all that books. We have to put on the bookshelf “.

We began from the bottom but after few minutes Angela said that she would change her dress with something more comfortable. She went in her bedroom and came back weared T-shirt and jeans. She was barefoot with open toe slipper. Her toes were red painted and her feet tan. I started to look at her feet and I was not able to concentrate my mind. Angela saw me and after some minutes she look at me and asked: “Do you like my feet ?”. “Yes, a lot ” I answered. “Do you never played with female feet ?” she asked. “No ” I answered. “Would you like to try ? I like to test how strong is a body man.” she said. I look at her feet again and said ” We can try.”

Angela stand up and told me to remove my T-shirt and layed down on my back in front of bookshelf, she take off her slipper and said ” Now I try to stand on you full weight and use your body like a step while I put the books on top to this shelf. I think you are strong enough to hold my weight but if you are not and begin feel the pain tell me that I go down .Are you ready ?”

I nodded and tight the abdominal muscles. Angela put her right foot on me and very slowly stand up also with the left. She bounced a little and said: “I weight 110 lb (50 kg.). How do you feel ? “.

“No problem, I think I can hold you ” I said. “Ok, so I can start ” Angela said. She took some books and put them on the bookshelf and continued up to shelf’s top. I was enchanted for her feet ,they were tiny with red painted toes and tanned skin. Between her toes ,her skin become lighter. After few minutes, Angela look at me and said: ” Well, I finished this side. Is 3 minutes that I stand on you . How do you feel ? Can I continue with the other side ? “. I said yes so Angela stepped off to my stomach and move to my chest. She put her right foot on my chest and always slowly stepped on with the left near to my neck. From my position I saw my rib sink under her feet but I felt no pain, only pleasure. While she bounced a little for the position , I heard a crack from my ribs but Angela said: ” Don’t worry, it’s normal. It’s like a Shiatsu massage.” After that she started to put the books on shelf and stood on my chest for 3 minutes and stepped off.

Angela asked me if I was ok than she said: ” Now there is only one free space on bookshelf and it is over your face. Turn your face on side.” I did and Angela stepped on with both feet and put the book on place, after that she move on chest. She stood in place for 1 minute than stepped off.

Angela told me that I was strong enough to hold her weight for more time so she said me to lay down under the sink in the kitchen because she had to wash the plates. I did and Angela stepped on full weight on my stomach. She stood on for 2 minutes than began to walk on place for other 2 minutes than she move on chest and stood for 3 minutes. Than she began to move side by side from stomach to my chest to my face and back for other 3 minutes. I was in heaven but exhausted. The movement of her feet drove me crazy. I did’t feel any pain but only a big big pleasure. Angela was full weight on my face, left foot on my forehead and right foot on my mouth when the phone rang. Angela answered with cordless always on my face. It was her friend and they start to chat. Angela stepped off my face with the right foot and put it on my throat but she didn’t knew it. She start to transfer her weight on that foot and she was full weight on my neck. She stood on place for some seconds and stepped off. I regained my air but I was crazy for her feet.

Angela finished to chat and came back for ended the play. She stepped on my chest with both feet and began to walk on place. She walked for 1 minute than stopped for 1 minute than walked again. She continue for 6 minutes than she said: ” Ok now keep your breath.” . She moved with left foot on my throat and right foot at the end of my chest, she walked on place for 30 seconds and stopped for other 10 seconds than she move on my face with both feet. After 1 minute she came back on my chest and stomach . She said that now was time for abdominal. She stood on place for 8 minutes, sometime walked on place sometime stopped, then she turned her feet face me and said:” Now I’ll walk all over you.”

She move on my chest and stepped on my face with my nose between her feet, then very slowly she turned her feet 180° back and walked on chest, stomach and groin. My penis was very hard and was between her feet. Always with slowly and sexy movement she turned her feet 180°facing me again. She walked up and down for 2 time more then stepped off.

“We have almost finish. Can you resist ?” she said.

“I’m a little sore but I love this game. Go ahead” I said

Angela told me to turn my face on side then she stepped on full weight with both feet and walked on place for 30 seconds, then she move on chest and told to turn my face on other side and she came back for other 30 seconds then stepped off. Angela said me:” Now I’ll step on your throat full weight for 20 seconds. Try to hold me.” She put her right foot on my neck and stepped on with her left foot on air. I heard Angela counter second one by one. At 20 she stepped on my mouth with the left foot and moved both feet on my chest. With small side step, Angela moved down on my stomach and stepped on with both feet on my penis. She looked me and turned her feet facing me. My hard penis was between her feet and her big toes touched him. Angela began to walk on place very very slowly and sexy. I saw her feet rubs my penis and felt pleasure increase always more and after some minutes I couldn’t hold it back anymore. Then Angela stepped off and ask me:” How do you feel ? Do you want to continue or do you prefer play with me another day ?” With my groin all wet I said this was enough but sure I would like to play again another day.

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